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Surnames beginning with C

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Cabrilliac, Theodore

Cabulske, Michael

Cadenbach, Laura

Cady, Margaret

Cady, Nellie

Cage, H. N.

Cahan, Daniel

Cahill, Julia

Cahon, Daniel

Cain, Hanora

Cain, William John

Calbert, Cora

Calcaterra, Amelia

Calcaterra, Mary

Calef, J. H.

Callaghan, John L.

Callaghan, Michael J.

Callahan, Catherine

Callahan, Dennis

Callahan, Elizabeth

Callahan, Ella

Callahan, John F.

Callahan, Myles Francis

Callahan, Rose Ann

Callaway, Callie E.

Callaway, Elizabeth

Callaway, Mary Elizabeth

Callies, August H.

Calligan, Margaret

Callihan, Amanda

Calloway, Nancy E.

Calnan, Bridget

Calnan, Catherine

Caloia, Louis

Calorhetos, E. G.

Calvin, E. E.

Camenzind, Paulina

Cameron, Medora E.

Cames, Mary

Camp, John D.

Camp, Pure

Campbell, (Dr.) John

Campbell, ___ G.

Campbell, ____

Campbell, Charles C.

Campbell, Clio C.

Campbell, G. L.

Campbell, Isadora S.

Campbell, J. F.

Campbell, Martha

Campbell, Martha A.

Campbell, Mary

Campbell, Nannie

Campbell, Robert G.

Campion, Stephen

Campo, Mary

Canavan, Thomas J.

Cann, William Abelett

Cannan, Martin

Cannells, John B.

Cannon, Martin

Cantwell, Bridget

Cantwell, Thomas

Capies, John

Caplinger, Katherine

Caranelli, Ermondo

Card, Thomas

Cardella, Amanda

Cardin, Louise

Cardosi, Carolina

Cardwell, Elizabeth

Cardwell, Lena

Carey, Bridget

Carey, Daniel J.

Carey, Estelle M.

Cariney, Frank

Carley, Bartholomew

Carlin, (Mrs. A. J.) Rose

Carlin, Mary E.

Carlin, Michael

Carlisle, Katie Johnson

Carlotti, Carlo

Carnes, Emma J.

Carney, Kate

Carou, Henry

Carpenter, Elizabeth A.

Carpenter, Kelly

Carr, Bridget

Carr, J.

Carr, John

Carraher, Phillip

Carrens, Lizzetta

Carrico, Mary Ann

Carrigan, Fannie Lyon

Carrol, Kate

Carrolan, Bridget

Carroll, Bridget

Carroll, Cecelia E. E.

Carroll, Delia

Carroll, Edward Byers

Carroll, George E.

Carroll, Katherine

Carroll, Margaret A.

Carroll, Robert J.

Carroll, Rose A.

Carroll, Thomas

Carson, Hugh

Carson, James O.

Cartan, Lawrence V.

Carten, David

Carter, Elizabeth

Carter, Ella V.

Carter, Gravil

Carter, Joe

Carter, John

Carter, Lucille

Carter, Peter

Carter, Sarah Ellen

Carter, Vinetta

Carter, William

Carthy, Anna

Cartmell, William Henry

Cartter, Isabella M.

Cartwell, C. L.

Cartwright, John Edward

Caruso, Joe

Carvell, Charles H.

Carver, John Leroy

Case, Marvin

Case, Sarah J.

Casey, Annie

Casey, Conrad

Casey, John M.

Casey, Margaret

Casey, Samuel

Casey, William Harold

Cashen, P. J.

Cashman, Hewitt L.

Casper, Joseph

Casper, Louisa

Cassa, Katherine

Cassidy, Grace G.

Cassidy, James Flore

Cassidy, John

Catanzaro, Philip

Catenzaro, August

Cathrell, Laura A.

Cauley, Thomas

Cauley, William

Cavan, Patrick

Cavanagh, Delia

Cavanaugh, (Mother) Anne

Cavanaugh, Ann

Cavanaugh, Emma

Caveen, Mathias G.

Cayou, Rosalie

Cecil, Jannie

Cederstrom, Charles J.

Ceepa, Mary

Cella, Bartholomew T.

Cella, Rose

Cemotimpo, Marie

Cepicky, John Val. Sr.

Cevor, Eloise

Chait, Abe

Chamberlain, Annie

Chamberlain, Edward Dabney

Chamberlain, Laura A.

Chamberlin, Charlotte A.

Chamberlin, William G.

Chambers, Eva M.

Chambers, John Mullanphy

Chambers, Joseph S.

Chambers, William H.

Champion, Betty

Chapin, Margaret A.

Chapman, Dinah

Chapman, Elizabeth M.

Chapman, Ethelbert

Chapman, Thomas N.

Chappell, Celeste W.

Charbonnier, Catherine

Chartrand, Elizabeth R.

Chartrand, Marie T.

Chauvin, Joseph J.

Cheney, Martha

Cherney, William

Cherry, Joseph D.

Chesney, Frances H.

Chettle, Jennie E.

Chieslik, A.

Childers, John D.

Childers, William

Childress, John C.

Childress, Thomas Bradley

Chiles, Torlton W.

Chilton, Delia

Chome, Nicholas B.

Choquette, Emma

Christ, Jacob

Christ__, Augusta

Christen, Frank

Christian, Katherine

Christmann, Margareth

Christmann, Rosa M.

Christopher, Edward Marshall

Christy, Andrew William

Chromaga, Paulina

Cibulka, Frank W.

Cieslik, Anthony

Cintel, William

Cirode, Adelaide White

Cirrentano, Leonardo

Clacker, Emma

Claes, Frank C.

Clairmont, Frank H.

Clanahan, Willis Leonard

Clancy, Thomas

Clanton, Jim

Clardy, ____

Clark, _arah

Clark, Andrew

Clark, Charles

Clark, Charles Harrison

Clark, Charles William Augustus

Clark, David D.

Clark, Dominick

Clark, Dorothy Elizabeth

Clark, Harriet W.

Clark, James F.

Clark, James H.

Clark, John P.

Clark, Julia

Clark, Lewis

Clark, Margaret

Clark, Margaret M.

Clark, Marvel

Clark, Mary A.

Clark, Thomas F.

Clark, Varland R.

Clark, Willard S.

Clark, William Henry

Clarke, Mary Annette Foote

Clarner, Lillie

Clary, Daniel

Claude, Sophia

Claus, Helen Agnes

Clavel, Marie

Clay, Sherley

Clayton, (STLFD) Charles G.

Cleary, Anna

Cleary, Berniece

Cleary, Bridget

Cleary, Michael

Cleaver, Mary

Clemens, Alice

Clemens, Caroline

Clemens, Catherine

Clemens, Johana

Clement, Florence A. J.

Clement, Gertrude M.

Clement, Mabel

Clement, May Belle

Clements, Nelles

Clements, Samuel

Clermont, Archie B.

Click, Laura Fern

Clifford, Patrick J.

Clifford, Thomas P.

Cline, J. W.

Clines, Catherine

Clinton, Alvin Thomas Jr.

Clinton, Mary

Clohesy, Mary

Cloonan, John

Clooney, Bridget

Clore, Harry

Clorfelter, Ruth

Close, Elizabeth D.

Clouse, Joseph N.

Clucas, Joseph B.

Cluett, George B.

Clute, Emily S.

Coady, Margaret

Coakley, John

Coan, John

Cochran, Mary

Cochran, Nellie

Cocoran, Margaret

Cody, Annie

Cody, Edward J.

Cody, John

Coe, Orra E.

Coen, Jackson

Coffey, Frank E.

Coffman, Charles

Cohen, Barney

Cohen, Esther

Cohen, Eugene

Cohen, Fanny

Cohen, Hyman

Cohen, Samuel

Cohick, Ettie

Cohick, Harry C.

Cohn Moritz D.

Cohn, (Mrs. Richard)

Coihion, Louisa

Coine, Patrick M.

Cointin, Catherin

Coker, Belle Turner

Colbert, Cora

Colburn, Herman J.

Colburn, Walter B.

Colby, Ella M.

Colby, Georgette

Colclazier, Francis Joseph

Coldewe, Odell May

Coldwel, Whit

Cole, Amanda

Cole, Francis

Cole, James Wilbur

Cole, John J.

Cole, Julia

Cole, Minnie

Coleman, David S.

Coleman, Maria

Collier, A.

Collier, Roy

Collier, William H.

Collins, Ada

Collins, Alice

Collins, Anna

Collins, Catherine Virginia

Collins, Eleanor M.

Collins, James

Collins, Joseph E.

Collins, Lyola Virginia

Collins, Michael

Collins, Minnie E.

Collins, Peter Joseph

Collins, Syola V.

Collins, Thomas

Collins, Thomas M.

Collins, William Campbell

Collisch, Frank

Coloma, Mary

Colves, Ernest

Colvin, Edward E.

Colvin, John E.

Combs, Ada A.

Comer, Mary

Commers, Josephine

Comotto, Felice

Condon, J. J.

Cone, Charles S.

Conley, Catherine

Conley, Ellen Leonie

Conley, Hugh

Conley, James

Conlin, Mary

Conlon, T. F.

Connell, Kate

Connelly, Annie

Connelly, Edith M.

Connelly, Kate

Connelly, Mary

Connelly, Rose

Conner, Annie

Connolly, John J.

Connor, Michael E.

Connors, (Capt) D. M.

Connors, John

Connors, Mary

Conrad, Lena

Conrath, Anna R.

Conrey, Peter

Conroy, (Mrs. P. E.)

Conroy, Gertrude

Conroy, Jeremiah

Conroy, Madlean

Conroy, Mamie

Conroy, Thomas

Conway, Amanda

Conway, Bruce

Conway, Frank

Conway, Mary

Conway, Mary Ann

Conway-Oliver, Mamie

Conzelman, Gustavus Henry

Cook, ___a Gannett

Cook, Caroline

Cook, Diana V.

Cook, E. C.

Cook, Edward S.

Cook, Frank

Cook, George L.

Cook, Joseph H.

Cook, Lewis Orvill Lee

Cook, Mary

Cooke, Johanna

Cooke, Michael

Cooke, Thomas

Cool, Josephine

Coolidge, Agnes Brigham

Cooner, L. B.

Cooney, William Joseph

Coons, Dorothy L.

Cooper, Gesena

Cooper, Leonard R.

Cooper, Marguerite

Cooper, Nellie

Cooper, Thomas J.

Cooperman, J.

Copeland, Buena Vista

Coplend, William

Corbett, Arthur

Corbett, Helen

Corbilly, Eliza

Corcoran, Madaline

Corcoran, Margaret

Corder, Anderson P.

Corder, John

Corey, Charles S.

Corley, Beatrice

Corneli, Jacob

Corniff, Lizzie

Cornish, Julia H.

Cornwall, Ellen

Cornwall, Kitty

Corrao, Charles G.

Corrigan, Bridget M.

Corrigan, Elizabeth

Corrigan, John

Corry, Estelle M.

Cortlell, C.

Corwin, Catherine

Cory, Anna

Cory, Russell V.

Coryell, Carrie

Cosby, William R.

Cosgrove, Catherine

Cosgrove, Celia

Costello, Anthony T.

Costello, C.

Costello, Marcella

Costello, Thomas E.

Coster, Ella

Costigan, Elvedine

Costin, Mary

Costolo, James A.

Cotter, Thomas L.

Cottle, Mich.

Cottle, Michael

Cottle, Ora

Coudy, Jane

Coughlin, Edward James

Coulter, Huldah G.

Coulter, William S.

Courtney, John T.

Courtwright, C. W.

Cousin, Joseph

Covington, Lela

Cowan, Annie

Cox, Alpha D.

Cox, Frank

Cox, James E.

Cox, Margaret

Cox, Sarah L.

Cox, Wallace Jackson

Coy, Martin P.

Coyle, Peter

Coyne, Mary

Coyne, Michael

Coyne, P. M.

Coyne, Teresa A.

Cozzens, Thomas J.

Crabb, Elizabeth

Crabb, John L.

Crabtree, James

Craddock, Arthur

Craden, Bridget

Craden, Stella E.

Craden, Thomas

Craffey, Julia

Crahe, Ann

Craig, George

Craig, Sarah Jane

Cramer, Grace Scofield

Crampton, (Col.) L. W.

Crandall, (Dr.) George Clinton

Crane, Ann

Crane, Bridget

Craney, James

Crawford, Thomas

Crawley, James T. Jr.

Creason, Mary

Crecelius, John H.

Crecelius, Margaret

Creech, James A.

Creely, Hazel M. L.

Cregan, John M.

Cremer, Andrew

Creswell, Agnes L.

Crites, Ona E.

Crittenden, Corinthia

Croak, Ellen

Croder, Thomas

Croisant, Lena

Croix, Frank

Cronin, Hannah

Cronin, James J.

Cronin, Kathryn

Cronk, Eugene S.

Crook, Mary E.

Crop, Lenna

Cross, Aubra B.

Cross, George Marion Jr.

Cross, Margaret C.

Cross, Sarah

Crosthwaite, Elizabeth

Crotty, Michael M.

Crow, Ed

Crow, Oliver

Crowder, Herman J.

Crowder, Mamie

Crowder, Paul

Crowe, Albert Henry

Crowe, Catherine Mary

Crowl, Henry P.

Crowler, Mamie

Crowley, Catherine A.

Crowley, Cornelius

Crown-Swacina, Laura

Crowther, Hannah

Crumbey, Lorien

Crump, Mabel L.

Crump, Oscar W.

Crutcher, W.

Crystal, Jacob

Cudahy, Edward

Cudakiewicz, Joe

Cudakiowicz, Josie

Cuddy, David H.

Cuddy, Rebecca Ann

Cull, Mary

Cull, Minnie I.

Cullen, Francis

Cullen, Margaret

Cullen, Mary L.

Cullen, Nellie

Cullers, Matilda A.

Culliton, Bridget

Culver, Henry H.

Cumby, A.

Cummings, Annie A.

Cummings, Edward J.

Cummings, Thomas

Cummins, Kate

Cummiskey, Sarah

Cune, Henry

Cuneo, Walter W.

Cunliff, Elizabeth

Cunning, Julia

Cunningham, Elizabeth Liolo

Cunningham, John

Cunningham, Martin

Cunnington, John J.

Cupples, Samuel

Curby, Clarence Edgar

Curd, Selene Harding

Curl, (Dr.) Martin L.

Curran, Catherine

Curran, Kathryn

Curran, Mary E.

Curran, Winifred J.

Currens, J. J.

Currie, John

Currie, Robert

Curry, Martha

Curry, Robert

Curry, Ross B.

Curt, Anna M.

Curtin, Mary

Curtis, (Mrs. Franklin B.)

Curtis, John C.

Curtley, John

Cusack, Thomas

Cusamano, Maria

Cushing, John

Cushing, Mary

Custer-Moore, Gesina

Cutter, George W.

Cyphert, John