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Surnames beginning with O

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O’Bannon, Daisy S.

O’Berg, George

O’Brien, Alice

O’Brien, Annie

O’Brien, Catherine

O’Brien, James Harvey

O’Brien, James J.

O’Brien, John

O’Brien, Joseph

O’Brien, Margaret

O’Brien, Margaret

O’Brien, Margaret Patton

O’Brien, Mary

O’Brien, Mary

O’Brien, Mary

O’Brien, Mary L.

O’Brien, Michael

O’Brien, Pat J.

O’Brien, Patrick S.

O’Brien, Peter P.

O’Bryant, William

O’Callaghan, Helena

O’Connell, Anastasia J.

O’Connell, Annie

O’Connell, Ellen

O’Connell, Hannah

O’Connell, Helen

O’Connell, James

O’Connell, John

O’Connell, Julia

O’Connell, Katherine

O’Connell, Mary A. ‘Mamie’

O’Connell, Michael

O’Connell, Patrick

O’Connor, Catherine ‘Kate’

O’Connor, Charles E.

O’Connor, Clara

O’Connor, Elizabeth

O’Connor, Isabelle E.

O’Connor, Joseph J.

O’Connor, Margaret

O’Connor, Margaret

O’Connor, Mary

O’Connor, Mary A.

O’Connor, Nora

O’Connor, Timothy

O’Day, Delia

O’Donahue, Elizabeth

O’Donnell, Anthony

O’Donnell, James

O’Donnell, John

O’Donnell, Mary

O’Donnell, Patrick

O’Donnell, Patrick J.

O’Donnell, Thomas

O’Dowd, C.

O’Fallon, Elenor

O’Fallon, John F.

O’Halloran, Ellen

O’Hanlon, James P.

O’Hare, Gertrude Katherine

O’Hare, James

O’Heron, Josephine E.

O’Kane, Lawrence

O’Keefe, (Off.) Cornelius

O’Keefe, Andrew

O’Keefe, Ann

O’Keefe, James J.

O’Keefe, John

O’Keefe, William

O’Kieff, Sarah

O’Kietie, Joseph

O’Laughlin, Roy Harry

O’Leary, Daniel

O’Leary, John P.

O’Leary, Patrick

O’Malia, Bridget

O’Malley, Bridget

O’Malley, Bridget Mary

O’Malley, Daniel

O’Malley, John V.

O’Malley, Margaret

O’Malley, Margaret

O’Malley, Mary

O’Malley, Michael

O’Meara, Michael P. T.

O’Neil, Susie

O’Neil, Thomas

O’Neill, Eugene

O’Neill, Mamie

O’Neill, Mary

O’Neill, Mary Agnes

O’Regan, Ellen M.

O’Reilly, Mathew P.

O’Rourke, Eugene F.

O’Rourke, Margaret

O’Rourke, Mary

O’Rourke, Mary

O’Shea, Johanna

O’Toole, Margaret Logan

O’Toole, William J.

Oakes, Peter

Oaklef, Maggie

Oakley, Etta

Oates, James T.

Obenhaus, Minna

Oberg, George

Oberhellmann, ____

Obermeyer, Lena

Oberschelp, Howard

Obert, Anna Rebecca

Obrecht, Johanna

Obrock, Charles H.

Obrock, Mary

Ochs, Mollie ‘Marie’

Odlum, (Sister) M. Dominica

Oechsner, Appolonia

Oechsner, Eva

Oehler, Ella F.

Oehler, Emil E.

Oehlert, Elizabeth

Oehlert, John

Oellien, Mary M.

Oertle, Emil H.

Oertling, Emma D.

Oerton, Edward

Oetter, Anton F.

Oetting, Maria

Ofenstein, Charles F.

Ogle, Birdie

Ohlenschlaeger, Augusta

Ohligschlager, Anna

Ohmart, Blanche Marie

Ohmeyer, Elmer Gordon

Ohmeyer, Omer G.

Ohms, Matilda K.

Ohremski, Walter

Ojeman, Charlotte

Oldani, Louis

Olden, Amanda

Olebeane, Victor L.

Oligschlager, Sybilla

Oliver, William K.

Olney, George R.

Olsen, Martin F.

Olver, Sidney Lincoln

Onders, Emil

Onions, Mary

Onions, Thomas

Oppel, Elsie

Oppels, Joseph

Oppelt, Bertha

Oppermann, Conrad J. H.

Opsahl, Martin

Orlando, Michael

Orr, Joan Campbell

Orrick, Lucy

Ortkras, Henry

Orton, Addie

Osalin, Andre

Osborn, Eliza W.

Osborne, Sarah

Osher, Mary

Osher, Willard G.

Oslerhagen, William

Ost, Edward L.

Ostermann, John B.

Ostermayer, Mary

Ostermeier, Mildred

Ostermeyer, Charlotte

Ostrander, Margaret

Oswald, Frederick

Oswald, Peter R.

Ott, Anna Catherine

Ott, Eliza

Ottens, Helen

Otting, Benjamin J.

Otting, Charles

Otto, Frank D.

Otto, Lissette

Otto, Martha E.

Ouever, Christian

Outlaw, Leonard H.

Outten, (Dr.) Warren Bell

Ovenden, Blanche

Overbeck, William

Overberg, Maria

Overshaw, Rebecca

Overstreet, Blanche

Overstreet, Elisha B.

Overstreet, Walter

Owen, Austin A.

Owen, W. H. Sr.

Owens, Andrew

Owens, Joseph

Owens, Patty

Owings, Stanley Powell

Ownby, Joseph R.

Ownby, Minnie

Ozel, Polcia