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Surnames beginning with C

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Cadran, Celia

Cadwallader, Ellen J.

Cafferata, Catherine

Cafferata, Mary

Caffrey, Mary Ellen

Cahill, Ann

Cahill, John F.

Cahill, John J. Jr.

Cahill, Mary

Cahill, Nellie

Cahill, Rose L.

Cahill, Teresa A.

Caim, Maud H.

Cain, John E.

Cain, John Sr.

Cain, Mary

Caldewe, Gladys

Caldwell, Carrie R.

Caldwell, Earl John

Caldwell, Maria

Calfer, Thomas

Call, Joseph J.

Callaghan, J. J.

Callahan, Ann

Callahan, Ella G.

Callahan, Francis Leo

Callahan, Grover

Callahan, James

Callahan, Jennie

Callahan, Patrick

Callanan, Larine A.

Callanan, Mary

Callicott, F. E.

Callier, Frederick

Calligan, Michael

Callison, Edward A.

Calmer, Katherine

Calvert, Cullom

Calvin, Mary G.

Calvin, Van Gorder

Camerer, Ida

Cameron, Mary Frances

Cammack, William

Campbell, Charles

Campbell, Edward

Campbell, Edward C.

Campbell, Edward M.

Campbell, George A.

Campbell, Helen J.

Campbell, James Spencer

Campbell, John

Campbell, Mary E.

Campbell, Sidney R.

Campbell, Simon

Campton, John H.

Canmann, Ellen

Cannon, Annie

Cannon, Daisy S. O’Bannon

Cannon, Mamie

Cantwell, Henry

Cantwell, Rosa

Canty, John

Canz, Charles

Capek, William

Cappelle, Ferd.

Cappelle, Ferdinand

Cappelle, Julius

Car, Anna

Caranella, Josephine

Cardis, Henry

Carey, John

Carey, Joseph

Carey, Joseph Thomas

Carey, Mary

Carey, Michael P.

Carey, Patrick

Carey, Thomas J.

Carey, William H.

Carey-Stuteville, James N.

Caricockik, George

Carle, Anna

Carlman, Richard

Carma, Mike

Carmody, Lillie M.

Carnevale, Vincent

Carney, John F.

Carpenter, Addie M.

Carpenter, Albert

Carr, Lewis

Carr, Mary

Carr, Michael

Carr, Naoma M.

Carriagan, Hanora

Carrigan, Audrey S.

Carrington, Mary A.

Carroll, Ellen E.

Carroll, Frank

Carroll, Grace

Carroll, J. W.

Carroll, James

Carroll, Jennett

Carroll, Jeremiah

Carroll, John

Carroll, John J.

Carroll, John W.

Carroll, Margaret

Carroll, Mary

Carroll, Michael

Carroll, Michael F.

Carroll, Nicholas J.

Carroll, Peter

Carroll, Rosie

Carroll, Sarah E.

Carruthers, David Sr.

Carstens, Charles L.

Carstens, Mary A.

Cartan, (Mother) Mary Elizabeth

Carten, Eugene

Carter, Anna

Carter, Annie E.

Carter, Arminta

Carter, Charles

Carter, Charles W.

Carter, James M.

Casaleggio, Catherine

Case, Peter Camden

Casey, A. _.

Casey, Attaway Lewis

Casey, Hugh L.

Casey, Sarah E.

Casey, Thomas

Cash, Cornelia

Cash, Jeremiah

Cashman, Margaret B.

Caspar, Marie E.

Caspari, Charles H.

Casserly, William

Cassidy, Abner Cunningham

Cassidy, Edward

Cassidy, James A.

Cassidy, John

Cassidy, Kate E.

Cassidy, Pauline

Cassidy, Rosa Viola

Cassidy, William

Catenzaro, August

Causey, (Mrs. William F.)

Cavanaugh, Elizabeth

Cavannaugh, Joseph

Cayse, Isaac W.

Cekabsky, Joseph

Cella, James Jr.

Ceris, John

Cervenka, Jacob

Chadbourne, Anna E.

Chamberlin, John Willis

Chamberlin, Robert

Chambers, Bridget Francis

Champion, Pety

Chandler, Violet B.

Chanslor, Emison

Chaphe, Andrew J.

Chapman, Anna

Chapman, Elizabeth M.

Chapman, J.

Charbronnier, Josephine

Chard, David J.

Charlton, Mary S.

Chartrand, Isabelle

Chartrand, Joseph

Chartrand, Julia

Chartrand, Leo J.

Chase, Jane E.

Chatelain, Nicholas

Chatterton, Madaline

Checksfield, Louise H.

Cheers, Mattie

Cheevers, Mary

Cherry, John

Chesler, August L.

Chesnick, Maria

Chew, Helen

Chew, Richard M.

Chibnall, Philip

Chibnall, Phoebe

Chidester, Grace

Chika, Barbara

Childress, Matilda

Chiles, Nancy

Chipmann, Elsee W.

Chisel, Ethel

Chisholm, John A. H.

Chivers, Misaella

Chnemus, Mary L.

Choen, William

Chopin, _. B.

Chopin, Emma R.

Chopin, Jean B.

Chopkiewicz, Joseph

Chott, Rosalia

Chouquette, Alphonse

Chouquette, Ursula

Chrisman, Elsie

Chrisman, William

Christanelli, Emma

Christian, Henry

Christian, Lillian

Christie, Annie M.

Christill, John

Christmann, Elizabeth

Christopheli, Barbara

Cicardi, Elizabeth R.

Claiborne, James Robert

Clair, Bertha

Clancy, Ambrose C.

Clancy, Annie

Clancy, Catherine

Clancy, Edward

Clannon, Daisy S.

Clanzaro, Sam

Clar, Frederick V.

Claramitaro, Antonia

Clark, __las

Clark, Alfred B.

Clark, Charles

Clark, Charles Wright

Clark, Edward

Clark, Elizabeth C.

Clark, Emil

Clark, Henry

Clark, Ida

Clark, James J.

Clark, John

Clark, Joseph D.

Clark, Mary

Clark, Mary J.

Clark, Thomas C.

Clark, William

Clarke, Edward R.

Clarke, Fannie M.

Clasen, William J.

Clasquin, Emilie

Clausen, Henry

Clay, Elizabeth

Clay, Victor

Clayburn, Nancy

Clear, Kate

Cleary, Bridget

Cleary, Dennis J.

Cleary, John

Cleary, Thomas

Clegg, Clara

Clemens, Charles W.

Clemens, Louise

Clement, Emma

Clemer, Paul

Clifford, Alice

Clifford, Bridget Mary

Clifford, Ethel

Clifford, Hannorah

Clifford, Samuel S.

Cline, Charles

Clines, Dennis J.

Clinton, John

Cloonan, Annie

Clopton, Lily L.

Clossman, Sophy

Clostermeyer, Edward Sr.

Clotch, Alvina

Clover, Ashley C.

Cluett, Alice H.

Clynes, William

Coady, William F.

Coates, Julia

Cobb, C. F.

Cobb, Etta

Cobb, Frank

Cobb, Susan Jennett

Cochran, (Sister)

Cochran, Bernadina K.

Cochran, Bridget

Cochran, Jacob

Cochran, Jennie F.

Cockerill, Anna L.

Cockrell, James D.

Cody, Henrietta

Cody, James

Cody, Nora

Coertmann, Henry G.

Coeytaux, Joseph

Coffee, Mary Ann

Coffey, John

Coffey, Stephen A.

Coffey, Thomas C.

Coffman, Mabel

Coffran, Mary K.

Coger, Kate

Coger, William

Coghlan, James

Cohen, Abraham

Cohen, Louis

Cohen, Mollie

Cohen, Rosa

Cohen, Sam

Cohn, Johana

Cohn, Rosa

Coibion, Joseph

Colby, Peter W.

Coldewe, Gladys Marguerite

Cole, Luther T.

Cole, Richmond L.

Coleman, Charles

Coleman, Dover

Coleman, Ida L.

Coleman, Mary

Coleman, More?

Coleman, Sarah

Coleman, Thomas

Colen, May

Coles, Anna Belle

Colletta, Diana

Colligan, Kate

Colling, Mary

Collins, Annie Loretto

Collins, Charles H.

Collins, Frank J.

Collins, J.

Collins, Joseph

Collins, Mary

Collins, Michael J.

Collins, Patrick V.

Collins, Thomas J.

Collins, William

Colman, Elizabeth

Colman, John

Colman, Norman J.

Combs, (Sister) E.

Combs, Augusta

Comer, Harold

Comer, Michael

Comerford, John F.

Comfort, Mariette

Compton, John

Comte, Samuel

Concannon, __lenor

Condon, Johania

Condon, Johanna

Conlan, James J.

Conley, David Emett

Conley, Jennie E.

Conley, Mary

Conley, Sarah E.

Conlisk, (infant of Joseph F. & Norah)

Conlon, Mary E.

Conlon, Peter

Connell, J. T.

Connell, James F.

Connell, Mich.

Connelly, Bridget

Connelly, Thomas A.

Conner, Alice Gene__e

Connolly, James

Connolly, John Joseph

Connor, John F.

Connor, Margaret

Connor, Thomas E.

Connors, Elmer

Connors, James Francis

Connors, Johannah

Connors, Mike

Connors, Patrick

Connors, Stella

Conrad, Dennis L.

Conrad, Henrietta

Conrads, Adeline L.

Conroy, Edward J.

Conroy, John

Constable, (see Mrs. T. W. Rackberry)

Constant, Daniel

Constant, May Aveyard

Converse, (Mrs. Charles E.) Martha J.

Conway, Cecelia

Conway, John H.

Conway, Katherine

Coogen, Frederick

Coogle, William R.

Cook, Annie

Cook, Charles J.

Cook, Joel

Cook, Mary

Cook, Rachel

Cook, Sarah E.

Cooke, Lucile

Cooksey, Robert J.

Cooney, Joseph J.

Cooper, Allen

Cooper, B. O.

Cooper, David

Cooper, Eugene

Cooper, G. W.

Cooper, Sarah Ann

Cope, George F.

Copeland, Mark D.

Copoblanco, Pietro

Coppinger, Ellen La Motte

Corbett, Maria E.

Corbett, Walter

Corbett, William

Corcoran, Mary

Cordes, Henry T.

Corey, Mary

Corley, John W.

Corley, Thomas W.

Corman, Amelia

Corn, Theresa

Cornell, Harold N.

Cornish, Mary Alice

Corrigan, Ellen

Cortney, Harry E.

Coryell, Charles C.

Cosgrove, Cecelia

Cosgrove, Francis

Cosmidys, George

Cosse, Bernard

Costa, Madelina

Costello, Bridget

Costello, Hanora

Costello, Harry

Costello, James

Costello, Michael J.

Costello, Nick

Costello, Paul James

Costin, David

Costin, Mary

Cosy, Isaac

Cotter, Elizabeth

Cotter, William

Cottman, Charles

Coughlin, Alice

Council, James

Courrier, Marguerite

Courtney, Harry E.

Courtney, Peter

Cousins, Caroline

Couve, William A.

Couvion, Bessie

Covington, Irene K. L.

Cowhey, Catherine Agnes

Cowhey, Mary

Cowles, Ada Belle

Cowley, Robert

Cox, (Mrs. D. V.) Blanch O.

Cox, Bernard

Cox, Charles

Coyn_, Mat

Crabb, John

Crabb, John C.

Crabtree, De Witt

Crackel, Jesse S.

Cragan, Sarah E.

Craig, Fred

Craig, Marion

Craig, William E.

Crain, Marquis D.

Crall, Bernard E.

Crall, Nannie L.

Cramer, George H. Jr.

Cramer, Wilson Clifford

Crancer, Ellen M.

Crandall, George F.

Crane, Bridget

Crane, Patrick

Cratz, Emley

Crawford, Alice B.

Crawford, Amanda J.

Crawford, Susan

Crawley, John

Creaham, Anna

Creamer, Celeste Rose

Crecelius, Louisa

Creedon, Mary

Creely, John B.

Crein, Anna

Crempler, Leonora

Cresman, Lurah

Cretelius, Lee

Crette, Honorine

Creviston, Florence Ruth

Crisler, James N.

Crock, Mary M.

Croghan, James

Cromer, Maud

Cromwell, N. T.

Cronin, James H.

Cronin, John

Crook, Beatrice

Cross, Allen

Cross, John W.

Cross, Louise

Crossgrove, Hannah Elizabeth

Crowder, Cain

Crowley, Charles W.

Crowley, Jacob

Crowley, John

Crowley, Margaret

Crowley, Mary

Crowley, Michael

Crozat, Lucian

Crull, Loretta

Crumb, Ellen Peck

Crump, Mary Agnes

Crunden, Frederick M.

Csokang, Mathias

Cuidon, Susana

Culkin, Emma

Culkin, Thomas J.

Cullar, Florence

Cullen, Elizabeth

Cullen, Elizabeth R.

Cullen, James

Cullen, Pierce

Cullinane, Mabel E.

Cullinane, Margaret

Cullinane, Olga Johanna

Cullinane, William Jacob

Cullmann, Daniel

Cully, Charles H.

Culotta, Gacuzzo

Cumberland, Eva

Cummings, Emmett

Cummings, Patrick

Cummings, Winifrad

Cummins, Ellen

Cunningham, Ellen

Cunningham, Samantha Ingram

Cunningham, Virginia

Cupmeyer, Lizzie

Curby, Kenneth S.

Curran, Anna

Curran, Annie

Curran, Catherine

Curran, Elizabeth

Curran, F. J.

Curran, Francis E.

Curran, John P.

Currie, Cornelius V.

Currie, Emma

Currie, John H.

Curry, Oscar W.

Curtis, Margaret

Curzon, Chester Jermone

Cushin, Florencen

Cushing, John

Cushing, Mary

Custer, Margrete

Custer, Minnie

Custer, Nora

Custova, Joseph

Cuttler, Margreth

Czarnetzki, Paul