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Surnames beginning with O

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O’Bannon, (Dr.) Welton

O’Bar, (Dr.) John H.

O’Boyle, Elizabeth

O’Brien, Alice

O’Brien, Cecelia Rosemary

O’Brien, Daniel J.

O’Brien, David

O’Brien, David F.

O’Brien, David T.

O’Brien, Edward

O’Brien, Edward Gregg

O’Brien, Edward J.

O’Brien, Elizabeth

O’Brien, James

O’Brien, Jennie Rutherford

O’Brien, John

O’Brien, Julia

O’Brien, Lillie

O’Brien, Mary

O’Brien, Mary A.

O’Brien, Michael

O’Brien, Michael J.

O’Brien, Nellie

O’Brien, Nellie E.

O’Brien, Nora

O’Brien, Pat

O’Brien, Richard

O’Brien, T. O.

O’Brien, Timothy R.

O’Brien, William

O’Callaghan, Denny J.

O’Connell, Ellen

O’Connell, Kate

O’Connell, Margaret

O’Connell, Margaret

O’Connell, Nora

O’Connell, Patrick

O’Connell, Sarah

O’Connor, Adele

O’Connor, Bridget

O’Connor, Clement

O’Connor, Hanora

O’Connor, John

O’Connor, John J.

O’Connor, Margaret

O’Connor, Mary A.

O’Connor, Patrick J.

O’Day, John

O’Day, Mary

O’Day, Sally?

O’Dell, Patrick F.

O’Donell, William P.

O’Donnell, (Sister) Mary Frances

O’Donnell, Bridget Della

O’Donnell, Catherine

O’Donnell, Edward F.

O’Donnell, Eulalia

O’Donnell, Francis L.

O’Donnell, Margaret

O’Donnell, Patrick

O’Donnell, Rose

O’Donnell, Stephen F.

O’Donnell, William

O’Fallon, Annie

O’Fallon, Patrick

O’Gorman, Joseph Seeker

O’Hara, Catherine

O’Hara, William

O’Hare, Gerald

O’Hare, William H.

O’Hearn, Mary

O’Kane, Catherine

O’Kay, Peter

O’Keefe, Ann

O’Keefe, Bridget

O’Keefe, Eugene

O’Keefe, Lawrence J.

O’Keefe, Rose

O’Key, Peter

O’Koch, Mary

O’Leary, Dan

O’Leary, Mary

O’Malley, Annie

O’Malley, John

O’Malley, Patrick

O’Meara, (Mother) Mary

O’Neil, Nellie

O’Neil, William

O’Neill, Catherine

O’Neill, Daniel

O’Neill, John C.

O’Neill, John W.

O’Neill, Joseph

O’Neill, Joseph P.

O’Neill, Mary E.

O’Neill, Patrick

O’Reilly, Catherine

O’Reilly, Mary J.

O’Rourke, Edward V.

O’Rourke, John B.

O’Rourke, Mary Stella

O’Rourke, Rosie

O’Toole, Hanora

O’Toole, Mary

Oakes, Mary T.

Oakleaf, Edward

Oates, Bridget

Oats, Lucille

Oats, Samuel

Oberhaus, Peter H.

Oberle, Catherine

Oberting, George W.

Obrock, Mina

Ochterbeck, Frederick F.

Odea, Frank G.

Odell, Sarah S.

Odgen, Sarah

Oehler, Theresia

Oehman, Oscar

Offer, Frank Henry

Offer, Herman H.

Ogan, Sophia Charlotte

Ogden, Catherine

Ogden, Henry Winchester

Ogden, John Leon

Ogle, Malinda E.

Ogle, William L.

Oglesby, Clarence E.

Ohler, Joseph

Olberts, Charles

Oldani, Cesare

Oley, James

Olian, Berta

Oligschlager, Sybilla

Oliver, Bettie S.

Oliver, Ed

Oliver, Ida M.

Olmstead, Elizabeth

Olsen, Florence F. A.

Olsen, Ollie

Olsen, Ruth J.

Olson, Sinne

Olszenska, Helen

Ommerling, John

Onken, Henry C.

Oppermann, Anna

Oppermann, Esther

Orabka, Annie C.

Orff, Esther A.

Orlando, Annie

Ormes, Thomas B.

Orr, Ben Jr.

Orr, Thomas

Ort, Lawrence

Ort, Mary

Orth, Caroline

Orth, Gustave R.

Osbon, Margaret

Osborn, (Maj.?) Charles J.

Osborne, Ann S.

Osborne, Elizabeth

Osborne, Katheryne

Osdieck, Katherine

Ossenfort, Adele

Ossick, Henrietta

Ost, Henry J.

Oster, Otto

Oster, Valentine

Ostermann, Henry Jr.

Osterwald, Harry E.

Osthof, Christina Elisabeth

Ostlepp, Nellie

Oswald, Blanch

Oties, Jacob

Ott, Adam

Ott, Frederick

Ott, Fredericka

Ott, Louise Johanna

Otte, Harry L.

Otte, John

Otten, Emma

Otten, Theresa

Ottenad, Mary J.

Ottersbach, David

Otting, William

Ottjer, Margeratha

Ottman, Eva

Ottman, F. John

Otto, Fritz E.

Otto, Herman

Oulsen, Henry C.

Ourbach, Regine

Overbeck, Henry C.

Overstolz, Herman

Overstreet, Jesse Grigsby

Overton, John S.

Owen, David T.

Owen, Sarah J.

Owen, William Hunt

Owen, Zeno E.

Owens, Blanche

Owens, Kate

Owens, Patty

Owens, Richard

Owens, William Sr.