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Surnames beginning with C

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Cabanne, (Mrs. J. Charless) Sunie Susan M. (nee Mitchell)

Cabble, L.

Cadek, Lela

Cadell, Arenia

Cahill, Catherine

Cahill, Hanora

Cahill, Sarah

Cain, Margaret

Cain, Nettie M.

Cain, William

Caldwell, Susan

Calhoun, Lewis

Caligan, Mary E.

Calkins, Violet

Call, Zenia Mae Strout

Callaghan, Mary

Callahan, Ann

Callahan, Bridget

Callahan, John J.

Callahan, Kate

Callahan, Mary Ellen

Callahan, Rose

Callahan, Thomas

Callanan, Martin

Callaway, Nesto A.

Calone, Joseph

Calrico, Eva

Calusius, Julius

Calvin, Hanna E.

Calvin, Mary

Camarata, Joseph

Cambell, Sarah Lee

Camenzind, Elizabeth

Cameran, Nancy

Cameron, Cyrus D.

Camery, James

Cammarata, Joseph L.

Campbell, Cora

Campbell, Eliza C.

Campbell, Eliza F.

Campbell, Elizabeth A.

Campbell, Elmer Cary

Campbell, James

Campbell, Martha

Campbell, Mary

Campbell, Mary A.

Campbell, Sarah Lee

Campbell, Thomas J.

Campbell, Willard

Campfield, William

Campion, Bridget

Campione, Guiseppa

Canady, Ann

Canda, Barbara

Canepa, Rose

Canfield, Joseph

Canmann, Otto A.

Cannon, Charles Edward

Cannon, Ester E.

Cannon, Margaret

Cannon, William A.

Canta, Ella

Cantello, Annie

Cantlen, Annie

Cantwell, Anne

Canty, Margaret Louise

Cappelle, Katherine

Capuano, D.

Caragher, Helen C.

Caragher, James

Carberry, Alice

Carbrey, Margaret

Cardone, Peter

Cardwell, Lottie

Carey, John E.

Carey, Lawrence

Carey, Louisa

Carey, Margaret T.

Carey, Michael W.

Carleton, Susan Rebekah

Carlile, Mary

Carlin, Julia

Carlson, William F.

Carmack, Fred

Carmell, Mary

Carmody, Della

Carnes, Bertha

Carney, Elizabeth

Carney, Hugh J.

Carney, Michael C.

Carney, Michael W.

Carothers, Adele

Carothers, Robert I.

Carp, Samuel

Carpenter, Amos L.

Carpenter, Mary Stafford

Carpenter, Nancy

Carr, Thomas

Carreras Catherine M.

Carrico, Silas C.

Carrigan, James

Carriher, James

Carroll, Ada

Carroll, Charles

Carroll, Charles C. Jr.

Carroll, Charles W.

Carroll, James

Carroll, John P.

Carroll, Marie

Carroll, Mary

Carroll, Rose

Carroll, Walter T.

Carron, Julia

Carrow, Laura Henrietta

Carruthers, Harriett E.

Carswell, Mary I.

Carten, Edward

Carten, John

Carter, Adeline

Carter, Columbus

Carter, John R.

Carter, Mary

Carter, Mary E.

Carter, William

Cartier, Mary

Cartledhe, Paul

Carton, Bridget

Cary, Vinton W.

Casambia, Peatro

Casey, Bryan M.

Casey, Catherine

Casey, Daniel S.

Casey, Ellen

Casey, Henry J.

Casey, Izerta

Casey, John

Casey, Laura Louise

Casey, Maggie

Casey, Mary M.

Casey, Michael J.

Casey, William

Cashin, Mary C.

Caspary, Charles

Caspe, Theresa

Cassidy, Alice

Cassidy, Alice

Castanie, Charles G.

Casteel, David Burns

Castello, Anthony

Catanzaro, George B.

Catardo, Guiseppe

Catlin, Samuel W.

Cattan_, Marie

Cattingham, Charles

Cauley, Annie

Cauley, Mamie

Cavan, Johanna

Cavanaugh, Della

Cavanaugh, Margaret

Cavario, John

Cavataio, Gaitana

Caveen, Annie

Cazzolli, D.

Cecil, Margaret

Cekorski, John

Center, John

Cerny, Cercialia M.

Cervenka, Anna

Cessna, Barbara E.

Chaddock, Mary

Chadwick, Mollie

Chaffer, Kate

Chaitin, Isabell

Chalupony, M.

Chamberlain, Elizabeth K.

Chamberlain, Lizzie

Chamberlain, Mariama

Chamberlain, Ray W.

Chambers, Harry

Champion, Morgan

Chandler, Warren

Chaney, Lewis L.

Chapman, Edward H.

Chapman, Joseph

Chappelle, Katherine

Charlerand, Virginia

Charles, Tom

Charleville, Hattie

Charprand, Edna M.

Chartrand, Anastasia G.

Chartrand, Joseph Sr.

Chartrand, Virginia

Chasharred, Paschold

Chassaing, Jack

Chatillion, Raymond

Chaytor, Louise E.

Chenoweth, George W.

Cherry, James Alonzo

Cherry, Mary

Chesley, Mary I.

Cheviron, Alice Virginia

Chew, Elizabeth

Childers, Christopher F.

Chinigi, Antone

Chivington, Isabella

Choen, Charles Slocumb

Chopin, Dorothy Elizabeth

Chouquette, Elizabeth

Chouteau, Pierre

Chresty, Nichola

Christ, George A.

Christ, Mollie

Christ, Tony

Christelbauer, Josephine

Christen, Augusta

Christen, Kunigunda

Christensen, Elizabeth Charlotta

Christian, Alphonse

Christian, Jacob Louis

Christmann, Bernhard

Christmann, John

Christopher, Frederick A.

Christy, Ellen

Christy, Virginia Gay

Church, Ellen

Churchill, (Col.) James O.

Cilver, Elisha W.

Cimsky, ____

Ciseman, Valentine A.

Cissell, Mary A.

Ciszelski, Frank

Claden, Thomas H.

Claffey, Thomas

Clair, William D.

Clancy, ___

Clancy, Annie Blaney

Clancy, David

Clancy, John E.

Clanton, Albert B.

Clardy, Dorothy

Clardy, Mary Margaret

Clark, (Mrs Robert) Mary?

Clark, Ala L.

Clark, Effie B.

Clark, Ella Leadley

Clark, Ellen Dorothine

Clark, Grover C.

Clark, Harry

Clark, James B.

Clark, James P.

Clark, John H.

Clark, Josephine

Clark, Louisa

Clark, Lydia May

Clark, Margueret

Clark, Martha C.

Clark, Mary Hayden

Clark, Sarah

Clark, Thomas

Clark, W. S.

Clark, Walter B.

Clarkson, James

Clarkson, Mattie J.

Claus, Robert Marten

Clausius, Julius

Clauson, William H.

Claxton, Martha

Clay, Clara A.

Clay, Elizabeth

Clay, Julia

Clay, Nellie V.

Clay, Viola

Clayden, Thomas H.

Clayton, John

Cleary, Catherine

Cleary, Frances

Cleary, John

Cleary, Mary

Cleary, Mary

Cleary, William

Cleaver, Myrtle Mary

Clement, Rose

Clements, Clara

Cleven, Elizabeth

Clevenland, Josephine

Clifford, Elizabeth

Clifford, Tim

Clifton, Daniel L.

Cline, George W.

Cloney, Lizzie

Clover, Henry

Clymer, Lydia

Clynes, Hugh

Coad, Annie

Cocco, Nicola

Cockrell, Josie

Cody, Eugenia

Cody, James R.

Coens, Mamie

Coffee, Adeline

Coffey, Catherine

Coffey, Eunice M.

Coffey, James J.

Coffey, Leonard

Coffman, Charles R.

Coghlan, John W.

Cogley, Ann F.

Cohen, Gitte

Cohen, Rose

Cohlman, Edward A.

Cohn, Emma

Cohn, Jennie

Cohn, Samuel

Coker, Mary E.

Colander, Mary

Cole, Blanche O.

Cole, Cecil C.

Cole, Charles

Cole, John

Cole, Mollie

Coleman, Ann

Coleman, Catherine

Coleman, Elizabeth

Coleman, Essie

Coleman, Joseph P.

Coleman, Lidia

Colley, Winfred

Collier, Walter N.

Colligan, Mary Ellen

Colligan, Patrick Henry

Collins, (Rev.) Charles Francis

Collins, Alexander

Collins, Anna

Collins, Charles Pitt

Collins, Cornelius

Collins, Dave

Collins, Ida V. Gardner

Collins, John

Collins, John F.

Collins, John J.

Collins, Margaret

Collins, Martin J.

Collins, Mary

Colman, Mamie V.

Colony, Julia

Colton, Albert B.

Colwell, William

Combs, Clara A.

Combs, Lucille

Combs, Thomas A.

Comer, John J.

Comerio, Marie

Comford, Jane Elizabeth

Comiskey, Peter

Compas, Mono

Comyns, Bridget

Concannon, Thomas

Condon, John Samuel

Condon, Patrick

Condon, William Radden

Coneley, John

Conklin, Mamie

Conklin, William P.

Conley, John

Conlin, Edward E.

Connell, Eliza E.

Connell, James D.

Connell, Mary

Connelley, Patrick

Connelly, Peter J.

Conner, Mary A.

Conner, William

Conners, David P.

Conners, Margaret

Connor, Eliza

Connor, Elizabeth

Connor, Thomas

Connor, Thomas Jefferson

Connors, John

Connors, John Jr.

Connors, Michael J.

Conrad, Frank

Conrad, Harry L.

Conrad, Katherine

Conrad, Leonard

Conrads, Lillian Marie

Conroy, Lillie D.

Constantine, Clara

Constantinos, D.

Converse, F. W.

Conway, Frederick P.

Conway, Mike

Conyers, David P.

Cook, Diana

Cook, Genevieve

Cook, Harry E.

Cook, James

Cook, Joe

Cook, Lottie Cardwell

Cook, Mabel C.

Cooke, Florence Storor

Cooke, Martha

Cooley, Mary

Cooley, Winnifred

Cooney, Elizabeth

Cooney, Martha

Cooney, Patrick

Coonrod, George W.

Coons, Mary

Cooper, Benjamin F.

Cooper, Bessie

Cooper, David P.

Cooper, James H.

Copeland, Charles

Copeland, Edward P.

Corbett, Mary

Corby, Nellie

Corbyn, Elizabeth

Corcoran, Ada G.

Corcoran, Catherine

Corcoran, Mary

Cordes, Frederick W.

Coremman, Selig

Corley, Charles F.

Corley, John W.

Corneli, Frank

Cornelius, George Henry

Cornelius, Nicholas

Corridan, Mary

Corrigan, Blanch

Corrigan, William

Cossmann, Isidor

Cosso, Salvatore

Cost, Edward Francis

Costello, Ellen

Costello, John

Costello, John T.

Costello, M.

Costello, Robert J.

Costigan, Mary A.

Cotter, Charles B.

Cottingham, Charles

Cottrell, Edward H.

Cotty, Alftred Eldridge

Coughlin, Sarah

Coughtry, William H.

Cougot, Adolf F.

Coulage, Elizabeth

Coules, Harry

Coulter, Nathaniel

Courte, Arthur

Courter, Robert D.

Courtneay, Katherine

Courtney, T.

Courtney, William J.

Courtright, Herman V.

Courvoisier, Lyman C.

Covington, (Off., STLPD) David A.

Covington, Eleanore Marie

Covington, Ellen Morgan

Cowan, Ed

Cowan, Henrietta Quincile

Cowhey, Joey Celeste

Cox, Anna

Cox, David G.

Cox, John

Cox, John F.

Cox, Leslie M.

Cox, Margaret O’Connell

Coxhead, George Leavell

Coyle, John

Coyne, Cecelia

Coyne, Kate

Coyner, Elizabeth

Cozn, John

Crabb, Jesse

Crabtree, Marie

Craddick, James

Cradick, James P.

Craig, John H.

Craig, Mary

Craig, Samuel

Cramer, Carol Josephine

Cramer, John

Cramer, Maria

Cramer, Samuel

Crancer, John Joseph

Crane, __ie

Cratty, William

Cravens, Jessie

Cravens, Preston

Crawford, Alma G.

Crawford, Edward

Crawford, Jane

Crawley, Helen

Crawley, Mollie

Craycraft, Rosenia

Creely, Lambert

Crenshaw, Edgar

Cressey, Frank

Crew, Henry Thomas

Crews, Elizabeth J.

Crimmins, George

Crinkelmeyer, Henrietta

Cris, Joseph

Cristo, Laura

Crocott, Willis W.

Cromb, William F.

Cromer, Caroline

Cronen, Edward

Cronin, Mary

Cronin, Patrick F.

Cronin, Timothy

Cronk, William Fleming

Cross, Amanda P.

Cross, Richard

Crotty, Margaret

Crouch, Sue M.

Crow, Lelia G.

Crow, Mabel Beiler

Crowder, Herman

Crowe, Jennie

Crowe, Katherine

Crowe, Margaret T.

Crowley, James

Crowley, James C.

Crumley, John Jr.

Crump, Sulvia

Cruzen, Lucinda J.

Cryder, Edward

Cublins, Adam

Cuff, Thomas

Cuidon, Oliver

Cullen, Honora E.

Cullen, Margaret M.

Culligan, Maria L.

Cullinane, Anna

Cullinane, Bridget

Cullinane, Elizabeth

Cullinane, Michael J.

Cummings, Albert

Cummings, Edith F.

Cummings, Mary

Cummings, Michael

Cummins, Maud Leanore

Cuneo, Dominick

Cunniff, John P.

Cunningham, Catherine

Cunningham, Dickson

Cunningham, Frank

Cunningham, Henry D.

Cunningham, Mattie

Cunningham, Michael

Cunningham, William

Curley, Catherine

Curley, Stephen

Curotto, Anna

Curran, F. J.

Curran, James

Curran, Kathryn

Currier, Roy

Curry, Estelle P.

Curry, James

Curry, Joseph

Curry, Katherine

Curtis, Andrew

Curtis, George

Curtis, Henry

Curtis, Martha

Cushing, John J.

Cushing, Kate

Cutler, Nathaniel

Czarnowski, Leora Agnes

Czevinski, F.

Czilleran, John

Czycewski, Mary