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Surnames beginning with T

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T_les, Berthenia

Taaffe, Ellen

Taaffe, Mary

Tacke, Charles

Taffee, F.

Taggert, Mary A.

Taid, T.

Tait, William

Talbot, Charles

Talis, Augustia

Talkington, Phil

Tamme, Gerhard

Tandes, J.

Taner, Sigmund

Tanquart, John R. S.

Tansey, Robert P.

Tate, P.

Tauner, Douglas Archibald

Tauss, Charles

Taussig, Julia

Taust, Richard

Taylor, Alice V.

Taylor, Elizabeth Martin

Taylor, Fannie E.

Taylor, Frank

Taylor, George

Taylor, George Foster

Taylor, Howard Stanley

Taylor, Margaret

Taylor, Maria Von Phul

Taylor, Mary

Taylor, Mattie

Taylor, Susan C.

Taylor, Wilbert

Teckel, Philip

Temm, Mary

Temme, Charlotta

Temme, Edward

Temme, Eme_

Temme, H. J.

Temme, Henry

Templeton, John

Templeton, Julia

Tenbrook, Daisy

Tenz, Sophia

Tepe, J.

Terie, Augusta

Terrel, William L. W.

Terry, J.

Terry, Jane Frances

Terry, Mark

Tervern, C.

Tettenhorst, J. H. C.

Theis, Elizabeth

Thielmann, Charles

Thiemer, Louis

Thiemeyer, John F.

Thierry, Theodore W.

Thies, Theresa

Thiesten, Mathilda

Thoele, Charlotte

Thoele, H.

Thoele, Herman

Thole, Fred

Thoma, Joseph

Thomas, Birdie

Thomas, Caroline

Thomas, Daisy

Thomas, Elizabeth

Thomas, F.

Thomas, Helen T.

Thomas, Herbert

Thomas, Isaac

Thomas, James

Thomas, Kate

Thomas, Mary Francis

Thompson, Archie

Thompson, Ellen

Thompson, John

Thompson, Kate Edmonston

Thompson, Louisa

Thompson, Norma Ruth

Thomson, N.

Thonssen, Breder E.

Thornhill, Leonard

Thornton, Ernst

Thornton, James H.

Thornton, John Joseph

Thornton, Mary

Thou, C.

Thuener, W.

Thull, George E.

Thumer, Jacob

Thurber, (Dr.) H. P.

Thurston, Florence L.

Tichenor, Samuel D.

Tieibal, Anna

Tiemann, F.

Tiemeyer, Katie

Tiermann, Frederika

Tiernan, Verina Anne

Tierney, Mary

Tildesley, John S.

Tillay, John T.

Tilles, Ella

Tilley, Andrew J.

Tillmann, Mary

Tilnik, Solomon

Tilton, J. H.

Timmermann, Johanna

Timmonds, Kate

Tiole, H. F.

Tipling, Laura A.

Tippery, Jesse

Tivellman, G.

Tobin, John

Tobin, Mary

Tobin, S. Eugene

Tod, Walter

Toepal, Frederick W.

Toggitt, Mary Poole

Tolery, John

Toll, Mary

Tolle, Morris

Tolliver, M.

Tomlinson, William

Tong, Mary

Tonsol, Martha

Toohey, Michael A.

Toomey, William J.

Toplin, Mattie

Topps, Leonard O.

Torre, Peter

Torrence, Missie

Tortrup, Henry

Tracy, (Det., STLPD) Tom

Tracy, Annie

Tracy, Catherine

Tracy, Thomas

Traller, Johanna

Tram_ir, Josephine

Trapp, Joseph

Traultman, August

Travers, John

Travis, R.

Traynor, J.

Trefney, Mary A.

Trefny, L___

Treibal, Annie

Trieselman, Anna E.

Trojahn, H.

Trowbridge, Daniel

Troxler, Harry

Troy, Thomas

Trudell, George

Trzeciak, Theophile

Tuchler, Aldee

Tucker, Adelaide

Tucker, James

Tucker, Joseph

Tucker, O. D.

Tucker, William

Tuegel, Mary

Tully, Julia

Tully, Loretta

Turley, (Sgt.) Francis Marion

Turma, Joseph

Turner, Hattie

Turner, John W.

Turner, Mamie

Turner, N.

Turney, Emma

Tuttle, Cyrus H.

Tuttle, Harriet M.

Twellman, G.

Twiss, Millie L.

Tyree, C. W.

Tyron, Michael