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Surnames beginning with P

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Pabst, Anna Helen

Pabst, George W.

Pacakowski, Joseph

Page, (Mrs. B. F.)

Page, James

Pagel, Herman

Pajares, Emanuel

Palliser, Fothergill

Palmer, Joseph J.

Palmer, Mary D.

Palmer, W. L.

Pang, Him

Pape, Florence

Pape, William C.

Papin, Myrtle S.

Parisi, Filippo

Parisi, Mariagrazia

Parke, Milton

Parker, (Capt.) N. W.

Parker, Esther E.

Parker, Fred Jay

Parker, G. W.

Parker, Ida

Parker, Isaac W.

Parker, James

Parker, Mabel

Parker, Sarah C. C.

Parkes, William C.

Parks, Louisa May

Parlan, Lavina B.

Parrish, Hazel

Parsch, John

Parsly, Eliza

Partold, Anna

Passler, Reinhold

Patchen, Mary E.

Patee, Gertrude

Patterson, Arvalia

Patterson, George

Patterson, William

Patton, R. S.

Paul, Clara

Paul, Mary

Paul, Richard H.

Paulin, Neal Anthony

Pauly, John

Pavitt, Mary A.

Payer, Mary

Payne, Annie E.

Payne, Lucinda

Payne, Maggie L.

Payro, Armand

Payro, Delphine

Pearce, John Benton

Pearl, Edynal

Pearl, Lawrence

Pearse, Alvine

Pearson, F.

Pearson, George

Pearson, Isaac M.

Pearson, Mary

Pechmann, Marie

Peck, Charles H.

Peckins, Thomas S.

Peegen, Maria

Peet, Martha C.

Peiffer, Johanna

Pelgree, Ernst T.

Pelikan, Annie

Peltier, Estelle M.

Pendergast, Anna

Pepping, H.

Pergott, L.

Perkins, Sarah

Perriel, Victorine

Perry, F.

Perry, Merriam

Perschbacher, Henrietta

Perth, Albert

Pesold, George

Peter, George

Peters, Annie

Peters, Ed G.

Peters, Emelia W. C.

Peters, Frank

Peters, Harry F.

Peters, Johanna

Peters, Joseph

Peters, Katie

Peters, Levi

Peters, Mary

Peters, Rosey

Peters, William

Peters, William F.

Petersen, W.

Peterson, Effie

Peterson, O. W.

Petri, Anna B.

Petri, Leontine

Petron, Mary

Petzel, James H.

Pfeffer, Eugene H.

Pfeffer, Mary

Pfretzschner, William

Phelan, Mary

Phelan, Peter

Phelen, Margaret

Phelps, B.

Philip, D.

Phillips, Agnes

Phillips, D.

Phillips, Edward

Phillips, Ernest

Phillips, Florence B.

Phillips, Helen Peterson

Phillips, John

Phillips, Lee A.

Phillips, Mary F.

Phoenix, Sarah A.

Pickett, Alice

Pieper, August

Pierce, J. A.

Pierce, John

Pierce, K.

Pierce, Minnie Finlay

Pierce, W. F.

Pigg, Jane

Pigott, William T.

Pillmann, Mary

Pim, Harriette C.

Pimmel, Regina

Pinkard, Charles

Pins, Henry

Piper, J. E.

Pittaiuga, J.

Pittaluga, John

Pittman, Asa

Pittman, Mary M.

Pius, Henry

Placke, John F.

Plagginan, Louis

Plant, Alby Easton

Plato, Mary J.

Platzer, George

Plogstert, Henry

Plogstert, Oscar William

Ploudre, Louis

Plunkett, George

Pogue, James Newton

Pohlman, Fred

Pohlman, Frederick

Pohlman, Herman H.

Pohlman, William F.

Pohlmann, Gertrude

Pohlmann, Herman H.

Pohy, Elizabeth

Poinier, Florence T.

Pollard, (Attn.) Garland

Poncelow, John C.

Pond, M. L.

Ponnily, Elizabeth

Popp, Emma

Poppelson, Edith D.

Porsol, John

Porter, Lottie

Portis, T. J.

Posternack, Frank

Poston, Helen

Potee, Gertrude M.

Potlitzer, Rebecca

Pottins, Gertrude

Pound, Edward

Pouschhorn, Frederick

Powell, H.

Powell, Malinda

Powell, Mattie

Powers, Ada

Powers, Alberta

Powers, Celeste

Powers, James

Powers, John

Powers, T.

Pratt, (Col.) L. A.

Pratt, Theodore F.

Preilli, J.

Prendergast, Anna

Prendergast, Garric

Prendergast, Joseph E.

Prendergats, Delia

Press, John

Preston, Catherine

Preston, Charlotte

Price, (Mrs. M. J.)

Price, Alfred

Price, Alice

Price, Annie

Price, Jessie S.

Pride, R.

Priesmeyer, William

Prilvermanaeker, Ernest

Prince, Eliza

Propity, C.

Puck, P.

Pudiwitz, Mary

Puerst, Louis

Pulliam, Clarence Duncan

Pullian, Julia

Pulvermacher, E. O.

Purcell, Mary

Pursell, Edna

Pussell, W.

Putnam, Charles Raymond