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Surnames beginning with J

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Jaccard, David Constant

Jachinski, F.

Jackel, Nicholis

Jackson, (Mrs. A. S.)

Jackson, (Rev. Father) James Butler

Jackson, Andrew

Jackson, Anna May

Jackson, Evelyn Rosina

Jackson, H.

Jackson, James

Jackson, Nellie

Jackson, Ralph

Jackson, Victor D.

Jacobs, Philip J.

Jacobson, Mart M.

Jacoby, (Rev. Dr.) P. W.

Jaeger, Annie M.

Jaeger, Frank

Jaehn, Catherine

Jaenne, Charles

James, Clarence

James, H.

James, Joseph R.

Jameson, Florence A.

Jameson, Mary

Jamison, Samuel T.

Jaocbs, Philip J.

Jarvis, Wilhelmina

Jaunebell, H.

Jefferson, Dynishia

Jefferson, Lizzie

Jeffrey, Catherine

Jeffries, Clarence

Jehle, John

Jennings, Amanda

Jennings, Bethe

Jennings, Earnest

Jenson, Ida

Jeu Jung

Johanningmeier, Franz

Johns, Earl

Johnson, A.

Johnson, A. C.

Johnson, E.

Johnson, Edith Adelia

Johnson, Elizabeth

Johnson, Emma

Johnson, Etta

Johnson, Frank O.

Johnson, Geraldine

Johnson, Hanna

Johnson, Harry Oscar

Johnson, Henry

Johnson, Jennie

Johnson, John

Johnson, Josie

Johnson, M. J.

Johnson, Mildred

Johnson, Orlando

Johnson, Pearl

Johnson, Robert

Johnsonier, Einora

Joiner, Henry

Joiner, Louisia

Jones, (Dr.) Alonzo

Jones, ___a

Jones, Adell

Jones, Alice

Jones, Bertha

Jones, Chile

Jones, D.

Jones, Elisha E.

Jones, Ellen

Jones, Emma E.

Jones, Enoch C.

Jones, Eugene A.

Jones, Fanny

Jones, Frank

Jones, Hasey

Jones, Helen May Lamkin

Jones, Ida

Jones, Maggie

Jones, Marie

Jones, S. I.

Jones, Sarah

Jones, Silas G.

Jones, Theodore

Jones, W.

Jones, William

Jones, William

Jordan, William W.

Jostes, Arthur C.

Joy, Bridget

Joyce, Una

Joyce, William Edward

Joyner, H. C.

Jruz, Jacob M.

Julian, George W.

Julian, Mamie

Jung, Augusta

Jung, Jeu

Jungen, Annie

Jurink, Gertrude