Surnames beginning with C

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Ca__r, Nancy

Cabanne, J. Charless

Cabanne, Virginia Eliot Carr

Cabble, Earle

Cable, Guy

Cabrilliac, Augustine

Caddy, Henry

Cady, (Off., STLPD) Stephen

Cagney, John

Cahalin, Patrick R.

Cahill, Daniel

Cahill, Mary

Cain, Margaret

Calaway, Clara

Caldwell, James Madison

Callahan, Daniel

Callahan, John J.

Callahan, John M.

Callahan, John P.

Callahan, Mary

Callahan, Mary L.

Callahan, Sarah T.

Callaway, Clara

Callaway, John Sam

Calligan, Ellen

Callihan, Marie K.

Callisch, J.

Calvert, Frank

Calvert, Rupert S.

Cameron, Edward A.

Campbell, Christ

Campbell, Colin A.

Campbell, Fethro

Campbell, Hettie M.

Campbell, Normal

Campbell, William

Campbell, Wylie

Canby, Robert Roy

Canepa, James

Canfield, Mattie A.

Cannon, C.

Cannon, Edward G.

Cannon, Martha

Cantlebury, (Infant son of Nellette)

Cantwell, John

Capone, Josephine

Cappelle, Anna

Capra, Charles

Card, Catherine

Cardwell, A.

Carey, A.

Carey, Edward

Carey, John

Carist, Louis

Carlin, Velmer E.

Carman, Catherine G.

Carmody, Francis G.

Carp, Sarah

Carpenter, Elizabeth

Carpenter, Ella

Carpenter, Katherine F.

Carr, Virginia Eliot

Carriere, Irene Adelaide

Carroll, Adele

Carroll, Ella

Carroll, Jane

Carroll, Mary

Carroll, Thomas

Carroll, W. M.

Carter, Albert A.

Carter, Charles

Carter, Edith E.

Carter, Maud

Carter, Mittl__

Carter, Nancy

Carter, O.

Carter, Peter W.

Casaleggi, Joseph

Casey, Clarence

Casey, Daniel

Casey, Honora

Casey, Jovie

Casey, Margaret

Casey, Martin

Cassely, John

Cassetty, Sidney

Castrignano, Gerardo

Cates, Frankie

Caudle, Arthur N.

Cauf, Dora

Caulfield, Michael

Cavalier, Henry

Cavanaugh, D. J.

Cavanaugh, Thomas

Cave, Florence

Caynor, Lucetta Mina

Cazalezzi, Guiseppe

Ceeolion, Daniel

Cemoreoux, Gus

Cepeler, Ovid

Ceresa, Isadore

Cerny, Catherine

Cerny, Frank

Cervantes, Catherine Cecilia

Chamberlin, Ella

Chambers, Joseph L.

Chambers, William J.

Chandler, Harry William

Chapman, Charlotte

Chapman, Ernest E.

Cherot, Charles

Chipley, Lucien Morris

Choisloan, Margaret

Chonvey, Charles

Chopin, Charles H.

Chow, Jue

Christ, Louisa

Christian, Gustave

Christmas, Marie

Christopfferson, Gladys M.

Christophel, Frank

Claas, Anna

Clabaugh, Cecelia

Clagman, Grace

Clancy, Mary

Clancy, Sarah C.

Clare, Leslie

Clark, Annie

Clark, Edward

Clark, Edward Clarence

Clark, George

Clark, Kate

Clark, Lizzie

Clark, Marietta

Clark, Robert

Clark, Thomas B. Jr.

Clark, Thomas J.

Clarke, A. P.

Clarke, Maine Dewey

Claxton, John

Claxton, Langley

Clay, Olmer

Clay, Sarah

Cleary, Alice

Cleary, William

Clemens, Thomas Brackenridge

Clemsen, William C.

Cleode, John S.

Clermont, (Mrs. A. H.)

Cleveland, Parker L.

Clever, Adeline

Clifford, David

Clifton, Melvina

Clipper, Henry

Cloos, Anna

Coan, Margaret

Cobman, C. A.

Cochran, John T.

Cocsley, Francis

Coelman, J. J.

Coerver, Jacob

Coextney, Inocy

Coffee, Henry C.

Coffey, Ellen

Coffey, Lucie G.

Coffey, Patrick

Coffman, Selina

Cohen, I.

Cojocob, W.

Coker, Andres

Colby, Annie Rowe

Cold, Mary W.

Cole, Mabel

Cole, Nelson

Cole, Raymond

Cole, W. A.

Coleman, Andrew

Coleman, Elizabeth

Coleman, John B.

Collett, Jennie J.

Colligan, John

Collingsworth, Charles

Collins, (Mrs Andrew)

Collins, Jeremiah

Collins, John

Collins, Margaret

Collins, Margaret

Collins, Marie

Collins, Mary

Collins, Milton

Collins, Sophia

Collins, William H. Jr.

Colomb, Anna

Colson, Emma

Comerford, Emma M.

Compton, James

Compton, Richard Jordan

Comstance, Robert

Confoy, Tim

Conghenous, J. R.

Conley, Edward P.

Connelly, John

Conners, Robert W.

Connoly, Mary

Connor, Ellia T.

Connor, M. O.

Connor, William

Connors, Ann

Connors, Maggie

Connors, Margaret

Connors, Mary Ellen

Connors, Robert W.

Connors, Sarah R. ‘Babe’

Conrad, Joseph M.

Conroy, Mary

Conway, (Pvt.) Tom

Conway, Alice

Conway, Martin Lester

Conway, Patrick

Conway, Stella

Coogan, Arthur

Cook, Bartholomew

Cook, Denie

Cook, George L.

Cooksey, Hester M.

Coon, Margaret

Coonce, Florence C.

Cooney, James

Cooney, Mary J.

Cooper, (Dr.) S. L.

Corbett, Ellen

Corby, William F.

Corcoran, Lee C.

Corcoran, Margaret

Corcoran, Patrick

Corcoran, William J.

Cordes, Catherine M.

Cordry, Isabelle

Cornelia, Mary

Cornet, Anna

Cornet, William J.

Cornoyer, Mary D.

Corrigan, Luke J.

Cortney, Martin

Cory, William H.

Cosby, Melinda

Cosgrove, Patrick

Cosgrove, Thomas

Cosgrove, William

Costa, Victoria

Coste, Rosa

Costello, Edward F.

Costello, Ellen

Costello, John

Coten, Clodius

Coughlan, Dan

Courson, J. M.

Courtney, Grace

Covert, Rupert

Cowden, Morris

Cowhey, John

Cowhey, Patrick

Cowoger, Mary D.

Cox, Luke

Coyle, Mary

Coyle, Susan C.

Coyne, Annie

Coyne, Mary

Crah, L.

Craig, Percy

Crane, Francis

Crane, Jennie E.

Crane, John M.

Crane, Loretta

Cranston, Caroline M.

Cranston, Catherine M.

Crawford, Charles E.

Crawford, Lurinda

Crayton, Irene

Creely, Minnie

Crimmins, Alice

Critchfield, Mary

Croak, Leo William

Cronin, Patrick

Cronin, Robert E.

Crook, James Edwin

Cross, Beulah

Cross, Joseph

Crossley, Alice N.

Crouch, Thomas B.

Crowe, Nora

Crowley, Edward

Crowley, Gertrude

Crowley, James J.

Cruse, J. F.

Cuba, Mary

Cuchtay, Lizzie

Cuff, Jane

Cull, Francis Joseph

Cull, Lawrence

Cullen, Pat

Culligan, Burnidette

Culver, Lucius L.

Cummings, Bartholomew

Cummings, James

Cummings, Johanna

Cummings, Riper

Cummins, ___

Cummins, Mary Ellen

Cummins, Stephen

Cummiskey, Terrence

Cunningham, Genevieve

Cunningham, James W.

Cunningham, Laura

Cunningham, Levina

Cunningham, Redford

Curcy, J. M.

Curd, M. W.

Curl, Margaret

Curran, Cornelius

Curran, Mike

Currie, Thomas L.

Curry, Catherine F.

Curry, Francis A.

Curry, William

Cursin, John M.

Curtin, Bridget

Curtin, Nicholas

Curtis, Wayman

Cusick, John

Custer, F.

Cytran, R.

Czarnowski, Harry