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Surnames beginning with A

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Abbot, Noah

Abe, Josephine Theresa

Abearne, Francis

Abeln, Alma

Aber, Fannie

Aberlia, Susan

Accola, Vincent

Achard, Rose M.

Achberger, Katherine

Ackerman, Eva Marie

Ackermann, John

Ackerson, Amanda M.

Adair, Catherine

Adamini, Constanza M.

Adams, Mary

Adams, Robert

Addington, Cornelia Birch

Addis, John F.

Adler, Zadock

Adolph, August

Aertker, (Rev.) H. S.

Agee, Vincent

Agne, Elizabeth

Ahearn, James

Ahern, Thomas

Ahrenholtz, Christ

Ahrens, L. C.

Ahrens, Minnie

Ahring, William

Albrecht, Catherine

Albrecht, Marie

Aldick, L. S.

Alexander, Aurelia

Alexander, Mary R.

Alexander, Mattie

Alexander, W.

Algier, Martha C.


Allen, J. W.

Allen, Thomas B.

Allen, W. W.

Alsberg, Julia

Alsmeyer, Herman W.

Althoff, Paul

Althouse, Julius

Alyman, Celia

Amann, Margareth

Amelung, Louis F.

Ammann, Adam

Amres, Joseph

Anderson, Almar L.

Anderson, Charles

Anderson, D.

Anderson, J.

Anderson, Jane

Anderson, John

Anderson, Martha

Anderson, Mary

Anderson, Robert

Andrews, John W.

Andrews, Katie

Andrez, Fred

Andrzejawski, August

Anseline, Katherine Hortense

Anthony, Henry

Anthony, Joseph

Anton, Zionie

Appel, Appolonio

Appelbe, Anna M.

Arkinson, Albert

Armbruster, Francis Margaret

Arment, E.

Armilla, (Sister) Mary

Armstrong, Annie Yates

Armstrong, Simon

Armstrong, Stella

Arnds, Frank

Arnold, Calvin E.

Arnold, H.

Arnold, Josephine

Arnold, Percy O.

Arnold, William

Aronson, Margaret W.

Arwort, J.

Aselage, Philip

Ashinger, Irene

Ashworth, Bridge

Asinger, Marguereth

Assen, Rosa

Atkinson, John

Augsburger, Caroline

Augustine, Mary

Austin, James Brwster

Austin, L. B.

Austin, Maliney

Austin, Maria

Autenreith, George

Axthelm, Margaret

Ayers, John Wesley

Ayres, Mary J.