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Surnames beginning with J

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Jack, Edward

Jackson, Alexander

Jackson, Caroline

Jackson, Edna

Jackson, Edward

Jackson, James W.

Jackson, Karl

Jackson, Mabel E.

Jackson, Maggie ‘Peggy’

Jackson, P. H.

Jackson, Susie

Jackson, Tom

Jackson, William F.

Jackson, Willie

Jacobs, Abraam S.

Jacobs, John J.

Jacques, Daniel A.

Jacquot, Joseph

Jaers, Fred

Jagels, Cord

Jagge, Charles

Jakes, Frank

James, Isabel

James, Isabelle Gaston

James, John J.

James, Lizzie

James, Sarah M.

Jamison, William

Janeusky, Magdalene

Jansen, Emile

Jaquith, Maggie

Jarollnek, Henry

Jarvis, Mary Ann

Jauda, Lude

Jeffers, David R.

Jefferson, Anna

Jefferson, Beatrice

Jefferson, Lizzie

Jeffrey, Arthur D.

Jegdies, George

Jehle, Arthur

Jehle, Louise C.

Jenkins, Scott

Jenks, Peltian ‘Pelile’

Jenne, August

Jennenann, Theodore

Jennie, Jacob

Jennings, Marshall

Jenny, Amelia

Jenu, Josiah

Jervin, Anna M.

Jesse, Frederick

Jeuis, Delia

Jock, Edward

Johns, Laura

Johnson, August

Johnson, Edward

Johnson, Ellie

Johnson, Emma

Johnson, Jennette B.

Johnson, Julia

Johnson, Kate

Johnson, Lizzie

Johnson, Martha

Johnson, Mary

Johnson, Matilda

Johnson, Robert

Johnson, Rueben

Johnson, Sophrena

Johnson, Susan

Johnson, Thomas

Johnson, Thomas B.

Johnson, Vella

Johnston, Walter B.

Johnstone, William

Jolly, Charity

Jones, August

Jones, Caroline

Jones, Cora Bell

Jones, Earl H.

Jones, Emilie Adele

Jones, Frank

Jones, Henry

Jones, Jennie

Jones, John

Jones, Julia

Jones, Lucy

Jones, Mary A.

Jones, Mattie

Jones, Peter

Jones, Sarah A. Goodfellow

Jones, William

Jorbinzkle, Catherine

Jordan, (Dr.) Robert M.

Jordan, James

Jordan, Katie

Jordan, Louise Elizabeth

Jordan, Simon

Joslin, (Baby)

Joudre, Emily

Joyce, Patrick

Jucy, Delia M.

Judd, Irene

Juenges, Emily

Juiles, Elisa J.

Jung, Ding

Junge, August