Surnames beginning with C

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Cadwallader, Zina

Cage, Charles

Cahil, Bessie

Cahill, Catherine

Cahill, Kate

Cahill, Michael

Caits, Angela

Cajacob, Barbara

Caldwell, Chandley

Callahan, Anna

Callahan, Gertrude

Callahan, Hannah

Callahan, James J.

Callahan, Johanna

Callahan, Katherine ‘Kate’

Callahan, Margaret

Callahan, Mary

Callahan, Mary Erma

Callahan, Michael

Calligan, Daniel J.

Cameron, Colin

Cames, Nicholas

Camp, Francis M.

Campbell, Gussie Annie

Campbell, Mary

Campbell, Rose R.

Campi, Bernardina

Cannon, Jone

Cantwell, Mary A.

Capelli, Catarina

Capley, Sarah

Capron, (Capt.) Allyn

Caraher, John M.

Caraway, Lucy

Cardin, James

Cardwell, Elizabeth

Carey, Ann

Carey, Bridget

Carey, Charles W.

Carey, Emma

Carey, Frank

Carey, Margaret

Carey, Mary

Carey?, William

Cargaustern, Catherine

Carleton, Una Brownlee

Carlin, Joseph

Carlisle, Hugh F.

Carlson, Gustave W.

Carnahan, (Maj.) Thomas Lee

Carney, Catherine

Carney, John

Carney. Catherine

Carr, Michael

Carr, Norman

Carr, William

Carraher, Philip M.

Carraher, R. E.

Carrey, Pat

Carrey, Sam

Carrigan, William J.

Carroll, (Rev.) Philip J.

Carroll, Catherine

Carroll, Dennis

Carroll, Honora

Carroll, Margaret

Carroll, Margaret

Carroll, Tommie

Carron, Frida

Carrow, Frieda

Carry, John

Carten, Hannah

Carter, L.

Carvey, John Seymons

Case, Maud

Casebaum, Casper

Casey, Alice

Casey, Dee

Casey, Edward

Casey, Edward W.

Casey, Mary

Casey, Minnie

Casey, Rives

Caspar, Wenzel

Casserly, James Edward

Cassidy, W. L.

Cassinette, Anthony

Castriguane, Mary

Casye, John

Catouras, Jane

Cattle, John

Caudle, George W. Jr.

Caulfield, Adele

Cavanagh, Pihlip

Cavanaugh, Timothy

Cavenaugh, Thomas

Cella, John

Cellam Lorenzo

Cerby, Elise

Cerny, Anna

Chalonpecky, Vincent

Chalupa, Frank

Chambers, Sarah

Champion, Paul

Chandler, Ellen C.

Charlelois, Angelique

Charlton, Alex A.

Chartrand, William M.

Chase, (Dr.) Henry S.

Chase, Harriet Byron

Cheever, Ammi B.

Chenot, Mary

Cheobino, Mattie

Chianda, William

Chipley, Dean

Chouteau, Vienia

Christen, Catherine

Christman, Barbara

Chuchla, Leo

Cibuler, George

Cibulka, Vencelaus

Clabaugh, Annie

Clairborne, Eli

Clamorgen, Herbert

Clancey, Hannah

Clancy, Martha

Clar_, Mary

Clare, Joseph D.

Clark, Ellen

Clark, George Reed King

Clark, Hanna

Clark, Henry L.

Clark, John S.

Clark, John W.

Clark, Laura

Clark, Mary

Clark, Michael Jr.

Clark, Mildred E.

Clark, Phil

Clark, Samuel

Clark, William

Clarke, Thomas A.

Clarkson, Edwin B.

Clarkson, William

Clary, Anna

Clay, Dallas

Clayton, Lillie

Cleary, ___phine ‘Minnie’

Cleary, Michael

Cleary, Redmond

Clemens, John

Clement, George

Clifford, Cora

Clifford, John S.

Cline, Margareth E.

Clymer, Daniel S.

Coal, William

Cobb, Frank

Cobb, Mary B.

Cobine, James D.

Cobler, Charles

Cody, Thomas

Cody, William

Coen, Michael J.

Coffey, Catherine

Coffey, Elizabeth

Cofield, Deborah

Coghlan, Theresa

Colbrunn, Hulda M.

Cole, Emma

Cole, Jennie

Coleman, Mike

Coleman, Pinkey

Coleman, Timothy

Collins, Ann

Collins, Bridget

Collins, Dennis

Collins, Elizabeth

Collins, Honora

Collins, J. J.

Collins, Margaret

Collins, Maria

Collins, Sarah

Collins, Walter

Columbo, Louis

Comer, Mamie

Comer, Margarette ‘Maggie’

Comer, Patrick

Conboy, Anna

Cones, Martha

Conger, Sarah

Conklin, Louise

Conklin, Susan P.

Conley, Mastin

Conley, Mollie A.

Conn, George

Connalin, John

Connell, Margaret

Connelly, Agnes

Connelly, Mabel

Conners, Annie J.

Conners, Fred B.

Conners, Johanna

Connolly, Martin

Connor, Thomas F.

Connors, Daniel

Connors, David

Connors, Ellen

Conrad, Ed

Conrad, Ella

Conroy, Ed F.

Conroy, Rosina

Conway, J. D.

Conway, Mary

Conway, Samuel D.

Conway, William

Conzelman, Janet

Coogan, Catherina

Cook, Charles

Cook, Joseph

Cook, Louisa

Cooke, George A.

Cooke, John Edward

Cooke, Katherine

Cooney, Dorothy

Cooney, Julia Teresa

Coons, Emma

Cooper, Annie E.

Cooper, Sarah

Coors, Kate

Coots, Lorena Frances

Cope, Mary Elizabeth

Coppridge, David

Coran, Severa

Corbett, Michael

Corcoran, Harry L.

Corcoran, James A.

Cordell, John

Cordes, (infant of Henry)

Cordis, Milfod

Corey, Annie

Corkery, John

Corridan, Michael

Corry, Robert J.

Cosgrove, Mary

Cosgrove, Philip

Costello, Annie

Cottle, John

Coudrey, John N.

Coughlan, James A.

Courtney, Thomas

Covelle, Ruth

Covey, O.

Cox, Bridget

Cox, Maud

Cox, Michael

Coyne, Fergus Joseph

Coynell, Alma

Crabb, Charles J.

Crabbe, Martin

Craden, Thomas

Craft, E. W.

Craig, Achillies James

Craig, Callie D.

Craig, John

Craiksbank, Walter

Cramer, Emilie A.

Crane, Carrol D.

Crane, Charles S.

Crane, Delia

Crane, Eldridge G.

Crane, Mamie

Crane, Michael

Craney, William

Crangle, Edith

Crawford, Lucinda

Creedon, John J.

Creeley, Mary

Creely, Mary

Cremens, Mamie L.

Crevelling, Margaret

Crimmings, Nellie

Crimmon, Ellen

Crinnion, Mary Ann

Croak, Francis P.

Croak, John P.

Crosby, Louis

Cross, Lillie

Crow, Patrick

Crowder, Edmund

Crowder, Gilbert W.

Crowder, James R.

Crowley, John

Crowley, Mary

Crudden, James M.

Crumbly, Fannie

Crummp, Joan L.

Crusius, (Dr.) Louis

Crutcher, Henry

Crystal, Lina

Cuendet, Rosa

Culbeson, Charles R.

Cullen, John

Cullen, Sarah

Cullen, William

Cullington, Alice H.

Culver, J. C.

Cummings, Julia

Cummings,(Dr.) John C.

Cummins, Thomas L.

Cummins, Walter C.

Cummiskey, Martha Melissa

Cunningham, H. C.

Cunningham, James

Cunningham, Jennie

Cunningham, John

Cunningham, John L.

Cunningham, Mary G.

Cunningham, Walter Elmo

Cunningham, William C.

Curran, Annie

Curran, Edward

Curran, Patrick

Curren, Harry J.

Curry, Mary

Curtis, Clinton F.

Curtis, Francis L.

Cutter, Randolph Matson