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Surnames beginning with J

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Jackels, Louis W.

Jackson, Anna

Jackson, Arthur E.

Jackson, Bert

Jackson, Bettie

Jackson, Frank

Jackson, George

Jackson, Harriet J.

Jackson, John

Jackson, Lola

Jackson, Lottie

Jackson, Lucy

Jackson, Mary M.

Jackson, Stella

Jacobs, Bernard

Jacobs, Elsie

Jacobs, Thomas H.

Jacobson, Alvina

Jacobson, Simon

Jacques, Samuel

Jaeger, George M.

Jager, Joseph

Jahrandt, Clementine

James, Irwin

James, Sydney C.

James, William

James, Willie R.

Jameson, Phoebe

Jameson, Walter H.

Jamieson, Rose Ella

Jamison, Viola

Janaud, Rose

Jandos, Mary

Janernig, Josie

Janis, Edmund

Jankowska, Mariana

Jansen, Bernard

Jansen, Julia

Jansen, Maria Elizabeth

Januschek, William

Jaros, Julius

Jarvis, Alfred

Jarvis, Alice

Jasper, Elizabeth

Jaunaett, Cecelia

Jaynes, Joseph

Jeathcote, Mary A.

Jecko, Joseph

Jefferson, Effie

Jefferson, Elizabeth

Jeffries, Estelle Marie

Jehle, Bertha E.

Jehle, Henrietta

Jenkens, Maud F.

Jenkins, Hilda C.

Jenkins, Katie

Jenks, Francis M.

Jenks, Norman

Jennings, John

Jennings, Patrick

Jensen, Albert

Jensen, Hansine

Jester, Alfred T.

Jobusch, Oliver August

Joeckel, Carl

Joell, Thomas

Johannes, Catherine

Johannes, William

Johansen, Adreas

John, Ruth K.

Johnson, (infant of M. J.)

Johnson, Adella

Johnson, Ambrose

Johnson, Ann

Johnson, Arthur

Johnson, August

Johnson, Charles

Johnson, Edward

Johnson, Ethel May

Johnson, Eugene

Johnson, Eva

Johnson, Frank

Johnson, Fred

Johnson, George

Johnson, Grace Elizabeth

Johnson, Harry

Johnson, Hattie

Johnson, Henry

Johnson, James

Johnson, John

Johnson, John F.

Johnson, Lawrence Edward

Johnson, Lee

Johnson, Lillie

Johnson, Mary

Johnson, Mattie

Johnson, Merritt

Johnson, Mollie E.

Johnson, Peter

Johnson, Ralph W.

Johnson, Richard

Johnson, Robert

Johnson, Susan

Johnson, Tessie

Johnson, Thomas

Johnson, Walter

Johnson, William

Johnson, William H.

Johnson, William Lucas

Johnston, John

Johnston, Lizzie J.

Johnston, Maggie

Joiner, John A.

Jolly, Rebecca

Jones, (Mrs. M. E.)

Jones, Adam

Jones, Andrew C.

Jones, Charlee

Jones, Charles

Jones, Charles H.

Jones, Dannie

Jones, Edna L.

Jones, Fannie

Jones, Frank M.

Jones, George

Jones, Hattie

Jones, Henrietta

Jones, Henry

Jones, Jane

Jones, John S.

Jones, Laura

Jones, Lizzie

Jones, Mabala

Jones, Mary

Jones, Mattie

Jones, Nellie

Jones, Norris

Jones, Paul

Jones, Raymond Anthony

Jones, Rebecca Robertson

Jones, Reta

Jones, Richard

Jones, Rivol

Jones, Rose

Jones, Susie

Jones, William

Jones, William E.

Jones, Willie

Jones, Willis

Jordan, Agnes

Jordan, Anna

Jordan, Maggie B.

Jordan, Margaret A.

Jordan, Stella

Jouet, Ferdinand

Jourdan, (Dr.) Victor S.

Joy, Edward C.

Joyst, Edward

Judarmark, Hulda

Judell, Jacob J.

Judge, Kate

Judge, William

Jugh, Joseph

Julius, John

Jung, August H.

Junkel, Hulda