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Surnames beginning with C

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Cabanzaro, Guiseppa

Cadwallader, Oliver

Caerkel, John

Cafferata, Catherine Grillo

Caffrey, Mary A.

Cahill, Annie

Cahill, Johanna

Cahill, Mary

Caine, Bridget

Cairns, John G.

Caldilliac, Mary M.

Caldwell, J. F.

Caldwell, John

Caldwell, Sidney

Calioterra, Felice

Calkins, Martha L.

Callahan, Andrew

Callahan, Frank

Callahan, Helen

Callahan, Ignatios

Callahan, John

Callahan, Loretta M.

Callahan, Margaret

Callahan, Margaret M.

Callahan, Michael

Callahan, Mike

Callahan, Patrick

Callahan, Thomas C.

Callhan, John

Calven, Willie

Calvert, Joseph

Calvert, W. J.

Cameneid, Charles

Cammack, Isabel

Campbell, Caroline

Campbell, Patrick

Campe, Emma

Campman, Henry

Canary, ____

Cannon, Catherine

Cannon, Edna E.

Cannon, Joseph P.

Cannon, Lizzie

Canova, Cornelia

Cantlig, Joseph

Canty, Johanna

Capian, Nancy

Capps, Mamie E.

Caravater, (infant of Joseph)

Carey, Edward F.

Carey, John

Carey, Kate

Carey, Mamie

Carey, Mary

Carey, Thomas

Cariel, Mary Ann

Carl, James

Carl, Philip O.

Carlisle, Hattie C.

Carlson, Gustave

Carlsteen, Alfred

Carman, Irene

Carmel, Mary

Carmody, Katie

Carmon, Spencer

Carpenter, Albert F.

Carpenter, Charles D.

Carpenter, Mary E.

Carr, James

Carr, John

Carr, Mary

Carr, Paschall

Carr, Rose

Carroll, Agnes

Carroll, Edward

Carroll, Eugenia

Carroll, James

Carroll, Kate

Carroll, Louisa

Carroll, Mathew

Carroll, Mintia

Carroll, Nellie

Carroll, Thomas

Carroll, Virgie

Carson, Agnes

Carson, Frank

Carson, Thomas

Cartan, Robert

Carter, Ellen

Carter, George A.

Carter, Lavina

Carter, Mattie

Carter, Oney

Carter, Sarah

Carter, William

Carter, William H.

Cartmill, Thomas

Carver, Viola

Cary, Earl

Casey, Bridget

Casey, Elizabeth

Casey, James

Casey, Joseph

Casey, Martin

Casey, Mary

Casey, Patrick J.

Cashman, Alice

Cassidy, Larry

Castelli, Mary

Castleman, Floretta

Castleman, Sidney

Castrey, George

Caufield, William

Caulfield, John

Causon, Edgar

Cavanagh, James A.

Cavanaugh, John

Cawood, George

Chadsey, William H.

Chamberlain, Frederick B.

Chamberlin, Samuel H.

Chambers, George W.

Chamblin, Cecelia A.

Champagne, John

Champlin, William R.

Chandler, Julia Laura

Chaney, Inez

Chapman, James F.

Chapman, Joseph Gilbert

Chapman, Mary E.

Chapman, Noah B.

Chapman, William

Chappel, Henry

Chappell, Lucille

Chappels, Jane

Charley, Joseph

Chartard, (Capt., CSA) Frederick

Chase, Edward

Chatham, Charles

Chatman, Claudeo

Chatman, Louis

Cheatom, Jacob

Cheo, Chun

Chepirkz, Frank

Chervek, Joseph

Chesholm, Donald J.

Chester, Charles

Chester, Hubert

Chestnut, Margaret M.

Chewning, Margaret L.

Chigoy, Mary Sinte?

Childes, Ben F.

Chilton, Frank W.

Choteau, Mary H.

Chouteau, Aglae

Chouteau, Julia

Christen, George Joseph

Christen, Theodore

Christian, Martin Luther

Christian, Paul

Christian, Ray

Christian, Raymond

Christman, Anna

Christmann, Robert

Christopher, Mary

Christy, A. D.

Christy, Eliza

Christy, Emma

Christy, Harold

Christy, Louis

Circus, Marta

Claiborne, Lawrence

Clair, Charles

Clairmont, Francis Alonzo

Clancey, Thomas

Clancy, Patrick H.

Clannahan, Morris S.

Clark, Eliza W.

Clark, Ella M.

Clark, Genevieve

Clark, James

Clark, John

Clark, Margarite

Clark, Mary

Clark, Mary E.

Clark, Ordelia

Clark, Patrick

Clark, Peter

Clark, Thomas

Clark, William I.

Clark, William P.

Clarke, Mary

Clarke, Sarah

Clarke, W. D.

Clausmann, Herman H.

Clawsey, Thomas

Clawson, Otto

Clay, Henry

Clay, Kate

Clay, Robert Ambrose

Clayhome, Stanhope

Clayland, Edward

Clayton, Robert R.

Clayton, William

Clayton, William F.

Cleary, Edmond

Cleary, John

Cleary, Mary

Cleary, William

Clemens, John

Clemens, Joseph A.

Clements, John B.

Clements, Mary

Clervi, Vittario

Cleveland, Florence May

Clifford, Catherine

Clifford, Ella

Clifford, Mary

Clinch, Larry

Cline, Ruby

Clinton, Mary L.

Cloak, Bettie

Clodfelter, John

Cloherty, Buford Colorado

Clover, Nancy

Cloving, Philip

Clute, Ida Mae

Coale, Albert H.

Coarnis, Thomas

Coates, Nancy

Cobb, Enah

Cobb, Mc Kinley Hobart

Cobb, Wiley C.

Cobbe, Daniel

Cochran, Margaret

Codey, Josephine D.

Coebel, Dorothea A. C.

Coffelt, Edward

Coffey, Dan

Coffey, Mary A.

Coffield, John

Cogan, John

Cogan, William

Coghlan, John I.

Cohen, Fannie

Cohen, Rebecca

Cohn, Fannie

Cohn, Ida

Colcaterra, Lena

Cole, Henry

Coleman, (Dr.) J. Edward

Coleman, Beatrice

Coleman, Catherine

Coleman, Clifford

Coleman, Henrietta

Coleman, James

Coleman, Margaret

Coleman, Nellie

Colgan, Mary

Collier, Sidney D.

Collinger, George A.

Collins, Aaron

Collins, Alberta

Collins, Anastasia

Collins, Ann

Collins, Bridget

Collins, Bridget Ellen

Collins, Clarinda

Collins, Dan

Collins, George

Collins, Hardenia

Collins, Hun

Collins, Joe

Collins, John

Collins, John Francis

Collins, Joseph

Collins, Thomas J.

Collins, William

Collville, Jennie

Colman, Kate Wright

Colom, Robert

Colter, Max

Colyer, William

Comer, Bridget

Comer, Caroline

Comer, Jane

Comer, Michael

Commel, Dan

Comstock, Frank J.

Conelley, Michael

Cones, Mary

Conley, (Off) John

Conley, Charles T.

Conley, J. J.

Conlin, Thomas

Conlon, Rose

Connary, Katie

Connell, Thomas

Conners, John

Connor, John W.

Connor, Mary

Connors, Lizzie

Connors, Mary

Connors, Michael

Connors, William

Conroy, Daniel J.

Conroy, Frank

Conway, Clara Frances

Conway, Edward

Conway, Elizabeth

Conway, James

Conway, John

Conway, Marie

Conway, Robert

Conwell, Charles

Cook, Agnes

Cook, James Albert

Cook, Laura

Cook, Robert

Cooke, Laura A.

Cooke, Stephen

Coole, Caroline

Cooler, John

Cooney, John

Cooper, Annie A.

Cooper, Edward

Cooper, Emma

Cooper, Olive P.

Cope, Sophie

Copel, Ethel Eugenia

Corbett, John F.

Corcoran, Delia

Corcoran, Ellen

Corcoran, Maggie

Corcoran, Michael

Corday, Lorenzo H.

Corell, Fred

Cornwall, Herbert

Cornwall, Mary Ann

Corrigan, Joseph F.

Corry, Marie

Corwin, Gertrude Whitsett

Corwley, Julia M.

Cosgrove, Frank A.

Costello, Bridget

Costello, Patrick

Costello, Raymond

Costello, Thomas

Cottie, Mary

Coughlin, Mary E.

Courley, Joseph

Courtmann, William

Courtright, Lucinda

Cousland, George

Covington, Harris

Cowan, Ansel B.

Cowhey, Patrick

Cowperthwait, Harriet

Cox, Mary

Cox, Sarah

Cox, T. E.

Cox, William F.

Coyle, Arthur

Coyne, Walter

Coyner, Charlotte M.

Cozzens, Mary

Cozzoni, Emil

Crahen, Kate

Craig, James

Cram, Luther E.

Cramer, Dennis R.

Cramer, Elsa L.

Cramer, George B.

Cramer, Henry W.

Crampe, George F.

Crandall, Victor Halleck

Crane, John

Crane, Patrick

Crapster, (Capt.) Milton H.

Crary, Samuel

Crawford, Addie

Crawford, Alexander A.

Crawford, John

Crawford, Marshall

Creagh, Harriet

Creamer, Johanna

Creary, Margaret

Crecelius, Theresa

Creed, Mary

Creighton, Annie

Creley, Margaret E.

Cretan, Thomas

Crichbelow, John

Crittendon, Mattie

Crockett, Alden

Croff, William

Crofton, Edward G.

Crohn, Samuel H.

Crohn, Solomon H.

Cromwell, Elizabeth

Cronin, Fannie

Crooks, Anna

Cross, Harry J.

Crosthwait, John R.

Crouch, Katherine

Croughan, John

Crowley, (Off., STLPD) Patrick

Crowley, Julia

Crowse, August

Cruise, Mary

Cruse, Alice

Cudahy, Blanche

Cuddy, Mary E.

Cuddy, Raymond

Cudy, Lillie

Cullen, Agnes

Cullen, Arthur

Cullen, Kate

Cullen, William F.

Cullinane, Michael

Culliton, Mary V.

Culver, Henry H.

Cummings, Al

Cummings, Irene M.

Cummings, Johanna

Cummings, John

Cummings, Sarah

Cummiskey, James

Cunniff, Hannah

Cunningham, (Capt.) Patrick

Cunningham, Bridget

Cunningham, Ethel

Cunningham, George

Cunningham, Henry

Cunningham, Horace

Cunningham, Julia

Cunningham, Margaret

Cunningham, Mary

Cunningham, Robert F.

Cunningham, William A.

Curius, Annie

Curley, John

Curley, Joseph

Currell, Henry

Currier, Exekiel

Curry, Mary

Curry, Patrick

Curtin, Frank

Curtin, William

Curtis, Charles

Curtis, Harry

Curtis, Matthew B, 9/18, *9/18 p

Curtis, Ollie

Curtis, William H.

Curtiss, Frank S.

Curtner, Mollie

Cusack, Maggie

Cushing, Ellen

Czerny, Adam