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Surnames beginning with O

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O’Boyle, John

O’Brian, (see Mrs. Michael Mahoney)


O’Brien, (Off.) Daniel F.

O’Brien, Alice Agnes

O’Brien, Annie

O’Brien, Charles F.

O’Brien, Dennis

O’Brien, J.

O’Brien, James

O’Brien, John M.

O’Brien, Lawrence

O’Brien, Rosie

O’Brien, Stephen

O’Brien, Thomas

O’Brine, Ann

O’Connell, Bridget

O’Connell, Elizabeth

O’Connell, John

O’Connell, Michael

O’Connell, Morgan J.

O’Connell, Patrick

O’Connell, Veronica

O’Connor, (Sister) Bridget

O’Connor, John

O’Connor, Mary

O’Connor, Michael

O’Connor, Patrick

O’Connor, Timothy

O’Day, Michael

O’Day, Patrick

O’Donnell, Annie

O’Donnell, Margaret

O’Donnell, Winifred

O’Donoghue, Michael

O’Donovan, Catherine

O’Grady, Helen

O’Halloran, John

O’Hara, James

O’Hearne, Patrick J.

O’Herdon, Thomas

O’Keefe, Agnes

O’Keefe, Mary

O’Keefe, Mary

O’Keefe, Mary C.

O’Mara, Alice

O’Mara, Maggie

O’Meara, William

O’Neil, Ada

O’Neil, John

O’Neil, Owen

O’Neil, Ted

O’Neill, Bridget

O’Neill, Margaret

O’Reelty, Kate

O’Reilly, Agnes

O’Reilly, Rosalie

O’Rourke, James G.

O’Rourke, Johanna

O’Rourke, Lizzie

O’Rourke, Michael

O’Rourke, William

O’Sullivan, Tim

O’Toole, C. L.

O’Toole, Catherine

O’Toole, Ursula S.

Oates, Aloysis

Oates, Thomas

Obenhard, Mina

Obergerge, Louis Henry

Obergonner, George W.

Oberreider, Clara Maria

Obst, Frederick A.

Ochs, Oscar

Odell, James

Odis, Mary

Oebike, Frank E.

Oelaner, Camellia

Oenlenbeck, I_a


Oestreicher, Edna

Oetter, Anton

Offut, Mary

Ogden, Halleck

Ohlem, Mary

Oldfield, Isabelle

Oligschlager, Sybilla

Oligu, Herman

Olliges, Bernhard

Olsen, Florence C.

Olszewski, John

Olusky, Edward

Onimus, Emelia

Openfuss, Charles

Openlander, Mary Margaret

Operman, Hyacinth

Oppenheimer, Herman D.

Oppermann, Mary

Orcert, Maud

Orme, Margaret

Ortala, Levetta Marguerite

Orten, Agnes

Ortendorf, Elma

Osborn, Addie F.

Osborn, Catherine T.

Osborn, Kate

Osborne, Mary

Oskling, John

Ostendorf, Elma

Ostermann, Otto

Ostermayer, Mary

Ostermeier, Elsie

Ostlal, Emma

Otis, Laura

Ott, John

Ott, Michael

Ottenad, Emil M.

Ottenad, William

Ottensmeier, August

Otting, Alfred G.

Ottmann, Carrie S.

Otto, Augusta H.

Otto, Ophella E.

Otto, Sylvester

Ottofy, Aloysis

Ouder, Adolph

Overmann, Hattie E.

Overmann, Henry

Owen, Letitia

Owen, M. L.

Owens, Ben

Owens, Elizabeth

Owens, Ely

Owens, Michael

Owens, Samuel C.

Owings, Ruth Ann W.

Owings, Wesley

Oxmann, Conway

Oyler, George K.

Ozizek, Zarbara