Surnames beginning with M

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M_llady, Mary

M_llady, Mary

Macdonald, Alan James

Macheno, Mathias

Mack, Belle

Mack, Cecelia

Mack, Harvey

Mackay, Mary C.

Mackey, Paul

Macklin, Andrew

Macklin, David

Madden, (Off., STLPD) John

Madden, Maggie

Madden, Mary

Maddox, Clarence

Madole, Martha

Maetzke, Albert E.

Magamen, Apalonia

Magee, John

Magnah, Emma

Maguire, Lewis

Mahen, Annie

Maher, Agnes

Maher, Ann

Maher, Margaret Rose

Maher, Paul F.

Mahin, Frank

Mahne, Minne

Mahoney, (Mrs. Michael)

Mahoney, (Off.) Michael

Mahoney, Bridget

Mahoney, Mary

Mahue, William

Maire, Louie

Maisak, John M.

Malan, Theresa

Malin, Hannah A.

Mallen, Patrick

Mallon, Patrick J.

Mallon, William D.

Malloy, Bridget Elizabeth

Maloney, Jim

Maloney, John

Maloney, Mary

Maloney, Robert

Maloney, William Bryan

Maloney, William David

Manco, Carla

Manheimer, Katie

Manion, John E.

Manion, Kate J.

Manion, P. P.

Manker, Nellie V.

Manly, Catherine

Manning, Michael

Mantz, Edward

Manu, Mary Jane

Manuel, Reginald

Manz, Frederick

Manzinger, Ernst

Mara, William A.

March, Mary

March, Vincent

March, William

Marchand, George

Marf, Fred

Marguardt, Gustav J.

Marienan, Julia Mabel

Markwitz, Joseph

Marlow, Earl Clifford

Marquard, Mary E.

Marquardt, Herman H. C.

Marquardt, William G.

Marsat, Narcis

Marshall, Cora C.

Marshall, Elizabeth

Marshall, Fred

Marshall, John

Marshall, Louisa

Marshall, Sarah

Marske, Willie

Martels, Ida V.

Martens, Charles F.

Martin, (Mrs. M.)

Martin, Albert H.

Martin, Andy

Martin, Anita

Martin, Anna

Martin, C. W.

Martin, Charles

Martin, Clarence

Martin, Claude

Martin, Cora

Martin, Edward

Martin, James

Martin, John

Martin, Lola

Martin, Malinda E.

Martin, Martha F.

Martin, Mary

Martin, Michael

Martin, Rosella

Martin, Thomas

Martin, William

Marting, Helen E.

Marx, Frederick J. G.

Masek, Anna

Mason, Sarah Eva Marie

Mason, Thomas H.

Massett, John

Massey, George

Massmann, Henrietta

Masterson, Leo

Mastrogiacomo, Maria

Matawsek, Elizabeth

Matheis, David

Mathen, Francis B.

Mathews, Ruth

Mathias, Ida Agnes

Mathis, Dora

Mathis, John T.

Matter, Harry

Matthews, Edna Josephine

Matthews, George Q.

Matthews, Ruth

Mattler, Louisa

Matz, Christopher

Matz, Joseph

Mauch, Lena

Mauchenheimer, Frederick

Mauk, Rufus Leo

Maxwell, Annie

Maxwell, Kate

May, Catherine

May, Charles W.

May, Edward

May, James

May, Johanna S.

May, John

Mayer, Bertha

Mayer, Christiana F.

Mayer, Eugene

Mayer, Franz

Mayfield, Annie

Mayfield, Harry

Mc Adams, Edward

Mc Afee, Bridget

Mc Alevey, Theresa May

Mc Annany, Maggie

Mc Atee, Michael

Mc Auliffe, Oliver

Mc Avoy, Patrick

Mc Brearthy, Alice A.

Mc Cabe, Edward

Mc Cabe, Henry

Mc Cabe, James

Mc Cabe, John T.

Mc Caferty, William

Mc Candless, John William

Mc Candless, Mary

Mc Carthy, Bart

Mc Carthy, Bridget

Mc Carthy, Ellen T.

Mc Carthy, James

Mc Carthy, James J.

Mc Carthy, Mary Alice

Mc Carthy, Michael

Mc Carthy, Susan

Mc Carthy, Thomas

Mc Carthy, William J.

Mc Cartin, Bridget

Mc Cartin, Frank

Mc Carty, Mary

Mc Carty, Mary

Mc Carty, Thomas

Mc Cauless, John W.

Mc Clain, Catherine Hazel

Mc Claren, Frederick

Mc Claren, William R.

Mc Clelland, Ada

Mc Clure, Vermia

Mc Collin, William A.

Mc Connel, George H.

Mc Connell, Alfred

Mc Connell, David

Mc Coole, Mike

Mc Cord, Bertha

Mc Cormack, James H.

Mc Cormack, Martin

Mc Cormick, James

Mc Cormish, Nellie

Mc Coy, Byrne

Mc Coy, John

Mc Coy, John E.

Mc Cready, Sarah E.

Mc Cuddy, Thomas

Mc Cuddy, Virginia

Mc Cullon, Jerry

Mc Cullough, (Baby)

Mc Cullough, Grace

Mc Cumbar, Ella

Mc Curry, Elizabeth

Mc Cuthan, J. H.

Mc D_well, A. J.

Mc Dale, Martha Blanche

Mc Dermon, Frank

Mc Dermott, Blanche R.

Mc Dermott, Edward G.

Mc Dermott, John

Mc Dermott, Mary

Mc Dermott, Rosan

Mc Dermott, William

Mc Donagh, Catherine

Mc Donald, A. K.

Mc Donald, Aloys

Mc Donald, Annie C.

Mc Donald, Daniel

Mc Donald, Ellen

Mc Donald, John

Mc Donald, Malachy

Mc Donald, Marie Blanche

Mc Donald, Pink

Mc Donald, Sarah

Mc Donald, William Wallace

Mc Donnell, Charles Mc Donald

Mc Donnell, Della

Mc Donnell, Ellen

Mc Donnell, Joseph P.

Mc Donough, John

Mc Donough, Margaret

Mc Dougall, James T.

Mc Farland, Lottie M.

Mc Farland, Willie

Mc Flugl?, Thomas

Mc Gann, Fred J.

Mc Gee, John

Mc Gee, Thomas P.

Mc Gill, Eugene

Mc Ginn, Edward

Mc Ginnis, William H.

Mc Ginniss, Mary E.

Mc Given, Mary Catherine

Mc Givney, Peter

Mc Glynn, Eliza

Mc Goff, Michael

Mc Govern, Patrick J.

Mc Govern, Thomas

Mc Gowan, Bridget

Mc Grath, Daniel Francis

Mc Grath, Ella M.

Mc Grath, Gertrude

Mc Grath, John F.

Mc Grath, Mary

Mc Grath, Norah

Mc Grath, Patrick

Mc Grath, Thomas

Mc Grath, Timothy

Mc Grath, Timothy J.

Mc Grew, Maria

Mc Groarty, Susan

Mc Guie, Mary

Mc Guigan, Frank

Mc Guire, Arthur

Mc Guire, John

Mc Guire, Thomas

Mc Gull, Martin

Mc Gunigie, Kate

Mc Hale, Mary

Mc Hugh, Bridget

Mc Hugh, James Michael

Mc Hugh, Joseph Alonzo

Mc Ilrath, Catherine

Mc Inerny, Catherine

Mc Intire, John

Mc Intosh, Alexander

Mc Kay, Mabel

Mc Keag, James R.

Mc Kee, Bridget

Mc Kee, George N.

Mc Kee, Thomas P.

Mc Kee, William

Mc Keever, John P.

Mc Kelphen, Luther

Mc Kenna, Bernard

Mc Kenna, Cornelius

Mc Kenna, Mamie

Mc Kenna, Martha

Mc Kenzie, Addie

Mc Kenzie, Fred

Mc Kenzie, James

Mc Keown, Hugh

Mc Kernan, Jennie

Mc Knight, James

Mc Lane, William K.

Mc Laughlin, Ann

Mc Laughlin, Annie Lucelia

Mc Laughlin, Charles

Mc Laughlin, Martin

Mc Lean, Mary Veronica

Mc Lever, Jervis

Mc Loughlin, Bridget

Mc Mahon, Mary ‘Mamie’ Ellen

Mc Manus, Lady

Mc Manus, Sarah

Mc Millian, Archie

Mc Minn, John C.

Mc Mullan, Joseph

Mc Nair, Edith

Mc Namara, Catherine A.

Mc Namee, Edward

Mc Neal, Jennie

Mc Neal, Pleasant

Mc Neil, Catherine

Mc Nulty, John T.

Mc Pike, Rebecca A.

Mc Quade, Alice

Mc Quellan, James B.

Mc Quity, Alfred

Mc Quoid, Rebecca Robinson

Mc Sperrit, Michael

Mc Stewart, James

Mc Walters, Patrick

Mead, John H.

Mead, Mike

Meade, Michael

Meagher, Mary

Meany, Nora

Meder, Mary

Medley, Patrick

Meehan, Mary Agnes

Meese, Carrie

Megie, Philomina

Mehlen, Paul Jr.

Mehling, Charles M.

Meigs, Gideon E.

Meinberg, Philip A.

Meinhard, Christine

Meinten, Caroline E.

Meisel, Edna H.

Melbourne, Harry

Mellier, Christiana M.

Melrose, Laura

Menaier, Charles

Meningess, William

Menk, George

Menke, Teresa E.

Menkes, Herman W.

Menne, Julius

Menniges, William

Mensenlink, William F.

Menser, Essie

Menteer, Caroline

Mercelli, Rosa A.

Meredith, Philip Z.

Meriwether, Rivera Blythe

Merrick, Henry

Merrigan, Mary

Merritt, Jessie Sanford

Merriwether, Annie Laurie

Mersman, Laura L.

Mersmann, Frank R.

Mertens, Mary

Merth, Jennie

Merty, Charles

Merwin, Thomas

Mesar, Josephine

Mesnier, Charles

Messmer, Kate

Metcalfe, Langon Chilca

Metzger, Anton

Meyer, (infant of A.)

Meyer, Adela W.

Meyer, Anne Alice

Meyer, August

Meyer, Bernard L.

Meyer, Charles

Meyer, Charlotte

Meyer, Edwin

Meyer, Frederick H.

Meyer, Henry

Meyer, Herman H.

Meyer, Hermine

Meyer, Joseph William

Meyer, Josie

Meyer, Lea

Meyer, Louisa

Meyer, Mary

Meyer, Mary W.

Meyer, Meyer S.

Meyer, Nellie H.

Meyer, Ralph Benton

Meyer, Ruth Elizabeth

Meyer, Thomas

Meyer, Walpurgia

Meyer, Walter F. W.

Meyer, William P.

Meyers, Annie

Meyers, Beatrice

Meyers, Catherine

Meyers, Frank F.

Meyers, Mary C.

Meyers, Mary L.

Mezzola, Sebastian C.

Michael, Bertha

Michaels, Eleanore

Miche, Carl

Michel, Adrien

Michel, Bertha

Michel, Richard

Midcap, Eunice M.

Middleton, John

Mieller, August C.

Miesser, John

Migassi, Philip

Miles, Mary

Miller, (Gen.) Madison

Miller, Alfred C.

Miller, Allen

Miller, Alpheus L.

Miller, Anna

Miller, Arthur

Miller, August

Miller, Caroline T.

Miller, Catherine

Miller, Charles

Miller, Edward

Miller, Elizabeth

Miller, Ellen Morgan

Miller, Emily

Miller, Ernest S.

Miller, George

Miller, Henry

Miller, John

Miller, Luke

Miller, Magdalena

Miller, Maggie

Miller, Mamie

Miller, Marian

Miller, Mary

Miller, Mary J.

Miller, Robert T.

Miller, Theresa

Miller, Walter B.

Miller, Willie

Mills, Eddie

Mills, George

Mills, George E.

Miltenberger, Anthony

Miner, Anna

Minogue, Thomas

Misha, William

Misher, W. A.

Mitchell, Annie E.

Mitchell, Edward

Mitchell, John

Mitchell, Mattie

Mitchell, Stanislaus

Mix, Sandy

Mo_tz, Erhart

Mobius, Charles D.

Mock, Kate

Moder, Mary

Moeckel, Theresa

Moehlmann, Fred W.

Moehrle, Frederick

Moeller, Della

Moeller, Linda

Moenkemann, William

Mohnnann, John

Mohrman, Agnes

Mohrman, John Henry

Molker, Joseph

Moll, Henry

Moloney, John

Moloney, Timothy

Momsen, Anna Louisa

Monaghan, Patrick

Monahan, Bridget

Monahan, Daniel

Monahan, Eugene

Monahan, Joseph

Monahan, Joseph C.

Moncrieff, Laura V.

Monegan, Josie

Monerief, Richard

Monks, Anna

Monroe, Josephine

Montgoemery, Laura

Montgomery, Earl S.

Montgomery, Thomas

Moody, William

Mook, Bertha

Mooney, Jennie

Moore, Alice

Moore, Alice

Moore, Ann C.

Moore, Bertha D.

Moore, Catherine

Moore, Clara

Moore, Cora Anna

Moore, Elise

Moore, G. A.

Moore, Gertrude

Moore, I. T.

Moore, Joseph W.

Moore, Lillie

Moore, Margaret

Moore, Wilhelmina F.

Moorehead, Grace Vera

Moorhouse, John

Moos, Henry

Moraghan, Thomas L.

Moran, Catherine

Moran, Mamie

Moran, Martin

Moran, Michael

Moran, Michael V.

Moran, Patrick

Moran, Thomas

Morard, Irene

Morard, Julius J.

Moreaci, Michael

Morek, Julia

Morey, Leroy

Morgan, David

Morgan, Ella V.

Morgan, Ellen

Morhiser, John M.

Moritz, Edward Gus

Morley, Lizzie

Moroideck, Valentine

Morris, Alfred E.

Morris, Charles

Morris, Edward R.

Morris, Mary Ann

Morris, Mary E.

Morris, Philip A.

Morrison, (Dr.) William N.

Morrison, James

Morrison, Lillie

Morrison, Robert

Morrison, Robert Anthony

Morrison, Thomas

Morrison, William H.

Morrison, Zelmar L.

Morrow, Esther Francis

Morton, Harry

Morton, Maria E.

Mosby, George Raymond

Mosby, Joseph

Moser, Helen

Moses, Robert C.

Mosley, Augusta

Moss, Alice

Moss, Joseph

Moster, Clara

Moulton, Belle

Mowrey, Isaiah

Mudd, Joey

Mudd, Lydia

Muehliesen, August R.

Muelhaupt, Harry

Mueller, Bernhard

Mueller, Charles

Mueller, Edward

Mueller, Emercia

Mueller, Emil

Mueller, Frank

Mueller, George

Mueller, Gustave

Mueller, Helena

Mueller, Henry

Mueller, Herold

Mueller, Joseph

Mueller, Lizzie

Mueller, Mamie

Mueller, Sophia

Muertz, Rosina

Mulcahy, John J.

Mulcahy, Mary

Mulholland, Hannah

Mullen, Alma

Mullen, John

Mullen, Thomas

Muller, Adelia A.

Muller, Bertha F.

Muller, Millie

Muller, Patrick

Mulqueen, Annie

Mulvihill, Michael

Mumford, Chanie

Munairi, Hermann

Munk, John W.

Munzy, W. B.

Muratta, Maud Esther

Murawoski, Frank

Murdock, John Hope

Murphy, ___

Murphy, _____

Murphy, Alexander A.

Murphy, Carrie

Murphy, Catherine ‘Kate’

Murphy, Edward P.

Murphy, Frank

Murphy, George F.

Murphy, Hanora

Murphy, Harold A.

Murphy, Hughe Cornelius

Murphy, James

Murphy, Jenny

Murphy, Joseph

Murphy, Kate

Murphy, Katie

Murphy, Katie

Murphy, Margaret

Murphy, Marguerite

Murphy, Mary

Murphy, Mary

Murphy, Patrick

Murphy, Ruth

Murphy, Sarah

Murphy, Timothy

Murray, Frank

Murray, Genevieve F.

Murray, Henry

Murray, Joe

Murray, John

Murray, John T.

Murray, Marion

Murray, Sarah

Murray, Thomas A.

Murray, Virginia

Murray, William

Murrell, Frank

Murry, Ellen

Myers, Catherine

Myers, David

Myers, Kate J.

Myers, Louis