Surnames beginning with C

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Cable, Mary Jane

Cackler, George H.

Cady, Heity P.

Caffrey, Margaret

Cahill, Catherine

Cahill, James

Cain, Elizabeth

Calahan, Michael

Caldwell, William R.

Calgrane, George

Call, Walter H.

Callaghan, Kate

Callahan, Catherine

Callahan, John

Callahan, Kate

Callahan, Lizzie

Callahan, Margaret

Callan, Anna B.

Callison, Martha

Cameron, James

Campbell, Donald

Campbell, John

Campbell, Lewis H.

Cannon, Nelson

Cannon, Wernon M.

Cantlin, Morris

Canton, Pat

Canton, Patrick

Cantton, Morris

Cantwell, James

Carbey, Matthew

Carbrey, John F.

Carey, Charles

Carey, Nora

Carlin, John

Carlson, Barbara

Carlton, Frederick

Carlton, Samuel

Carmody, James J.

Carothers, John

Carpenter, John

Carpenter, Samuel V.

Carr, Daniel

Carr, Hermer

Carr, James

Carr, John

Carr, Matthew Aloysius

Carr, Walter

Carroll, Frank

Carroll, Jervenih

Carroll, Julia

Carroll, Margaret

Carroll, Matthew

Carroll, Thomas

Carson, Hazel

Carson, Ruby H.

Carter, Jennie V.

Carter, William

Carthy, Emma

Cartwright, Millie

Caruthers, William

Casalleggi, Antonio

Casey, Andrew

Casey, Annie M.

Casey, Bridget

Casey, Ella

Casey, Ida

Casey, Maritt

Casey, Mary

Casey, Mary B.

Casey, Paul

Cashman, Bridget

Caspari, Frederick

Cass, William F.

Cassidy, Josie

Cassin, James L.

Castleman, Virginia Harrison

Cates, Frank

Cates, William

Catlin, C. W.

Catlin, Eliza

Cauchois, Maxim

Cavan, (Off.) Timothy

Cavanagh, Ann

Cavanaugh, Judith

Cavanaugh, Mary

Cavanaugh, Thomas

Cavin, Earl

Cawem, W. J.

Cayton, (Capt.) Frank M.

Cecil, Alice

Cella, Albert

Cella, Rose Mary

Cements, Ellen C.

Cento, Rosario

Cerutti, Joseph

Ceye, George S.

Chambers, William

Chamblin, Baylis

Chancy, Emilie

Chandler, John G.

Chapman, Jane

Chappell, Martha Elizabeth

Charlton, Florence

Chase, Scott A. or H.

Chatard, Elise

Chauvin, Mimi

Cheares, Bennie

Cherot, Clemence

Cherot, Neline

Chester, Elizabeth

Chianciola, Annie

Chiatan, John

Chichester, William T.

Chick, Martha E.

Childress, Hattie La Pere

Chinn, Maggie

Chipf, Jacob

Chittum, Dora L.

Chon, Amely S.

Chouteau, Julia Augusta Gratiot

Christ, (Infant of Louis & Mary)

Christelli, Eugene

Christian, William

Christy, Julia

Christy, William

Circus, Fannie

Clancy, Henry

Clark, Anna

Clark, Barney J.

Clark, Bridget

Clark, Catherine

Clark, Cornelius Schimmel

Clark, Daniel Baker

Clark, David L.

Clark, Edward

Clark, Grace

Clark, Henry

Clark, John

Clark, John P.

Clark, Joseph

Clark, Joseph K.

Clark, Louise

Clark, Maria

Clark, Mary A.

Clark, Patrick

Clark, Samuel V.

Clark, Sarah F.

Clart, Mataline

Clause, Daniel A.

Clay, H. C.

Clay, Henry C.

Clay, Irwin

Clayton, (Capt., river pilot) Frank M.

Clear, Mary

Cleary, Elizabeth

Cleary, John Jr.

Cleary, Mamie

Cleary-Clifford, Mary

Cleavland, Joseph

Clement, Ruth Eveline

Cleveland, Joseph

Cline, Henry I.

Clodden, Hyacinth

Cluley, John

Coburn, Lulu

Cochran, Alice Mary

Cockrell, Charles C.

Coffey, Margaret

Coffin, Rhoda A.

Cogan, James

Cogsville, Bertha

Cohen, Abe

Cohn, Annie

Cohn, Fannie

Cole, William

Coleman, Elizabeth

Coleman, Elizabeth L.

Coleman, Mary B.

Coleman, Mattie

Coleman, Patrick

Coleman, Robert G.

Collett, Katie

Collins, Cyrus

Collins, Hall

Collins, Harry D.

Collins, John C.

Collins, Mary

Collins, Mary

Collins, Michael

Collins, Octavia

Collison, Martha E.

Comstock, Agnes

Conlin, Margaret B.

Connallin, Martin

Connell, Ellen

Connell, Florence

Connell, Rose A.

Connelly, Dan Joseph

Connelly, Mary

Conner, Martin

Conner, Sarah

Connor, John

Connors, Archie J.

Connors, Barbara

Connors, Mary

Conradi, Bruno

Conroy, William Gaty

Consaul, Otho Ella

Cook, Chauncey H.

Cook, Lucy Buckner

Cooke, J. F.

Cooks, John R.

Coolohan, ____

Coonan, Walter

Cooney, Anna

Cooney, Eugene

Cooney, Marie Regina

Cooney, Mary

Cooney, Thomas

Cooney, Thomas J.

Coony, Owen

Cooper, Kate

Cooper, Mabel Jane

Copeland, Ray J.

Copp, Samuel

Corbett, ‘Hanna’ Johanna

Corcoran, John

Corcoran, Michael

Corder, Nellie

Cordes, Mamie

Core, R. E.

Corneli, Frank

Cornell, Emily Danforth

Cornick, Christabelle

Corrick, Charles E.

Corrick, Vaughn Evan

Cosgrove, J. C.

Costello, Edward Joseph

Costello, Lawrence

Cotton, Edgar

Cottrell, Mary

Coughlan, James P.

Court, Minnie

Courtenay, Sarah

Cowdrey, Warren F.

Cowgill, Fanny M.

Coyle, Bridget A.

Coyne, Patrick

Coyne, Thomas

Crabb, Joseph R.

Craddock, Mary

Craft, Mary M.

Craig, Jennie S.

Cramer, Elvira

Cramer, Fred

Cramer, William Wilson

Crane, Johanna

Crane, Mammie

Crane, Margaret

Crane, Richard

Craven, Ellen

Craven, Helen

Craven, John F.

Creamer, James

Creedon, Samuel

Critchlow, Horace D.

Critchlow, Lee Roy

Crocket, Janus

Croke, Dena

Crone, Robert

Crone, Sophia

Cronin, Eugene

Crosby, Anna

Crosby, Mary

Crossley, Jonathan C.

Crouch, Mabel Irene

Crouch, Mary A.

Crouche, George

Croummey, Kade

Crow, John F.

Crowley, Edward

Crowley, Mary E.

Crowrer, Carl R.

Crumbauer, Jacob

Crumer, Theodore

Cuddy, Nellie

Culkin, Alice

Cullen, Catherine ‘Kitty’

Culterson, Charles

Cummings, Margaret

Cummings, Rose

Cunlo, William

Cunningham, Charles

Cunningham, Edward Joseph

Cunningham, J. P.

Cunningham, Mary Agnes

Curby, Ruth Stone

Curl, Sarah

Curran, Mary

Curry, Charley

Curtis, John H. Jr.

Curtright, Henry Farris

Cushing, John

Czizeweske, Anna