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Surnames beginning with W

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Wachter, Andreas

Wachter, Arthur Frank

Wachter, Joseph Frank

Waechler, Charles

Waggener, M.

Wagner, (Dr.) George M.

Wagner, Cornelius Jr.

Wagner, Emile

Wagner, Emma

Wagner, Josie

Wagner, Lizzie

Wagner, Magdalena

Wahlbrinck, Edna

Wahrtel, Frederika

Wakeham, Anna E.

Walbridge, L. L.

Walden, Walter

Walker, (Dr.) George

Walker, Belle

Walker, Charles E.

Walker, Edward D.

Walker, W. H.

Wall, Bridget E.

Wall, Thomas

Wallbrinck, Henry

Waller, Pearl

Walsh, Alice

Walsh, Ann

Walsh, Charles

Walsh, Daniel

Walsh, Edward

Walsh, Elizabeth

Walsh, John

Walsh, John P.

Walsh, Joseph

Walsh, Joseph M.

Walsh, Loretto

Walsh, Marcella

Walsh, Mimika Vitalis Marie

Walter, Arthur Anton

Walters, John

Walters, Nellie

Walton, (Judge) John F.

Walton, Irene Louisa

Waltz, Minnie

Wamendorf, Fred F.

Wand, James

Waner, John

Ward, Cecelia

Ward, Elizabeth

Ward, George W.

Ward, Henrietta ‘He_tie’ L.

Ward, Lollie

Ward, William W.

Warehtles, Mary

Warfield, Charles

Wark, David Sadler

Warne, Edward

Warner, (Rev.) John R.

Warren, Lenora

Warren, Oscar

Warren, Samuel D.

Warren, Sarah A.

Wasaloki, Annie

Washington, James

Wasser, Joseph

Wassmen, Charles

Wassmer, Charles

Wasson, Thomas C.

Waters, Mary Martha

Watkins, Martha

Watson, Catherine Agnes

Watson, Henry

Watson, William

Watterson, John

Webb, Charles R. Jr.

Weber, Fritz

Weber, Gilbert

Wedler, Ida

Weed, John

Weeks, Paul

Wehla, Emil

Wehrman, Anna

Weige, Frederick

Weimann, Maria A.

Weinel, Georgene Frances

Weinrich, Frederick

Weis, ___ Henry

Weise, William

Weiser, Edward

Weissinger, Christina

Weitzel, Wendel

Welch, Louis

Welcker, Kate

Welker, Varina

Wells, Hattie

Wells, Isaac

Welsh, Bridget

Welsh, Markus

Welsh, Mary

Welsh, Thomas

Welzer, Herman

Wendt, Carl

Wengersen, Fred L.

Wenzel, Lebastian

Wenzlick, Clifford Vernon

Werchke, Paul F. O.

Wernheimer, Frederick H.

Wessick, Josephine

Westbrook, Benjamin F.

Westbrook, S.

Westel, Mary

Westerman, Bernhardt

Wetzel, Frank

Weyberg, William

Whalen, Mary

Whalen, Peter

Whalen, Tom

Whalen, William P.

Whaler, James F.

Wheeler, Ida Minneola

Wheeler, Lizzie B.

Wheelock, Alma Sorena

White, Charles A.

White, Cornelius

White, Lawrence

White, Thomas E.

Whitely, Walter

Whitely, William

Whittaker, Bettie E.

Whittle, George A.

Whitzel, Charles

Wieden, Arthur E.

Wiggins, (Dr.) John

Wiggins, L. M.

Wilcox, Sarah

Wilder, Nora

Wilfonski, Fred

Wilkins, Emily E.

Wilkinson, Thomas Bumbold

Williams, (Mrs. M. A.)

Williams, Catherine ‘Kate’

Williams, Ella

Williams, Francis

Williams, Frank

Williams, Fred

Williams, Gust.

Williams, Homer

Williams, Ida

Williams, Lena

Williams, Margaret

Williams, Mary

Williams, Nattie

Williams, Richard

Williams, Richard Q.

Williams, Thomas

Williams, Valeria S.

Williams, Willie J.

Williamson, Edward M.

Willis, Ralph D.

Willmann, Minnie

Wilson, Alma

Wilson, Charles A.

Wilson, Clara

Wilson, Cora E.

Wilson, Emma

Wilson, Joshua

Wilson, Letha May

Wilson, Pagie

Winkels, Harry

Winn, William

Winslow, Jane

Winslow, William A.

Winter, Bernard

Winter, Goldie May

Winter, John

Wintering, Henry

Wirty, Joseph T.

Wise, Anna M.

Wishmeyer, Ellen F.

Wislon, William H.

Wiss, John

Wissman, W. F.

Withers, John

Witmer, Louise

Wittmann, G. W.

Wlash, James P.

Wo, Chin

Wobbe, Maria A.

Wochner, Michael J.

Woehle, Eva

Wohlfahrt, Rosina

Wohn, Mary

Wolf, Albert

Wolf, Anton

Wolf, Courtney

Wolf, H.

Wolf, Michael

Wolf, Rose

Wolff, Bertha Lizzie

Wolff, Clara E.

Wolff, Eli

Wolfort, Viola

Wollenberg, Agnes

Woltjen, John C.

Wood, Arthur

Wood, William

Woodlock, Michael F.

Woodruff, (Dr.) Joseph M.

Woodruff, Jacob

Woodruff, Mary

Woodruff, Winnifred A.

Woods, Elizabeth

Woodward, (Mrs. C.A.)

Wright, Alberta

Wright, Amelia Judd

Wright, Annie

Wright, Esther

Wright, Robert

Wright, Sophia

Wrinkler, Herman

Wuesch, Rosa

Wuthenow, Thodore W.