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Surnames beginning with C

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Cade, Anna

Cadenbuch, J.

Cadwallader, John F.

Cadwallader, Mary Elsie

Cahill, J. C.

Cahill, Jeremiah

Cahill, Mary

Cahill, Mary

Calame, C. Auguste

Caldwell, Emily Frances

Callahan, Dominick

Callahan, John

Callahan, Mary

Callahan, Mary Agnes

Callahan, Theresa G.

Callahan, William

Cameron, Margaret

Camillo, Mena

Camorata, Alice

Campagna, Ludovico

Campbell, Mary A.

Campbell, Thomas

Campbell, Thomas Stuart

Cannon, M. E.

Canty, Annie

Capelli, Angelo

Capito, Emma

Caranovic, (infant of John)

Carasini, Joe

Card. Joseph P.

Carey, George

Carey, Mary

Carfrant, Susan V.

Carhart, Angeline W.

Carley, Sarah

Carlin, James F.

Carliser, Charles W.

Carmichael, (Mrs Dr. E. W.)

Carmody, Christ

Carney, Catherine

Carr, Don Morrison

Carr, William

Carraher, Ruth C.

Carroll, Catherine

Carroll, Ethel

Carroll, John

Carter, Chares

Carter, Harriet

Carter, John Joseph

Carter, Margaret

Case, Jack

Case, Laura

Case, Nepthie N.

Case, Thomas

Casey, Jules A.

Casey, Katherine T.

Casey, Nellie

Caskie, Dorothy

Casper, Edward H.

Cassel, Alma C.

Cassilly, (Dr.) John P.

Catalano, Joe

Catlin, Mary

Caughlin, Mary

Cavan, Margaret

Cavanaugh, Julia

Cavelli, Charles

Cervenka, Josephine C.

Chamberlin, Alice

Chambers, Charles R.

Chamblin, Alice

Chaney, Louis

Charbonnier, Frederick H.

Charlton, John L. G.

Chase, Ellen Josephine

Chenot, Charles

Chenoweth, Thomas

Cherot, Constance

Chladek, Anna

Chouteau, Emilie

Chouteau, S. Auguste

Chrisholm, Andrew M.

Christman, Charles

Christoph, Jacob

Christoph, Katharina

Christopher, Ida

Church, S. Christy

Cicardi, Catherine

Cirkis, Benjamin

Claburn, Hazel

Clarenbach, H. Emil

Clark, B. O.

Clark, Eleanor A.

Clark, Firman

Clark, Hilda

Clark, Maggie

Clark, Margaret

Clark, Mary

Clark, Matthew

Clark, Robert

Clark, Thomas

Clark, William

Clarke, Mary

Clarke, Willy

Claude, Jules

Claymore, Harry M.

Clayton, Irene

Clemens, Jere W.

Clement, Annie L.

Clendenin, William A.

Clifford, Catherine

Clifford, Nellie

Clifton, Elsie

Clifton, John H.

Cline, Harry

Cloonan, Julia F.

Cody, Loretta

Cody, Patrick

Coester, Friedrich

Cogan, Le

Cogan, Lizzie

Coghill, Ann

Cohen, Louis

Cohn, Michael

Colby, George W. Jr.

Coleman, Jeanetta

Coleman, Thomas

Coleman, Virginia Lee

Coleman, William Tell

Colerndon, Christian

Collins, Celia

Collins, Florence

Collins, Henderson

Collins, Hope

Collins, Jeremiah

Collins, Michael

Collins, Thomas

Colwell, William

Comerford, Michael

Comfort, Lena F.

Comfort, Lena Ransom

Conant, Annie L.

Conant, Fannie E.

Conboy, Theresa

Condon, Edward

Condren, John

Coner, Hattie

Conery, John

Conklin, Charles Chambers

Conklin, Regina

Conley, James

Conley, John T.

Conley, Stephen

Conley, William

Conlin, Martin

Connally, Robert E.

Connell, (Sister) Mary Augusta

Connell, Ralph Clements

Connelly, Catherine

Connelly, John

Connelly, Ray

Conner, Louisa H.

Connerty, Mary B.

Connor, John

Connors, Catherine

Connors, John J.

Connors, Peter

Connors, Thomas

Conrad, Jacob

Conrades, Christ

Conroy, Martin

Conroy, Mattie

Conway, Frank J.

Conway, G. K.

Conway, John

Conway, Mary E.

Conwell, Caroline

Cook, Annie Mabel

Cook, Bertha

Cook, William

Cook, Willis

Cooney, Annie Ida

Cooney, Michael

Cooper, Elizabeth

Corcoran, Ella

Corcoran, John

Corcoran, Mary

Corelli, Lucille

Corley, Catherine

Cormick, W. J.

Coryell, (Mrs. M. E.)

Cosgrove, Mary

Costello, Mary E.

Costello, Tillie

Coules, Annie Mayr

Courson, Edwin A.

Courtwash, William

Cowdrey, Edwin Pope

Cowell, Ida L.

Cox, Joseph

Cox, Lena Pearl

Cox, Thomas

Coyle, Charles

Coyle, James G.

Coyle, Terence

Crafton, Peyton L.

Craig, Milton

Crawford, Julia Lyle

Crecelius, August C.

Creighton, Nellie

Crews, Maggie

Cribe, John W.

Cronin, Julia

Crosby, Christopher John

Crosgrove, John

Cross, Annie

Cross, Thomas

Crowley, Dennis

Crumpler, George

Cuendet, Eugene J.

Cuengrosch, Minnie

Culkin, Patrick

Cull, Lilliam May

Cullen, Ellen

Cullen, Nellie

Culton, Mollie

Culton, Thomas

Cummings, Michael

Cummings, W.

Cummings, Willis

Cummins, Thomas H.

Cunningham, Ada A.

Cunningham, Edward Thornton

Cunningham, James T.

Cunningham, Joseph

Cunningham, Laurence

Cunningham, Sallie

Cupples, Martha S.

Curatto, Eurica

Curby, Joeu A.

Curl, Nathaniel

Curry, (Baby)

Curry, Dora

Curtin, John

Curtin, Michael

Curtis, Edward P.

Curtis, Julia A.

Curtis, Marie

Custer, Maud

Czarnowski, Myra