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Surnames beginning with T

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Taafe, Mary

Tallon, Anne

Tallon, P. J.

Talty, Cornelius

Tammany, Cornelius

Tancil, Sarah A.

Tanzberger, Friedericka

Tarphy, James

Tatum, Sophia Anderson

Taussig, Anna

Taussig, Theresa

Tayes, Edward

Tayes, James

Taylor, Howard W.

Taylor, Ida

Taylor, Lizzie

Taylor,Lealon W.

Teasdale, Katherine

Teckemeyer, Rudolph

Tefee, Mabel

Tell, William

Terrell, Mary

Terry, Robert C.

Terry, William H.

Tesar, Joseph

Tetlemer, Hanora

Tetz, Francis

Thale, Anna G.

Thias, William F.

Thielemann, Margaret

Thomas, John P.

Thomas, Mary

Thomas, Peter

Thompson, Catherine

Thompson, Laura Alice

Thomson, (Col.) J. M.

Thomson, James

Thomson, William

Thomson, William Alexander Sr.

Thornhill, Nellie

Thornton, Ethel

Thornton, Mary

Thornton, Richard

Thraber, Annie

Throckmorton, William

Tiernan, Ann

Tierney, Julia

Tierney, Julia C.

Tierney, Maggie

Tierney, Michael

Tiffany, Hannah K.

Tighe, Margaret

Tilden, Grant

Tillman, Caroline

Tilson, Annie

Tinker, Margaret

Tivvetts, John

Tobin, (Capt.) John S.

Tobin, (Mrs. James)

Tobin, (Off.) Andrew J.

Tobin, Thomas

Tobler, Maria

Todd, (Dr.) W. W.

Todt, Conrad

Tomek, Mattie

Toms, George W.

Toomey, Catherine

Toomey, Elizabeth

Touhey, Bridget

Touhill, David

Toulster, Thomas

Tower, George F.

Towey, Peter

Townsend, Johanna

Townsend, Mary

Tracy, Bridget

Tracy, Jane

Tracy, Patrick

Tradler, Ferdinand

Traffert, Joseph

Tramley, Joseph

Trampe, Emelie D.

Trauernicht, William

Traunmiller, Edmee

Traylor, Elizabeth A.

Trezevant, Fanny L.

Tritt, Maria De Los Angeles

Troy, Edward

Tully, Margaret

Tungen, Agnes

Turner, Ida

Turner, Osborne

Tustin, Mary C.

Twamley, Joseph

Tyler, George