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Surnames beginning with R

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Raboteau, Bettie

Rader, Aubrey L.

Raeder, John

Raftery, Bridget

Rahmeyer, Herman H.

Raithel, Hariet Emily

Raleigh, Mamie

Ralston, John C.

Ramoni, Charles

Randolph, Fannie

Rankin, John D.

Ransom, Jennie

Ransy, (Sister) R.

Rapp, Charlotta

Ratchford, Steven J.

Rattel, Nellie

Raubert, William

Rauschenberg, Christian

Rawlins, James

Rayot, Eugene

Rebstock, Pauline S.

Reddy, Mamie

Redemeyer, Edna M.

Reder, Theresia

Reed, Hannah J.

Reese, Margaret J.

Rehage, Edward C.

Rehbein, Johanna F.

Reichardt, Pauline M.

Reichel, Annie

Reichel, Vincenz

Reig, Christ

Reil, Mark

Reilly, Robert

Reilly, William

Reinecke, Fred W. A.

Reinhardt, Christine

Reinhardt, Edward

Reinhardt, Sylvester August

Reinmann, George F.

Reller, Hattie A.

Remlinger, Mary

Renninger, Georgie

Reser, Louise

Rex, Mary Jane

Reynolds, (Mrs. N. A.)

Reynolds, Frank

Reynolds, John Jr.

Reynolds, Joseph

Richardson, (Mrs. A. P.)

Richardson, James

Richter, (Prof.) John

Richter, Charles

Rickhoff, Annie

Ridgway, Horace B.

Riecke, August

Rieckenberg, Eleanora

Rielly, Francis

Rielly, James

Rielly, Patrick

Rielly, W. J.

Rienhardt, Peter

Rigby, John J.

Right, Eliza

Rigney, Patrick

Riley, Nellie

Rime, Josie

Riner, John

Riordan, Maggie V.

Riordan, Mamie

Riordon, John

Riter, William C.

Rivera, Danielito M.

Roach, Charles

Roach, Maurice W.

Roan, Bernard

Roan, Daniel

Robbe, Andres

Roberts, Mary P.

Robertson, Maggie

Robinson, Anna Genevieve

Robinson, Annie

Robinson, Ella M.

Robinson, James

Robinson, John H.

Robinson, Paul

Robison, (Mrs. C. M.)

Robitaille, Mary

Roche, Emmet Alexander

Rochloge, William

Roddy, Rosa M.

Rodefeld, Wilhelmine

Rodenberg, Christial

Rodgers, Francis

Rodgers, Henry

Rodgers, John

Roe, Chic Grammer

Roedler, Ernestine

Roehrich, August

Rogers, ___ A.

Rohlfing, Arthur

Ronce, Sarah S.

Rood, H. F.

Rooney, Sarah

Rooney, Willie

Roper, Gertrude

Roscher, Fred W.

Rose, W. D.

Rosemann, Edward H.

Rosenthal, Irene

Rosenthal, Stegesmond

Ross, Emma

Rothermel, William

Rouff, George

Rouff, Henry

Rubenstein, Solomon

Rubing, Henry

Rucklien, Henry

Ruddy, James

Rueve, Mamie

Ruff, Phillip

Ruland, Jackson W.

Rullmann, Eleanora

Runde, William

Ruschenberg, Caroline

Russell, Annie

Russell, Clara

Russell, John

Russell, Robert

Rutherford, L. M.

Ryan, (STLFD) Philip

Ryan, Anastasia

Ryan, Annie E.

Ryan, Catherine

Ryan, Johana Margaret

Ryan, John

Ryan, Josie

Ryan, Kate

Ryan, Mary

Ryan, Thomas