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Surnames beginning with D

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Dado, Joseph

Dagwell, Joseph H.

Dale, Frank Allen

Daley, Michael

Dalton, Mary

Daly, Daniel

Daly, Maggie

Daly, Mamie

Daly, Sarah

Daly, Thomas Joseph

Danaher, Bridget

Danford, John C.

Darby, Harry

Daugherty, Christopher

Dauphin, Anna

Davenport, Helen

Davidson, Anna B.

Davies, David J.

Davis, Jessie M.

Davis, Margaret

Davis, May

Davison, James

Dawson, Joseph L. A.

Day, William Crawford

De France, Charles A.

De Koch, Anna

De Vol, E. J. Crandall

Deakin, H. E.

Dean, George

Deane, Bettie Early

Dear, Henry

Debouny, Lawrence

Deegan, Mary A.

Deenagan, Anthony

Deering, James

Deering, Rosa

Degdea, Victoria Celoti

Degen, George J.

Deiss, Eddie

Deiters, Elizabeth

Dekker, Lizzie W.

Delaney, Hanora

Delaney, Harry

Delaney, James

Delehaney, (Sister) Catherine

Dempsey, Jane

Denman, Theresa

Denner, Rudolph

Dennet, Rosa F. M.

Denton, Maria

Derby, Mary Townsend

Derrig, Mary

Dervin, Marie A.

Detchmendy, Jules A.

Detweller, Jacob

Deunhardt, Frank F.

Devine, Daniel

Devine, David

Devlin, (Sister) Rose Alba

Devlin, Mathew

Devoy, Edward

Diehl, Anne

Dieker, Mary E.

Diensbier, Alma

Dietz, Theresia

Dillon, Catherine

Dillon, Mary

Dimmock, Sarah Lewis

Dinan, Katie

Dinkelkamp, Annie Maria

Dixon, Bernard

Doan, Edward

Dobbs, Mary

Dobson, Maria

Dodson, Thomas

Doering, Albert

Doering, Marie

Doerske, Laura

Dolan, Josephine

Dold, Charles

Doll, Mary A.

Donahoe, Timothy

Donahue, Carnelius

Donnelly, Margaret

Donnelly, Mary

Donovan, Catherine

Donovan, Jeffery

Dooley, Ann

Dooly, Kate Madeline

Doran, Thomas C.

Dorrell, Ida M.

Dorsey, Mary

Dorsey, Matt

Dorsey, Nettie C.

Doser, Eliza

Dougherty, Christopher

Dougherty, Johanna

Dovey, Calvin R.

Dowd, (see Mrs. Alonzo Salmon)

Dowling, Fenton

Dowling, Richard

Downey, Margaret


Doyle, Maggie B.

Doyle, Patrick

Doyle, Robert F.

Doyle, William

Dozier, Addie M.

Drabelle, Mildred F.

Draon, Charles

Draper, Margaret Laura

Dregens, Marissus

Dreste, Carl Nicolaus

Drew, Mary Jane

Dreyer, Elizabeth M.

Dreyer, Kath

Drier, Emma

Drill, Josie

Driscoll, Daniel

Driscoll, John

Dristel, John

Drohew, Thomas S.

Dudley, Eva

Duety, Mary E.

Duff, John

Duffner, Amelia

Dugan, Mary

Dumaine, A. A.

Dummann, Harry

Duncan, Mary Nugent

Dundon, Patrick

Dunn, (Sister) Mary Catharine

Dunn, Allen

Dunn, Dorothy

Dunn, Johanna

Dunn, John A.

Dunn, John W.

Dunn, Katherine Louise

Dunn, Thomas

Dunne, Thomas H.

Durner, Andrew

Dwyers, Thomas L.

Dyer, Eda Octavia