Surnames beginning with C

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Cady, George M.

Cady, Michael

Caffery, Alice

Cahalin, Catherine

Cahill, Katie

Cahill, Norma

Cain, Charles M.

Cain, Mabel

Cain, Mary

Calahan, Mary

Callaghan, John C.

Callahan, (Off.) William T.

Callahan, Francis Jacob Earl

Callahan, John

Callahan, Nellie

Callahan, Patrick

Cameron, (child of Angus & Kate)

Camp, Mellie Haydock

Campbell, Alexander

Campbell, James

Campbell, Richard B.

Campen, Hattie A.

Campion, Margaret

Cannon, Lawrence J.

Cantwell, Henry D.

Canty, James

Capen, George D.

Caples, Catherine

Capstrick, Samuel

Caragher, James

Carbrey, John

Carby, Maggie

Carey, Dennis

Carey, Mary

Carey, Thomas

Carl, Katherine

Carr, Virginia Adele

Carroll, Bryant

Carroll, Hanora

Carroll, John

Carroll, Mary

Carroll, Mary E.

Carroll, Michael

Carroll, Minnie Margaret

Carroll, Richard H.

Cartaechter, Joseph

Carter, (Capt.) James S.

Carter, Allen

Carter, Amelia

Carter, Eliza

Carter, Fannie Scott

Carter, James H.

Carton, Maggie

Casey, James T.

Casey, Johanna

Casey, Katie

Casey, Mary

Casey, Susie

Casey, W. H.

Cass, Richard J.

Cass, Robert J.

Cassidy, Alicia Jane

Cassidy, Ellen

Cassing, August

Castrignano, Gerardo

Catton, Sallie A.

Cauley, Thomas B.

Cavanaugh, Katie E.

Cavanaugh, Mary

Cella, Dominic

Celoti, Victoria

Chambers, Emily

Champagne, Julia

Champlin, Warren

Charles, Benjamin

Charleville, Virginia

Chauvin, Marie A.

Cherney, William

Chouteau, Ida Taylor

Christen, Anna

Christopher, Nancy M.

Chuvars, Agnes

Cirry, (Off., STLPD) Frank T.

Clague, Etta

Clarey, Josie

Clark, Alice

Clark, Annie M.

Clark, Fanny C. P.

Clark, John

Clark, Mellie

Clark, Philip

Clarke, Powhatan H.

Claus, Edgar

Claus, Fanny

Clawson, Minerva Vaughn

Clayborne, Laura

Clayton, Harold Waldo

Cleary, Mamie

Clements, Augustus J.

Cleveland, Lucy H.

Clifford, Hanora

Clinton, J. H.

Coale, Samuel A. Jr.

Coan, Annie

Coan, Willie

Cochran, Thomas

Cocker, James

Cody, Michael

Coffey, Mary Jane

Coffey, Matthew Vincent

Coghlin, Kate

Cogswell, James H.

Cold, Hannibal C.

Cole, A. C.

Coleman, David

Coleman, Emma

Collier, Harry L.

Collins, (see Mrs J. E. Morgan)

Collins, (Sister) Laura

Collins, Bridget

Collins, Charles Crosby

Collins, Charles M.

Collins, Esther

Collins, J. I.

Collins, Mary

Collins, Patrick George

Collins, Sara Ferguson

Comte, Louis Sr.

Condell, William

Condren, Margaret

Connallin, Malachi

Connally, Mary

Connelly, Mary

Connely, Patrick

Conners, Bernard W.

Connor, Mary

Connors, Agnes

Connors, James

Connors, Julia

Connors, Margarette

Conrad, Casper

Cook, Bertha

Cook, Mary A.

Cool, Fred

Cooper, Julia L.

Coovey, John

Copp, Sarah Anna

Corbett, Daniel

Corbett, Isabella M.

Corbitt, James M.

Corcoran, Frank J.

Corley, Margaret

Cornell, Caroline

Cornet, Ida M.

Cornwall, Fannie

Cornwall, Frederick

Corrigan, Bridget

Coste, Louise A.

Costello, Charles

Costello, Maggie

Costigan, Mary

Costigan, P. J.

Costley, Ethel

Cottrill, Eliza C.

Couch, James J.

Coughlain, Pat

Coughlin, Johanna

Coughlin, John

Coughlin, William

Couper, Annie C.

Courtney, Margret

Cousions, Margaret

Cowen, John R.

Cowhey, Joseph Vicent

Coxhead, Ruth Alice

Craden, Mary

Cradock, Florence H.

Crauch, Samuel

Crawford, Edward

Crawford, William

Creely, Phidesta

Crehan, Mary

Criedecker, Louise

Crisley, John

Croak, John Harry

Croak, Michael

Croak, Nellie A.

Crone, (Mrs. Henry)

Croswhite, William P.

Crowley, Margaret G.

Crumbey, William

Crump, Mary

Cullen, Catherine

Cullen, Edward

Cullen, Matthew R.

Cullen, Patrick

Cummins, Elizabeth

Cuneo, Nicholas

Cunningham, John

Cunningham, Michael

Curl, Richard

Curley, __n

Curotto, John

Curran, (Dr.) William

Curran, Florance

Curran, John

Curran, Katie

Currey, Nellie

Curry, Frances B.

Cusack, Elizabeth