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Surnames beginning with T

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Taake, Ruth E.

Tabey, Lizzie

Tacher, Walter

Tacke, Charles H.

Talbot, Daniel

Talbot, Hannah

Tamblyn, Adele

Tamblyn, Lucille

Tancred, Mary

Tansley, Samuel

Tanzberger, Louis

Tauehart, David H.

Taylor, Armial

Taylor, Caroline

Taylor, Erwin

Taylor, Esther

Taylor, Henry

Taylor, Ida L.

Taylor, John

Taylor, Julia H.

Taylor, Louis

Taylor, Margaret

Taylor, Mary

Taylor, Mary

Taylor, Thomas Mark

Taylor, William

Tea___n, Minnie

Teapalman, Louise

Tech, Ella

Teckemeer, Phillippine E.

Tehnd__, Clara

Teilman, Christian

Teiner, Anna

Teitze, Rheinhard J.

Tennefeld, (Sister) Mary P_ncratia

Tennemann, Herman

Teppel, Peter

Tetard, Adrian

Teubilt, Katherine

Thacker, Caroline

Thames, Julius

Thanke, Christopher

Theby, Philip

Theoboldt, George M.

Theurer, John

Thias, Fredericka C. A.

Thickitt, Frances

Thiemann, Frany

Thiraw, Franviska

Thoma, Joseph

Thomas, Addie

Thomas, August

Thomas, Barbara

Thomas, Charles B.

Thomas, Dora

Thomas, H. W.

Thomas, Hattie M.

Thomas, Henry

Thomas, Leo F.

Thomas, Lillie

Thomas, Mary E.

Thomas, T. A.

Thomas, Tennie

Thomas, Walter

Thompson, Arthur

Thompson, Estelle

Thompson, Harry

Thompson, Henry A.

Thompson, Jabez Wolton

Thompson, Mollie

Thompson, William

Thompson, William M.

Thomson, Almon

Thornhill, Annie E.

Thornton, Ellen

Thornton, Patrick

Thyson, Norma

Tiemeyer, Margaret

Tiemeyer, Robert Eugene

Tiernan, Olive

Tierney, Catherine

Tierney, Mary

Tiernon, Alice

Tigue, Michael

Tillison, Mary A.

Timberlake, Elmer W.

Timberlake, Wheeler

Timlin, Edward

Timmerman, Elizabeth

Timmons, Mariah

Timpke, Catherine

Tindell, Albert

Tinker, Philippine

Tinney, Phoebe

Tischauser, Andrew

Tobias, Ed C.

Tobin, Mary

Todd, Charles C.

Tohy, William

Tolkacz, (Dr.) Marion

Tomkins, Bessie

Tonev, Annie L.

Toole, Robert R.

Toomey, John T.

Townsend, Eli

Towzberger, Louis

Tozer, Charles

Tozer, Richard

Tozier, Richamond

Tracy, Annie B.

Tracy, Catherine

Tracy, Denis

Tracy, Nancy L. J.

Trauers, John

Travis, Jeanie Adams

Traynor, Riffa

Trayser, Harry

Trigg, George

Troege, Gottlieb F.

Troell, Eleanor E.

Troth, Margaret E.

Troy, Martin

Truehear, Daniel Hardy

Truempy, Matilda

Truly, George

Tschutt, John C.

Tuholske, Max

Tuhro, Edward

Tullwebea, Charles

Turby, T. Jefferson

Turk, Annie

Turner, Emeline

Turner, Frank

Turner, Maud

Turney, Phoebe

Turple, Charles

Twist, Charles R.

Tyfe, Robert

Tyler, Cora E.

Tyler, Cyrus W.

Tyns, Minnie

Tyron, Antonie