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Surnames beginning with O

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O’Brien, Cecelia

O’Brien, Dennis

O’Brien, Fannie D.

O’Brien, Honora

O’Brien, James

O’Brien, John

O’Brien, Margaret

O’Brien, Margaret

O’Brien, Margaret Bridget

O’Brien, Marguerite

O’Brien, Maria

O’Brien, Mary A.

O’Brien, Myrtle

O’Brien, Nellie

O’Brien, Nicholas

O’Brien, Patrick

O’Brien, Thomas

O’Brien, Weller S.

O’Connell, Garrett J.

O’Connell, Margaret

O’Connell, Mary

O’Connell, Myles

O’Connor, Catherine

O’Connor, Mary

O’Connor, Pat

O’Connor, William

O’Connors, Kate

O’Donnell, Zelina

O’Fallon, Mary

O’Fallon, Mary

O’Halloran, (Mrs. James)

O’Hanlan, Catherine

O’Hanlon, Daniel W.

O’Hara, Ollie F.

O’Hare, Ellen

O’Hare, Helen G.

O’Keefe, Isaac

O’Keefe, John

O’Keefe, William

O’Leary, Dennis

O’Leary, Honora

O’Leary, Lizzie

O’Madigan, Daniel

O’Malley, Thomas

O’Neal, Elizabeth

O’Neil, Hugh J.

O’Neill, Ann

O’Neill, Clara

O’Neill, Edmund Joseph

O’Neill, John Joseph

O’Neill, Joseph

O’Neill, Margaret Rogan

O’Neill, Sallie

O’Reilly, Bernard

O’Reilly, Catherine

O’Reilly, Thomas

O’Rielly, Phillip

O’Rourke, Michael

O’Shaughnessy, Ellen

O’Sullivan, John B.

O’Toole, James

O’Toole, John

O’Toole, Mary

Oakley, Allen

Oates, Catherine

Obear, William F.

Obear, William F. Sr.

Ober, Mary S.

Oberhaus, Herman

Obermoeller, Louis W.

Obert, Anna Euphemia

Ochsner, Anna

Ochtenbeck, Oliver

Ockels, Carl

Oehler, Rosa M.

Oencock, Robert

Oesdeutzer, Methel

Oetter, Fred

Ogden, Clara

Ogelsbe, Minnie

Ogle, Deborah E.

Olcott, Charles

Olcott, Jennie B.

Oldman, Russell

Oliver, Caroline

Olsen, Bern Olive

Olshausen, Laura Rhoda

Openlander, Merritt J.

Operle, Julian

Oplining, James A.

Oppermann, John W.

Oschenberg, Henry

Osteryoung, Emanuel

Oswald, Clemens J.

Ott, Margaret

Otto, (Mrs. K.)

Otto, Julien L.

Outley, John J.

Overstreet, Annie

Ovetto, George W.

Owen, Karin

Owens, Mary Ann