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Surnames beginning with M

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Maas, Maria

Mab, Franziska

Mac Cartney, John R.

Mac Donald, James

Mac Kenzie, Mary Marshall

Maccartney, John R.

Mack, Emil

Mack, James Leo

Mackey, Bridget

Mackey, Catherine F.

Mackey, John

Mackey, Rose Agnes

Mackle, Elizabeth

Macklin, John

Macklin, Mary

Macnamara, Charlotte

Maddock, Alice

Madeley, Thomas

Madigan, (Sister) M. Dositheus

Maennel, Paul E.

Magee, Alexander

Mager, Estelle H.

Magher, Johnny

Magher, Mary

Magner, Mary

Maguire, Ella

Maguire, Emmett

Mahany, Nellie

Mahen, Daniel Sr.

Maher, (Mrs. Mark)

Maher, Agnes

Maher, James

Maher, Maria

Mahi, Jacob

Mahien, Florent

Mahle, Katherine

Mahler, Augusta

Mahoney, Benjamin

Mahoney, Cornelius D.

Mahoney, Daniel

Mahoney, Daniel J.

Mahoney, Joseph H.

Mahoney, Nellie

Mahonna, Mary M.

Maibar, John

Malley, Katie

Mallinckrodt, Emil

Malloy, Stephen A.

Malmene, Beatrice

Malone, Clara V.

Maloney, Frances M.

Maloney, James

Maloney, Joseph A.

Maloney, Pauline M.

Maloney, Robert J.

Maloney, Thomas

Maltjohn, Katherine

Mandine, (Very Rev. Sister) A.

Mangan, Edward S.

Manheimer, Irene

Manicke, Josephine

Mank, Mamie

Mannheimer, Louis

Manning, Bernard H.

Manning, Daniel A.

Manning, John

Manning, Michael

Mannion, Mary

Mansfield, Edmund

Mansfield, Mary

Marconnot, Victorine Louise

Marcus, Leon

Marechal, Louis

Margenan, Fred W.

Marguette, William H.

Marion, Martin

Marisco, Anthony

Marker_, Edward

Markmann, Herman H.

Marks, Amira

Marks, Mary

Marschuetz, Albert

Marshall, Agnes

Marshall, Mary

Marshe, Edward

Marshlewski, Julia

Martin, George W.

Martin, Harvey

Martin, Henry

Martin, James

Martin, John

Martin, Leonard A.

Martin, Maggie

Martin, Mamie

Martin, Margaret

Martin, Mary

Martin, Mary A.

Martin, Peter

Martin, Susan

Martin, Victor

Marving, Catherine

Maschek, Annie

Masny, Edward A.

Mason, John W.

Mason, Margaret G.

Mason, Samuel

Mason, William

Massat, Thomas

Mast, Malinda

Masterson, Catherine

Mathews, John

Mathews, Katie Ellen

Mathias, Joseph A.

Mathias, Magdalena

Mathues, Mary

Matlack, (Mrs. Albert)

Mattes, Catharine

Matthews, Anna

Matthews, George J.

Matthews, George W.

Matthews, John F.

Matthews, Margaret

Matthews, Patrick

Matthews, Peter

Mattlock, George

Mattmueller, C. F.

Mattrock, Eva

Maughs, (Mrs. Dr. G. M. B.)

Mauk, Mamie

Maun, David

Maurer, Auguste

Maurice, Henry M.

Maw, Franciska ‘Frances’

Max, Frederick W.

Max, Josephine

Maxwell, Ellen

Maxwell, Mary

May, Julia

May, Prior B.

May, William

May, Willie

Maydell, Rosa

Mayer, John

Mayes, Margaret

Mayher, Mary

Mc Adoo, Alex

Mc Aleor, Frances

Mc Allister, Daniel W.

Mc Andrews, James M.

Mc Auliffe, Florence J.

Mc Cabe, Mary

Mc Cabe, Thomas

Mc Caffery, Frank

Mc Caffery, Myrtle

Mc Callum, Marion

Mc Camant, Sarah L.

Mc canera, Frank

Mc Carthy, Bridget

Mc Carthy, Daniel

Mc Carthy, Dannie

Mc Carthy, Ellen

Mc Carthy, Florence

Mc Carthy, Margaret M.

Mc Carthy, Mary

Mc Carthy, Thomas

Mc Carty, William

Mc Cauley, Mary Ann

Mc Cauley, William Seibel

Mc Chesney, Jessie

Mc Clare, George

Mc Classon, Robert B.

Mc Clelland, Minnie

Mc Clurkie, Raymond R.

Mc Cormick, Eunice

Mc Cormick, John

Mc Coy, Katie

Mc Coy, Laura

Mc Crea, Harriet

Mc Cready, John C.

Mc Creamy, John F.

Mc Creery, Sarah

Mc Cuddy, William

Mc Cullen, James F.

Mc Cullen, Owen

Mc Cullough, Laura La Verne

Mc Cully, James Francis

Mc Cune, Joseph

Mc Daniels, Clara S.

Mc Daniels, Cora

Mc Derby, Bessie

Mc Dermot, John

Mc Dermott, Ann

Mc Dermott, Elizabeth

Mc Dermott, Helen

Mc Dermott, Mary

Mc Dermott, Nellie

Mc Dermott, Nora

Mc Donagh, James

Mc Donald Hugh

Mc Donald, Bernard

Mc Donald, Caroline

Mc Donald, Charles

Mc Donald, Jerry

Mc Donald, John

Mc Donald, Thomas

Mc Donald, William

Mc Donnell, John

Mc Donough, (Capt., ex-Chief of Police) James

Mc Donough, (Mrs. John) Bridget

Mc Donough, Joseph

Mc Donough, Richard

Mc Dowell, Sallie

Mc Elhanon, John

Mc Elroy, Anna

Mc Eurol, Katie

Mc Evily, Edward

Mc Evoy, Ida

Mc Ewen, Rachel

Mc Farland, Daniel

Mc Fern, Pearson C.

Mc Gann, Annie

Mc Ginnis, John

Mc Ginnis, Margaret

Mc Ginnis, Ruth

Mc Glasson, Robert Barnett

Mc Goff, Mary

Mc Gowan, Louisa

Mc Grade, Robert

Mc Gragan, Margaret

Mc Grath, Catherine

Mc Grath, Frank

Mc Grath, William

Mc Groarty, James B.

Mc Guigan, Patrick

Mc Guire, May Adela

Mc Guire, Pat P.

Mc Henry, William H.

Mc Hugh, Thomas

Mc Intyre, Catherine

Mc Intyre, John

Mc Kay, Elizabeth

Mc Kay, Mory E.

Mc Kee, Eliza

Mc Kenna, (Sister) Theresa

Mc Kenney, Alfred

Mc Kenzie, Mary

Mc Keon, Edward

Mc Kevitt, Margarette

Mc Kibbim, Thomas

Mc Kinley, Annie

Mc Kinney, Jennie A.

Mc Laughlin, (Rev.) James A.

Mc Laughlin, Bridget

Mc Laughlin, Mary

Mc Lean, Clinton Rowell

Mc Lean, Daisy

Mc Lean, Eleanor Irene

Mc Loughlin, Mamie

Mc Mahon, Hugh F.

Mc Mahon, Jane

Mc Mahon, John

Mc Mahon, Mabel

Mc Mahon, Mary

Mc Mahon, Patrick

Mc Mahon, Thomas

Mc Manus, Mary

Mc Manus, Sarah Jane

Mc Maw, William

Mc Merty, Sterling

Mc Millan, James H.

Mc Morrow, Lizzie

Mc Mullin, Isabella

Mc Nally, Sarah

Mc Namara, Annie

Mc Namara, Margaret

Mc Nerny, Annie

Mc Nevin, John

Mc Pherson, Mary A.

Mc Quade, Mary

Mc Rea, Elizabeth

Mc Shane, Pauline F.

Mc Sheehy, John

Mc Vey, James F.

Meager, Charles

Meany, Ellen

Meany, Nellie

Mechin, Valentine

Meck, Adolph

Meckfessel, Clara

Medanich, Clinton R.

Meehan, Thomas

Meehan, William

Meewoehner, Ida

Megan, Weilhelmina L.

Meglitsch, Christine

Mehen, Harry E.

Meier, Helena M.

Meierpeter, Elizabeth

Meinhardt, Augusta

Meinhold, Caroline

Meis, August A.

Meisel, Elizabeth

Meisner, Tillie

Mekim, William

Melleken, Frank

Mellon, Bessie

Meloy, Lillie

Melter, R.

Mengersen, Bertha A.

Menges, Mary G.

Menichen, Paola

Mense, Charles W.

Mensendick, Conrad K.

Mentz, Fred

Merafield, Maggie

Merchedde, John

Merkel, John

Merkel, Katherine B.

Merkel, Louisa

Merkel, Mary

Merkens, Jacob

Merritt, George S.

Merriweather, Warren

Mersman, Joseph J.

Mery, George

Mery, Phillip

Messmer, Josie

Metz, Lallie


Metzger, Frederick

Metzger, Louisa

Metzler, Charles

Meukeu, Jennie G.

Meyer, Albert H. Jr.

Meyer, Albert Herman

Meyer, Annie

Meyer, August

Meyer, Bernard

Meyer, Caroline

Meyer, Emelie

Meyer, Emma

Meyer, George

Meyer, Henrietta

Meyer, Henry

Meyer, Henry W.

Meyer, J. M.

Meyer, John

Meyer, John A. C.

Meyer, Kate

Meyer, Louisa

Meyer, Lydia

Meyer, William H.

Meyers, Alphonse

Meyers, Edith

Meyers, Henry

Meyers, Sophia

Meyrs, Ida

Michaulds, Charles F.

Michel, Elizabeth

Michels, H. H.

Micks, Anna

Midden, Mary

Middleton, Lettie

Middleton, Robert

Mieger, Louisa

Mige, Albert

Miles, Caroline

Miller, Annie

Miller, Charles F.

Miller, Edgar

Miller, Eva

Miller, Henry

Miller, Julia A.

Miller, Kate

Miller, Lena

Miller, Lottie M.

Miller, Louis C.

Miller, Louise

Miller, Maggie

Miller, Nellie

Miller, Rose

Mills, Mary

Milward, Elizabeth

Minke, Caspar

Minor, Francis

Minor, George G.

Minster, Elizabeth

Misch, Alma

Miser, Gershaur

Mishauer, Theresa

Mitchell, Alice

Mitchell, Ella E.

Mitchell, Francis

Mitchell, Margaret

Mitchell, Mary

Mitchell, Robert

Mitcheson, Laura

Mixer, Mary E.

Moarisey, Laurence

Moehl, George

Moeller, Dorothea

Moeller, Henry H.

Moeller, Maria

Moeller, Mary F.

Moffatt, Edgar R.

Mohlik, John

Moir, Barbara

Molehling, Sophie

Molier, Frank Jr.

Moll, Bertha

Moll, William A.

Mollbrinck, William T.

Mollencott, Ida

Moller, Frank Jr.

Moloney, David

Moloney, Robert

Mols, George B.

Monahan, Hugh

Monahan, Julia

Monahan, Matthew

Mongaly, Edward

Monks, William H.

Monti, Faustina Maria

Moock, Elizabeth

Moody, Lizzie

Moody, Matthew

Moon, John L.

Moonan, Cora Belle

Mooney, Diasie

Mooney, Irene

Mooney, Mary Ann

Mooney, Richard J.

Mooney, Thomas

Moore, Carl T.

Moore, George

Moore, Jesse

Moore, Laura

Moore, Luella

Moore, Mary

Moore, Philip

Moore, Richard B.

Moore, Thomas C.

Moore, William

Moore, William Henry

Moran, Hannah

Moran, James

Moran, Johanna

Moran, John

Moran, Patrick

Moran, Stephen

Morehead, Maggie B.

Morehouse, Travy

Morgan, Constance

Morgan, Evelyn L.

Morgan, George

Morgan, Nora

Morgan, Thomas

Moriarty, Michael

Moriarty, William ‘Willie’

Morley, Michael

Morris, Benjamin

Morris, David

Morris, John

Morris, Maria

Morris, Mary

Morris, Virginia A.

Morrison, John J.

Morrison, Mary Paden

Morrison, Thomas

Morrissey, (Rev.) Patrick

Morrissey, Katie

Morse, Alden E.

Morse, Kate

Mort, Edward

Morton, Julia

Moser, Margaret

Mostoxhe, Ambrose

Motlin, John

Motz, Hugh

Mousalek, Charles

Mow, Wang Ga

Moxley, Joseph

Muehl, John

Muehlhauser, Henrietta

Mueller, Albert

Mueller, Bernhard

Mueller, Carina

Mueller, Charles

Mueller, Dora

Mueller, Eddie J.

Mueller, Elizabeth

Mueller, Helen

Mueller, John

Mueller, John G.

Mueller, Maria

Mueller, Maria E.

Mueller, Selma E.

Mueller, Thomas

Mueller, William

Muellhousen, Fred

Mues, Irene Elizabeth

Muffler, Robert

Muggy, Frank

Muhs, Tillie

Mulcahey, John L.

Mulcahy, Cathern

Mulcahy, James J.

Muldoon, Elizabeth

Mulford, Blanche Austin

Mulhall, Mercier

Mullaly, Beckie

Mullany, Mary Florence

Mullen, Joe Anton

Mullen, John E.

Mullen, Mamie

Mullen, Mary

Mullen, Thomas

Mullen, William P.

Muller, Charles

Mullery, Peter

Mullery, Thomas

Mullin, Mary

Mulroy, James

Mulvaney, John

Mundt, Bernard

Mundwiller, Tillie Clotilda A.

Munn, Harvey

Murphy, Annie

Murphy, Bridget

Murphy, Bridget A.

Murphy, Catherine M.

Murphy, Ellen

Murphy, Henry G.

Murphy, James

Murphy, John

Murphy, John J.

Murphy, Katie

Murphy, Lizzie

Murphy, Maggie May

Murphy, Michael

Murphy, Michael J.

Murphy, Peter

Murphy, Robert J.

Murphy, Samuel

Murphy, Thomas M.

Murphy, Walter

Murray, James

Murray, Mary

Murrey, Thomas

Muschump, Florence

Mussey, Frank M.

Myer, Hattie

Myers, Robert O.

Myers, Sophia

Mykins, William

Myrick, Franklin D.