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Surnames beginning with J

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Jackson, Annie

Jackson, Hanly

Jackson, Jennie

Jackson, Julia

Jackson, Peary

Jackson, Rosa

Jackson, Susie

Jackson, William

Jacober, Jacob

Jacobs, Frederick A.

Jacobs, Joseph

Jacobs, Paul George

Jacobson, Bernard

Jacobson, Otto

Jacoby, Olga Magdalena

Jaenne, Carl J.

James, Emma

James, William

Jameson, Edwin L.

Jamieson, Anne

Janner, Parthena L.

Jansen, Clay

Jasmill, Mary E.

Jecmen, Martha A.

Jefferson, Rosie

Jelley, James H.

Jenkens, John

Jenkins, D. D.

Jenkinson, Alma

Jenks, Sarah

Jennings, Ellen

Jerome, Joseph Newton

Jewell, James A.

Joerding, Augustus

Johns, Charles P.

Johnson, Albert

Johnson, Annie

Johnson, Caroline

Johnson, Chapman

Johnson, Clara

Johnson, David B.

Johnson, Edward

Johnson, Eliza M.

Johnson, George F.

Johnson, Heinrich

Johnson, Henry

Johnson, Henry A.

Johnson, Henry T.

Johnson, Jacob J.

Johnson, James J.

Johnson, Joseph

Johnson, Lawrence

Johnson, Loring G.

Johnson, Louisia

Johnson, Marcus

Johnson, Mary

Johnson, Nellie

Johnson, Nora Jane

Johnson, Silas

Johnson, Wallace B.

Johnston, James J.

Johnston, R. P.

Joiner, David

Jolivet, Odile

Jones, Adeal

Jones, Annie

Jones, Benjamin F.

Jones, Fannie

Jones, Frances Helen

Jones, Henry

Jones, Herbert

Jones, Ida T.

Jones, Isaac Eaton

Jones, John

Jones, Lillie May

Jones, Mary

Jones, Mary J.

Jones, Maud

Jones, Nellie P.

Jones, Robert

Jones, William

Jordan, Charles

Jordan, Marguerette

Jordan, Maxwell P.

Jost, Elizabeth

Jost, Gus

Jost, Katie

Jostarnd, May

Joyce, Michael

Judge, Catherine

Judge, Frederick W.

Judge, Maude E. Sheble

Jugn, Ida

Julian, Mary J. ‘Mollie’

Julian, William J.

Julian, William M.

Jung, William

Jungemann, George

Junker, Theodore

Jurgensen, Anna M.

Justi, Irone

Jutfield, Elizabeth