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Surnames beginning with C

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Cable, George W.

Caesar, Emma

Caeta, Francesca

Caffall, Cecelia E.

Caffee, James

Cafferata, Clarinda L.

Cafferatta, Louisa

Caffery, Ellen

Cahill, John

Cahill, Patrick

Cairns, Sadie C.

Caiter, Moses

Caldwell, Nancy

Calhoun, Mary

Callaghan, Jane

Callaghan, Marie Beatrice

Callahan, John

Callahan, Alice B.

Callahan, Catherine

Callahan, Margaret

Calligan, Catherine

Calligan, Frank Austin

Calvin, James

Campbell, James A.

Campbell, John D. M.

Canaher, Edward

Candee, Lewis

Candon, Bridget

Candy, John B.

Canniff, (Sister) John Baptist

Cannon, William M.

Canny, Bridget

Canty, Bridget

Capito, Dora

Capstick, Lucy

Caraline, William

Cardes, Caroline

Cardes, Fred

Cardes, Herman H.

Carey, James

Carey, James F.

Carisan, Mary

Carleton, Cornelius P.

Carlson, C. E.

Carlson, Frank K.

Carney, George

Carnois, Cora M.

Carns, Ellen

Carolan, Margaret

Caroline, William P.

Caroll, May

Carr, Delia

Carr, Philomena

Carr, Rachel

Carr, Sydney

Carrbayer, Mary

Carrier, Erma

Carrol, Emma

Carroll, (Capt.) Charles D.

Carroll, Annette

Carroll, Charles J.

Carroll, Denn

Carroll, Fidelia C.

Carroll, Hannah

Carroll, James

Carroll, Joseph George

Carroll, Margaret

Carroll, W. W.

Carson, Lizzie A.

Carter, Calvin

Carter, Effie

Carter, Guy

Carter, Otto

Carter, Samuel

Carter, William B.

Carville, (Mrs. John) Mary

Cary, John

Casaleggi, Victor

Casey, Andrew

Casey, James

Casey, James Patrick

Casey, John

Casey, Juliette

Casey, Margaret

Casey, Mary

Cash, William

Cass, James

Casselberry, Evans

Cassidy, Henry Robinson

Cattam, Richard P.

Caumann, Hennie

Cavallo, Dominick

Cavanaugh, Delia

Cavanaugh, John

Cavanaugh, Joseph Henry

Cavender, Thomas A.

Cempkeaull, Sadie

Cevasco, Charles

Ceveland, Joseph

Chait, Morris

Chapin, Cora Henry

Chaplin, Ethel Ume

Charletau, John W.

Charters, William M.

Chartras, Herbert

Cheetham, Heaward P.

Chenil, Daniel A.

Cherbonnier, Sadie C. Cairns

Chipley, Sidney A.

Chisholm, Louis

Chisman, (Mrs.) _____

Chisolm, Kissia C.

Chitting, Philip H.

Choate, Eva Pearl

Choats, Charles H.

Christian, Peter

Christina, Harry

Christinann, Hannah

Christmann, Amelie W.

Christmann, Hannah

Christmann, Kate

Christmann, Mabel C. B.

Christmas, Esther

Christopher, Harry C.

Churchill, Maggie

Ciehl, George

Clague, Henry

Claiborne, Mary

Claiburn, Bertha

Clanton, Katie G.

Clark, Clarence

Clark, George W.

Clark, John

Clark, Laura

Clark, Mary

Clark, Mary E.

Clarke, (Mrs. Norcross)

Clarke, Arthur

Clarke, Robert

Clarke, Sylvester

Clary, Dennis

Claude, Edward

Claude, Juliette

Claus, Anthony M.

Clear, James

Cleary, Annie

Cleary, Thomas

Clegg, Sarah

Clemens, Thomas

Clibonoff, Mabel

Clifford, Mary

Clifford, Matthew

Clifford, Nonie

Cline, Charles

Clinton, Stella

Cloas, Charlotte

Cloney, Ellen

Clooney, Annie Teresa

Clousten, Isabella

Clutter, Kate J.

Coan, George A.

Coan, Johnnie

Coates, Frank

Cobbe, William

Cochran, Patrick

Cocker, Catherine H.

Coel, W. E.

Coffey, Ann

Coffey, Ann

Coffey, Ellen

Cohen, Isaac

Colby, Frank F.

Colby, John P.

Cole, Pearl

Cole, Ralph G.

Cole, Thomas

Cole, W. E.

Cole, Walter

Coleman, Adolph

Coleman, Barry Jr.

Coleman, Elizabeth E.

Coleman, Maggie

Coleman, Virginia

Colemen, Jennie

Colligan, Catherine

Collins, Daniel

Collins, Hannah

Collins, James

Collins, Lizzie

Collins, Mary

Collins, Norah

Comer, Oney

Commins, Alice

Compton, Georgie

Comptrin, J. W.

Condley, James

Conly, Albert S.

Conn, Mary E.

Connell, Ella

Connell, James

Connelly, Kate

Connolly, Martin

Connor, Margaret Ethel

Connors, Michael

Conrad, (Capt.) George A.

Conrad, Adelaide

Conrades, Ida May

Conroy, John J.

Conroy, Mary

Conroy, Michael

Conroy, Steven

Convian, Joseph

Conway, Bridget

Conway, James

Conway, Kate

Conway, Mary

Cook, Alvera

Cook, John

Cook, Martin

Cook, Mary E.

Cook, Milly

Cook, Thomas J.

Cook, Walter G.

Cooney, Edmie

Cooney, John F.

Cooney, Vincent Paul

Cooper, Bridget

Cooper, Laura

Cooper, Lilly

Cooper, Thomas

Copley, Margaret A.

Corbett, John Joseph

Corcoran, Catherine

Corcoran, Catherine ‘Katie’

Corcoran, Kate

Corcoran, Kate A.

Corcoran, Peter

Cordes, William

Corley, Katie

Cornelius, Robert

Cornet, Maria Magdalena

Cornfeldt, Annie

Corrigan, Margaret

Cosgrove, Mathew

Costella, Frank

Costello, John

Costello, Laura

Costello, Margaret

Costello, Thomas

Cotter, Charles C.

Coughlin, Charlotte Bell

Coughlin, James

Couley, Frederick S.

Coupot, Elizabeth

Couzens, Adaline W.

Cox, Lizzie H.

Cox, Phoebe

Cox, Samuel J.

Coyle, Mary

Crab, Lawrence J.

Craden, Mary B.

Cradick, Michael W.

Cradick, Patrick

Craig, Edna

Craig, Zerlina

Cramby, Josephine E.

Crandall, Graham W.

Crangle, John

Cravis, Amelia

Cregan, Ann

Crenshow, John A.

Crews, James W.

Crigler, Octavia

Crittenton, John

Croak, Ellen

Cronan, Patrick

Cronley, James

Crook, Margaret

Cross, Ethel

Crotty, William P.

Crow, Delia

Crowel, W. P.

Crowley, Edward

Crowley, Margaret

Cuddy, William M.

Cueny, Clara

Cull, Isabella

Cull, Margaret

Cullen, Eugene

Cummings, Charles

Cummings, Delia

Cummings, John

Cummiskey, James

Cummiskey, Mary Leona

Cumstietz, Lena

Cuney, Clara

Cunningham, Julia

Cunningham, Mary

Curl, Joseph P.

Curley, Catherine

Curley, Kate

Curley, Katie

Curley, Patrick

Curran, Elizabeth

Curran, Hugh

Curran, Michael

Curran, Nellie

Curren, Stella

Curtin, Cornelius W.

Curtis, Louis F. A.

Curtis, Octave

Cushing, Mary

Cyerny, Mary