Surnames beginning with C

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Cabanne, Samuel

Cabbell, Mamie

Cademartori, Angelina Catarina

Cady, (Judge) Charles F.

Caffrey, William F.

Cahill, Adale

Cahill, Michael

Cailly, Patrick

Cain, Fanny

Calharne, Lester

Callaghan, (Mother) Alphonsa

Callaghan, Daniel

Callahan, Andrew

Callahan, Julia

Callahan, Kaye

Callahan, Maggie

Callayan, John

Calont, Florence

Camp, Moses J.

Campbel, Mathew

Campbell, Annie

Campbell, John

Campbell, Margaret

Campbell, Mary

Campbell, William F.

Canepa, Mary

Canlan, Anna

Canley, John

Cantagaro, Tony

Canterbury, Hattie Q.

Canuer, Harvey

Caraway, Lilly

Carey, James

Carey, Joseph H.

Carey, William

Carfield, Edith

Carl, Augusta Anna

Carl, Edward

Carl, Maggie

Carney, John

Carnish, Phillip M.

Carns, Iscola

Carp, Jaty

Carr, (Judge) James

Carr, Carrie

Carr, John

Carr, Michael

Carrick, Bertha Viola

Carroll, (Capt.) John W.

Carroll, A. J.

Carroll, Ann

Carroll, Catherine

Carroll, James

Carroll, James P.

Carroll, John

Carroll, Margaret

Carroll, Olivia

Carroll, Patrick

Carry, William

Carson, Hellen

Carson, Ray

Carter, Bettie

Carter, John

Carter, Lulu

Carter, Nancy

Carter, Thomas

Carty, Mary

Cary, William A.

Casel, Julius F.

Casey, Daniel

Casey, James

Cash, James G.

Cassel, Ferdinand

Cassel, Julius F.

Cassell, Lelia

Cassiday, James

Cassidy, Joseph J.

Castagnino, Rosa

Castano, Florence

Castano, Juan B.

Catanzaro, Francis

Cates, August

Catto, Mary E.

Cauley, John

Cauly, May

Cavanaugh, John

Cavanaugh, Thomas

Cave, Mollie

Cayner, Harry

Cayse, Robert P.

Cella, John R.

Cella, Maria

Chamberlain, George Prendergast

Chambers, Jane

Chaney, Andrew

Chaney, Leonard

Chapin, Catharine French

Chapin, William A.

Chapman, M. L.

Chapman, Mace R.

Charles, Elizabeth

Charlesworth, J. W.

Cherney, Harry

Chester, Essie

Chestum, William

Chibnall, Anthony

Chipman, Isabella

Chipton, Sarah

Chivers, Nancy J.

Christie, Emily

Christopher, Aloysia S.

Church, Nora C.

Churchman, Louisa

Clancy, Margaret

Clanthan, Joseph M.

Clark, Andrew Edward

Clark, Ardella

Clark, Charles

Clark, Elijah

Clark, Eliza

Clark, George H.

Clark, Ida

Clark, James

Clark, Jane

Clark, John

Clark, John Joseph

Clark, Martin

Clark, Mary

Clark, Minnie

Clark, Simon

Clark, Thomas

Clark, W. E.

Clayton, Cassius S.

Cleary, Maggie

Cleary, Thomas M.

Clemens, Geyer

Clement, Fannie

Clement, Hugo

Clements, Anastatia

Clemsn, Fred

Cleveland, Julia C.

Clifford, Daniel

Clinfelter, Luverna

Clooney, James T.

Clooney, John

Close, F. M.

Close, Harriet A.

Clow, Electa

Cloyd, Hannah

Clubb, Samuel C.

Coakley, John J.

Coale, Ada Gertrude

Coale, Gertrude

Coates, (infant son of Eugene H & Cora G.)

Coates, Mary J.

Cochran, Floyd

Cochran, Harriett L.

Cochran, Henry S.

Cochran, Samuel C.

Coff, Julia

Coffee, James

Coffey, Henry

Coffey, Michael J.

Coffey, Robert L.

Cohen, (Mrs. R. P.)

Cohen, Abraham

Cohen, David

Cohen, Esther

Cohen, Hannah

Cohn, Arthur

Cohn, Fannie

Coit, (Mrs Henry R.)

Coker, Emma C.

Colbeck, Kate

Coleman, Sarah

Colgrave, Mary

Collas, George

Collet, (Sister) Agnes

Collett, Alice

Collier, Paul

Collier, Verona F.

Colligan, Thomas

Collins, Agnes

Collins, Bridget

Collins, Camilius

Collins, George E.

Collins, James H.

Collins, Kate

Collins, Kate

Collins, Patrick W.

Collins, Rosa E.

Collins, Simon

Collins, William

Colter, Rose Ann

Colterjohn, Sadie S.

Comar, Sarah

Comer, Bridget

Comfort, Ellen

Conant, Thatcher G.

Conboy, Maggie

Condon, Ellen M.

Conelly, David

Conly, Emilie

Connell, Michael

Connell, Thomas

Connelly, Bridget

Connelly, Catherine

Connelly, Jennie

Connelly, Patrick

Connelly, Thomas Francis

Connington, James

Connor, (Mrs. M. J.)

Connor, Annie E.

Connor, Julia A.

Connors, James

Conphy, John J.

Conrad, Adam

Conrad, Frank J. H.

Conway, Emma M.

Conway, Isabella

Conway, Michael

Cook, Irene

Cook, Mary

Cooke, (daughter of Thomas & Mary)

Cooney, Willie J.

Coons, (Rev.) G. W.

Coons, Alva L.

Cooper, Annie

Cooper, Edward

Cooper, Leyannes

Cooper, Thomas

Coppretiss, Johanna

Corbet, Annie

Cornell, Elizabeth

Cornet, Francis

Cornick, George T.

Cornis, John

Cornwall, Francis D.

Corrick, Pearline Viola

Cortambert, Louise

Corwin, Eliza E.

Cosgrove, Johannah

Costley, Irene

Costo, Mary A.

Coughlin, Hannorah

Coughlin, Patrick

Coulan, Annie A.

Coultas, Robert

Courson, Lillian M.


Covington, Albert

Cowen, Alexander H.

Cox, Ella

Craig, Jasper

Cramer, Adam

Cramer, Joseph

Crancer, Roy Francis

Crandall, Ruth

Crane, Catherine

Cravses, Mary K.

Crawford, Edward

Crawford, Henry

Crawford, Mary

Crayteau, Irvin

Crecelius, Louisa

Creedon, Cornelius

Creighton, Matthew

Creskill, Russell

Crews, (Col.) T.W.

Crezewski, John

Cristiansen, Carl P. C.

Crommie, Magdalana

Crone, Ida Houser

Crook, Edwin H.

Cross, Charles G.

Crowder, David W.

Crowley, Ella

Crowley, James

Crowley, Timothy

Cruttenden, Roswell Woodward

Cull, Harry B.

Culleton, James

Cullinane, James

Cummings, Elizabeth

Cummings, Mark

Cummings, Robbie Carmichael

Cummiskey, Ann

Curley, Bridget

Curley, G. W.

Curran, Isabella

Curran, Peter

Curran, William

Currie, Mary S.

Curry, Irene G.

Curry, John

Curtis, John

Cutler, Margaret