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Surnames beginning with A

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Abbott, Annie E.

Abbott, William H.

Abeles, Alice

Abelhardt, John

Abell, Fred A.

Abott, Mary

Abrams, Charles F.

Abrams, Mattie

Achs, Enda L. A.

Ackerman, Albert J.

Ackerman, George

Adams, Edward W.

Adams, Fred W.

Adams, J. K.

Adams, James

Adams, William

Adams, William A.

Adenn, Louisa

Adler, Millie

Adler, William

Ahrens, Helen M.

Albers, John

Albert, Alex

Albetz, Laura E.

Albietz, Julia

Albrecht, John

Albred, Adolph

Alburgas, Mary

Aleir, Louis

Alexander, Dabney

Alfred, Joseph

Alfred, Julia

Alfried, Andreas

Alland, Joseph

Allen, Annie Kyle

Allen, Charles

Allen, Harry

Allen, James

Allen, William E.

Alles, Margaret

Alt, Catherine E.

Alt, George

Alt, Irene

Althaus, Henry

Althen, Oliver E.

Altmeyer, Cecelia

Amacher, Christ Jacob

Amel, (infant)

Amelung, Albert D.

Amelung, Sophia

Amsbraugh, Edwin

Andel, Barbara

Anderson, Albert

Anderson, Charles

Anderson, Christine

Anderson, Robert M.

Anderson, Susie

Anderson, William

Anderson, William Henry

Andre, Rudolph

Andreas, (Mrs Frederich G.)

Andreas, Louisa

Andrews, James

Andrews, Mary

Andrews, Mary C.

Angermueller, Anna

Angermuller, Meta

Appel, August

Appelsmeyer, Louis

Arbugest, Thomas O.

Armath, John

Armstrong, James M.

Arnd, Alfred

Arnold, George R.

Arnold, John A.

Arnold, Thomas

Arnold, Thomas J.

Arnold, William

Artes, Annie

Arthur, Frederick

Arty, Annie K.

Asbrack, Louise

Asher, Edward

Ashman, Leo

Asmann, Sophia

Asper, J. B.

Aspinnall, Abia A.

Assenmacher, (Mrs. William) Mary

Assmann, Sophia

Athennan, ____

Atkins, Samuel

Atkinson, John A.

Aubuchon, Edgar

Aubuchon, Louis

Aubuchon, Olive

Audel, Frank

Aufderheide, Mary

Auler, (Dr.) Hugo V. Sr.

Aventrop, Emma