Surnames beginning with O

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O’Brien, Edward

O’Brien, M. J.

O’Brien, Mollie A.

O’Brien, Patrick

O’Brien, Patrick M.

O’Brien, William

O’Brien, William Arthur

O’Callaghan, James Bernard

O’Connell, Ann

O’Connell, Lily

O’Connell, Mary

O’Connell, Thomas

O’Connor, Isabella

O’Connor, Jane

O’Connor, Jennie J.

O’Connor, John J.

O’Connor, Johnnie

O’Connor, Patrick

O’Day, James

O’Donnell, Willie

O’Fallon, Amanda

O’Fallon, Frank M.

O’Fallon, Patrick

O’Hara, Albert W.

O’Hara, Edward B.

O’Hearn, James

O’Heron, John

O’Kane, (Off.) Patrick

O’Keefe, William Lewis

O’Leary, Bennie

O’Leary, Mary

O’Leary, Thomas

O’Loughlin, James

O’Malley, Adeline

O’Malley, H. Annie

O’Malley, Nellie

O’Meara, James

O’Neil, John

O’Neil, Mary

O’Neil, Millie

O’Neill, Patrick

O’Niel, Eugene

O’Reilly, Annie

O’Rourke, Daniel

O’Rourke, Mary

O’Rourke, William

O’Toule, Mary

Obermeir, Bernard August

Obermeyer, Evelyn

Obert, Margaretha

Oberwider, John

Oeder, Frank A.

Oeder, Joseph Frank

Oehler, Susan

Olsen, Anton

Olthaus, William

Onimus, Katie Lizzie

Oppermann, William

Osborn, George W.

Osborne, Gladies

Osburg, Johanna

Ossendorf, Joseph

Ostermann, Catherine

Ostreich, Frederich Wilhelm

Otherbeck, Elizabeth

Ottenad, Louis

Ottenad, Louisa E.

Otto, Julia

Otto, Wigand Carl

Outley, (Dr.) Fred T.

Overdier, Emily

Overstreet, Robert F.

Overton, James

Overton, Martha

Owen, Francis M.

Owen, Obadiah J.

Owens, Helen P. D.

Owens, Mabel

Owens, Marble

Owens, William

Owns, Richard