Surnames beginning with O

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O’Boyle, (Mrs. John) Bridget

O’Brien, (Dr.) John J.

O’Brien, Bridget

O’Brien, Charles

O’Brien, Corinne E.

O’Brien, Dora

O’Brien, Elizabeth

O’Brien, John

O’Brien, John Charles

O’Brien, Joseph

O’Brien, Joseph Robert

O’Brien, Kate

O’Brien, Martin

O’Brien, Martin C.

O’Brien, Thomas

O’Brien, William

O’Callaghan, Katie

O’Callahan, Rose A.

O’Connar, James

O’Connell, (Sister) Mary of Lourdes

O’Connell, James J.

O’Connell, John D.

O’Connell, Katie E.

O’Connell, Mamie ‘Mary’

O’Connell, Mary

O’Connell, Maurice

O’Connell, Veronica

O’Connell, William

O’Conner, Elizabeth

O’Connor, Catherine

O’Connor, James

O’Connor, Mary

O’Connor, Patrick

O’Donnell, (newborn)

O’Donnell, James P.

O’Donnell, John

O’Gallagher, Raymond Leon

O’Hara, Mary

O’Hare, Thomas

O’Hearne, Gertrude Estella

O’Hern, John

O’Keefe, George

O’Keefe, Katie

O’Keeff, Mary

O’Laughlin, Sarah Ann

O’Leary, Jeemiah

O’Leary, Leo

O’Leary, M.

O’Malley, Austin

O’Malley, Edward

O’Malley, Henry

O’Mara, Eddie

O’Mara, John

O’Neal, Jeremiah

O’Neil, Agnes Teresa

O’Neil, John

O’Neil, Kate

O’Neil, William P.

O’Neill, Agnes Teresa

O’Neill, Andrew

O’Neill, Mike

O’Neill, Theresa

O’Niel, Bridget

O’Niel, Rosie

O’Rourke, Anna

O’Rourke, Johnny

O’Toole, Festus

O’Toole, James

O’Toole, Margaret

O’Toole, Richard

Oakes, Tony

Obenard, Annie

Oberhaus, Emma

Oberle, Ferdinand

Oberle, James L.

Oberschelp, Edward W.

Obershelp, William

Obeshon, Alexander

Och, John

Odenwalder, Ellen

Odenwalder, Leonard

Oerth, Florence

Oestreich, Frummet

Offner, John Joseph

Olde, Elisa

Oldendorf, Welhelmina

Olf, Henry

Oligschlager, Sybilla

Oliver, Jessie E.

Ollmann, Katherine

Olson, Charlotte

Oppel, Herman

Oribe, Julian

Ornsmeyer, Frank

Orourk, Annie

Orton, Lottie

Osborn, Kate

Osgood, Henry

Osleman, Arnold

Oslen, Hulda

Ostaro, Tae

Osterholt, Henry

Ostermueller, Elizabeth

Ott, Elizabeth A.

Otte, George

Otte, William

Otto, Adam

Otto, Matilda

Overall, Eyra

Overstreet, Clarence

Overton, James S.

Overton, John

Owen, Edward W.

Owens, America

Owens, Catherine

Owens, Henry

Owens, Samuel

Owings, Mary