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Surnames beginning with J

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Jabrinska, Helena

Jack, Bridget

Jack, Eddie

Jack, Thomas


Jackson, Charles

Jackson, Eliza B.

Jackson, Frank

Jackson, Harry

Jackson, Hazel E.

Jackson, Jane

Jackson, John

Jackson, Louella

Jackson, Maggie

Jackson, Mamie

Jackson, Mary E.

Jackson, Mary Elizabeth

Jackson, Phoebe A.

Jackson, R. G.

Jackson, Thomas

Jackson, Walter

Jacobs, Anna

Jacobs, Minnie

Jacobson, Myrtle

Jacoby, Amalie

Jacoby, Moritz

Jadlot, Josephine

Jaeger, Emalia

Jaerger, Fritz

Jaern, Belle F.

Jakle, Alice

James, (infant son of Elijah & Nancy)

James, Ellen

James, Elsie

James, Laura C.

James, Laura T.

James, Marion Bell

James, Mary

James, Viola

James, William

James, William West

Jameson, Albert

Jamieson, Andrew

Jamison, Stella

Janer, Otto J.

Janes, James

Janes, Richard S.

Jansen, Henry

Janski, Minnie

Jarrett, Henry

Jarvis, Clarence P.

Jaurie, Jennie

Jausky, John

Jay, Philip S.

Jefferson, Francis

Jefferson, Josephine

Jefferson, Thomas

Jenkins, Addie

Jenkins, Maria S.

Jenkins, Susan

Jennemann, Mary

Jennings, Julia

Jeungst, Henry

Jewalds, Walter M.

Jewell, Theodate H.

Jobin, Cecelia

Joch, Margaret

Johann, Garland

John, Frederick

Johns, Johanna

Johnson, (newborn)

Johnson, A. M.

Johnson, Albert

Johnson, Alonzo

Johnson, Amanda

Johnson, Ashton P.

Johnson, Charley

Johnson, Elizabeth

Johnson, Frank

Johnson, Frederick

Johnson, George

Johnson, Grace

Johnson, James

Johnson, John

Johnson, Kate

Johnson, Mary

Johnson, May

Johnson, Minnie

Johnson, Nellie

Johnson, Pearl

Johnson, Richard

Johnson, William

Joller, Robert

Jonas, Anna

Jones, Arthur

Jones, Benjamin H.

Jones, Cilo

Jones, Cornelia

Jones, Eliza M.

Jones, Elizabeth M.

Jones, Ella

Jones, Frank

Jones, Harry

Jones, John

Jones, Levi

Jones, Lizzie

Jones, Loretto

Jones, Louisa

Jones, Maria

Jones, Nancy

Jones, Orena

Jones, Philip W.

Jones, Polly

Jones, Rosa

Jones, Selma

Jones, Stephen M.

Jones, William

Jordan, Edward

Jordan, Mary

Jordan, Walter

Jost, George C.

Jostes, Clara

Jostes, Clemens

Joungerman, Henry

Joyce, James

Joyce, Percy A.

Juch, Emil

Juct, Herman

Judge, William T.

Judy, William

Julian, Alexander

Jung, Lena

Junghaus, Christian

Junkins, Anna

Justice, Henry C.

Justin, Christian