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Surnames beginning with C

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Caavell, Naland

Cabe, Mary M.

Cady, (newborn)

Cady, Martin

Caff, Robert

Caffer, William

Caffrey, Catherine

Cahalan, Elizabeth

Cahen, Alexander

Cahill, Larvina

Cahill, Margaret

Cahn, Walter

Cahuanan, Catherine

Calame, Wilhemina

Call, Johann C.

Callahan, Elizabeth

Callahan, Katherine

Callahan, Mary

Callahan, Willie

Calligan, John

Calvin, Julia

Cameron, Dennis F.

Cameron, James E.

Camp, Louis N.

Campbell, A. J.

Campbell, Addie

Campbell, Arthur Hugh

Campbell, Charles

Campbell, Clarence

Campbell, David

Campbell, Harrison

Campbell, Jennie

Camson, Charles

Canda, Joseph

Caney, Collins

Cannon, Maggie

Cannon, Susan

Cape, Nicholas

Caplan, Benjamin

Caples, Jeremiah

Cappel, John

Cappella, Amelia

Cappia, Theresa

Caproni, Domenico

Carais, Donald

Carathus, John H.

Caraway, Charles

Carden, Emma

Carey, Catherine

Carey, Florence

Carey, Julia A.

Carey, Maurice

Carey, Thomas

Carleton, Mary Ellen

Carlin, Henry

Carlson, Edward

Carman, Sarah Elizabeth

Carmen, Jane

Carmody, John B.

Carmody, Jules

Carney, Edward

Carney, Michael

Carny, Joseph

Carpenter, Emily

Carpenter, Jesse

Carpenter, Maria

Carpenter, Sarah

Carr, Nelson

Carr, Sarah J.

Carr, William Chiles

Carrall, Mary D.

Carreras, Thomas F.

Carrigan, John

Carroll, Catherine

Carroll, Ellen

Carroll, James

Carroll, Johanna

Carroll, John

Carroll, Margaret Anne

Carroll, Mary

Carroll, Mary C.

Carroll, Mary F.

Carroll, Maurice

Carroll, Michael

Carroll, Sarah

Cars, Margaret

Carson, Anthony

Carten, Catherine

Carten, Katie

Carter, Alice

Carter, Benjamin

Carter, Dora

Carter, Edward Allen

Carter, L. P.

Carter, Sallie

Carter, Sarah

Carter, Susan

Carter, Walker R.

Carter, William

Carterville, Elizabeth

Cartwright, Edward

Cary, Blanch

Cary, Charles

Cary, Maurice

Case, Elizabeth

Case, Gilbert M.

Casey, Antoine

Casey, Bridget

Casey, Elizabeth

Casey, John

Casey, Katie

Casey, Mary Elizabeth

Casey, Michael J.

Casey, Thomas

Casey, William

Casey, William E.

Cash, Benjamin Franklin

Casler, (Mrs. M. D.)

Cason, Martha J.

Casper, Andreas

Cassen, Annie

Cassin, Catherine

Caster, Peter

Casy, Clarence

Caudan, Thomas

Caufman, Mamie

Cauley, Catherine

Cauley, Frank

Cauley, Michael

Cavanaugh, Ann

Cavanaugh, Francis James

Cavanaugh, Hannah A.

Cavanaugh, Thomas

Cavanenaugh, Elizabeth

Cayne, Rose

Cayse, Thomas M.

Cearry, Harry

Cella, Amelia

Cella, Jennie

Chaffer, Joseph

Chaix, Matilda

Chamberlain, H. P.

Champion, Carrie

Champion, Cornelius

Chandler, Samuel

Chaph, Robert A.

Chapman, George J.

Chapman, William

Chapman, William H.

Chappul, William

Chard, Belle

Charles, Robert M.

Charlonpsky, Annie

Chase, Emma

Chase, Harry

Chassell, Agnes

Chateay, Frederick

Chatman, Henrietta

Chelowsky, John

Chenaski, Ann

Chenot, Kate

Chenot, Katie

Chesterfield, Mary

Chewski, August

Child, Mary

Chopin, O.

Chouteau, Lizzie

Christ, Garia

Christian, Barbara

Christian, William

Christmann, George

Christmas, Jacob

Christopher, Anna

Christy, Ellen P.

Christy, Mary B.

Church, J.

Church, James

Church, John

Cimolish, William

Cintle, Mary

Ciphers, Lucinda

Cirode, Marie Louise

Cisenlauer, John

Claiborne, Nathaniel C.

Clain, Louise

Clancy, John

Clancy, Mary

Clare, John

Clark, Bessie

Clark, Edward

Clark, Garland H.

Clark, J. J.

Clark, John

Clark, Josephine

Clark, Lena

Clark, Melanda

Clark, Myrtle

Clark, Roscoe

Clark, Susan

Clark, W. J.

Clarke, Sarah

Clausen, Johannah

Cleary, Annie

Cleary, Patrick

Clemant, Antono

Clemens, William

Clerc, Louisa

Clerk, Sarah

Cleve, Louisa

Clifford, Thomas F.

Clim, Clara

Cline, Kate

Cline, Mary

Clinton, Blanche

Clinton, William

Clispy, Caspar F.

Clooney, Elizabeth

Clopton, Francis R.

Close, Henry

Clover, William

Clumnet, Fred

Clumut, Annie Philomel

Coan, John

Cobb, William Hamilton

Cochran, (infant son of Viola H.)

Cody, Bridget

Coffee, Frank

Coffey, Catherine

Coffey, Edward

Cogney, Ellen

Cogney, Jennie

Cohen, Margaret

Cohen, Pauline

Coker, Anna

Col, James

Colaseon, Marianna

Coldwell, Jane

Cole, James

Cole, Theodore

Coleman, Andrew

Coleman, Arthur

Coleman, Ben

Coleman, Birdie Ann

Coleman, Charles

Coleman, Dora

Coleman, Kate

Coleman, Mary

Coleman, Mary Ann

Colladay, Frances Keen

Collet, George A.

Collins, Bernard

Collins, James P.

Collins, Jeremiah

Collins, John

Collins, Katie

Collins, Michael

Collins, Michael J.

Collins, Sarah

Colman, Minnie

Colman, R. E.

Colman, Rudolph E.

Colony, Annie

Combs, Charles Franklin

Comer, Mary

Comes, Mary M.

Conaway, Clara

Condula, Frank

Cones, Frederick

Conkling, Joseph

Conlan, Andrew

Connell, Julia F.

Conner, Frank

Conners, May

Connery, Nellie G.

Connolly, Bernard

Connolly, Ellen

Connolly, Michael

Connor, Elizabeth

Connor, Gilbert E.

Connor, John Francis

Connor, Kate

Connor, Mary

Connor, Thomas

Connors, Ellen

Connors, Michael

Connors, Thomas D.

Connors, William

Conors, James

Conrad, Eva

Conrad, Magdalena

Conrad, Nettie

Conrades, Carl Edwin

Conroy, Ann

Conroy, Edwin

Constam, Henry

Constandin, Regina

Constant, Viola

Conway, Frederick

Conway, Harry D.

Conway, John

Conway, Michael

Cook, Henry

Cook, Minnie

Cook, R. S.

Cook, Susan

Cook, William

Cooke, Gavin P.

Cooney, Joseph

Cooper, Eugenie

Cooper, Henry

Corbet, Ormsby

Corbett, Maud S.

Corcoran, Thomas

Cordaro, Maria

Cordes, Amanda

Cornelius, Annie

Cornelius, Thomas J.

Cornwell, James

Corwin, William

Cory, John

Cosgrove, Sarah A.

Costello, Kate

Costello, Thomas

Cottrill, Frederick

Coty, Alice

Coudy, John G.

Coughlin, Charles

Coughlin, John

Coughlin, John J.

Coughlin, Mary

Coulter, W. F.

Courier, Mary Ellen

Court, Albert

Court, William

Courtney, Jeremiah

Courtney, John

Courtney, Nellie

Courtney, Patrick

Covert, Elizabeth

Covington, Annie

Cowan, Mary J.

Cox, Charles E.

Cox, Daniel J.

Cox, Elizabeth

Cox, Lucy

Cox, Nancy

Coyle, Catherine

Coyle, John

Coyne, Rosanna

Craflin, John

Craft, John Francis

Craig, Katie

Craig, Margaret

Crain, Sarah A.

Crane, Annie E.

Crane, Francis W.

Crane, Mary

Cranz, Edith S.

Crasbie, Sarah

Crawford, James

Crawford, Virgil

Creecy, Frank

Creighton, Adolphus

Crinkelmeyer, Henrietta

Crittenden, Chainey

Croak, Mary J.

Crocher, George H.

Crocket, Caroline

Croget, Ida F.

Cromley, James

Cronin, Eugene B.

Cronin, Nora ‘Honora’

Cronnin, Jeremiah

Crose, Alice

Cross, Arthur

Crossmeyer, Margaret Ann

Crotty, Bridget

Crotty, Lawrence

Crowley, C. M.

Crowley, Katie

Crowley, Sarah A.

Crowley, Sarah Ann

Cuddy, Patrick

Culberson, James

Culbertson, (newborn)

Cullen, John

Cullins, John G.

Cullough, Daniel M.

Cummings, Ann

Cummings, Mary

Cummings, William

Cumo, Ella

Cunningham, Charles

Cunningham, John

Cunningham, Mary

Cunningham, Nelly

Cunningham, Willie H.

Curd, J. W.

Curdy, John A. M.

Curel, Hannah

Curley, Mary

Curlin, Augustin

Curran, Jack

Curran, Michael

Curry, Louise

Curry, Samuel

Curtis, Rodil

Cushing, Julia

Custer, Mahala

Custis, Rose

Cuthbert, Lachlan Mc Intosh

Cutter, Columbus C.

Czensmik, Jacob