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Surnames beginning with A

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Abbott, Eugenie Cooper

Abrams, Jane C.

Achelpahl, F.

Acher, Clara

Achtechus, Lelia

Achterman, Clarence J.

Ackerman, W. C.

Ackerman, Wilhelmine

Ackermann, Welhimine

Ackner, Johanna

Adami, Philip Victor

Adams, Demas V.

Adams, Elizabeth

Adams, John

Adams, Washington F.

Addington, Ralph G.

Addington, Ruth D.

Addinsell, Fred

Adelberger, Jon

Adell, Harry

Adler, Conrad

Adreon, Julia S.

Affel, Christ

Aher, Cora G.

Ahern, John

Ahland, Albert

Ahlbrandt, Henry

Ahlers, Henry

Ahlert, Fred

Ahrenholz, Sophia

Ahrens, Christian

Ahrens, Helen T.

Ahrent, Bernard H.

Aiple, Otto

Akemann, Sophia

Akens, John

Albenesius, Josephine Francisca

Albercht, Julius

Albers, Henry

Albert, Annie

Albrecht, August

Albrecht, Frank

Albrecht, William

Alcorn, Sarah

Alex, Herember

Alexander, A. M.

Alexander, Addie

Alexander, Bertha

Alexander, Charles S.

Alexander, Jenevea H.

Alexe, Lena

Alfred, Louis

Allen, (newborn)

Allen, David

Allen, Edwin

Allen, George W.

Allen, Grace

Allen, James

Allen, Mabel J.

Allen, Maggie

Allen, Mary

Allen, Robert C.

Allen, Sabra

Allen, William

Allgeyer, Elizabeth

Allgeyer, Theresa

Alsenmacher, William

Alsford, Bessie

Alsobrook, L. M.

Alt, Irene

Altenbund, Lulu

Althage, Ernest

Alurguvest, Clarence

Alvarez, Bridget

Amann, Walter

Ambrecht, John

Ambs, Marcus

Ambs, Peter

Amend, George

Ammel, Henry

Amsler, Anna

Anderson, Adeline

Anderson, Alberta

Anderson, Alex

Anderson, Garrett

Anderson, Henry

Anderson, Ida

Anderson, Jackson

Anderson, James

Anderson, Jennie

Anderson, Laura

Anderson, Lillie

Anderson, Phoebe A.

Anderson, Ralph Hill

Anderson, Sarah

Anderson, William

Andras, John

Andrew, Winchester

Anfang, Lilly

Angermann, Henry

Angle, Alice

Anglim, James

Anis, Michael

Annally, John

Annas, Cecilia

Annis, Henry

Annis, Mary

Ansehl, Samuel H.

Anselmi, Angelo

Anson, John

Anway, William

App, Emil

Appel, Zacharias

Appelman, Rosa

Applegate, Christian

Applegate, Christine

Applegate, Minerva

Arand, Gustave

Archer, Edith

Archer, John

Archibald, James M.

Ardery, Nevada

Ardifl, Frank

Argast, Sebastian

Armstrong, John

Armstrong, Patrick

Arnais, Birdie

Arnold, Catherine

Arnold, Lucile

Arnold, Matilda

Arnold, Morris

Arnold, Simon J.

Ashton, Mattie

Assenmasher, William

Asterholt, Henry

Asterkamp, R. J.

Atkinson, Arthur

Atkinson, Christ

Attein, Teresa

Aubrecher, Maud

Auden, Mabel

Auger, Andrew

August, Edwin

Aund, William

Austen, Anton

Austin, Fredericka

Austin, William

Axthoff, Fritz