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Surnames beginning with O

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O’Brady, Thomas

O’Brien, (Child of James & Nellie)

O’Brien, (Rev.) Patrick

O’Brien, Bridget

O’Brien, Catharine

O’Brien, James

O’Brien, Mary

O’Brien, Michael J.

O’Brien, Muriey

O’Brien, Nellie

O’Brien, Peter

O’Brien, Thomas

O’Brien, William

O’Callahan, Jeremiah

O’Carroll, Francis

O’Connell, Edward

O’Connell, Hannah

O’Connell, Joseph

O’Connell, Kate

O’Connell, Margaret

O’Connell, Mary Frances

O’Connor, (Mrs. Patrick)

O’Connor, Arthur

O’Connor, E.

O’Connor, Hugh F.

O’Connor, John

O’Connor, Joseph

O’Connor, Margaret

O’Connor, Mary D.

O’Connor, William

O’Donnell, (Child of William & Annie)

O’Donnell, John

O’Donnell, Margaret

O’Donnell, Melissa E.

O’Donnell, Mollie

O’Donoghue, Ella

O’Faherty, Martin Gill

O’Fallon, Bridget

O’Grady, Edward

O’Hara, Michael

O’Keefe, Dennis

O’Keefe, Nicholas

O’Leary, Charles J.

O’Leary, Dan

O’Leary, Edward

O’Maher, Maggie

O’Malley, Arthur

O’Malley, C.

O’Malley, Mary

O’Malley, Patrick Jr.

O’Malley, Peter

O’Mara, Mary

O’Meara, Jeremiah

O’Meara, Patrick S.

O’Neal, James

O’Neal, John

O’Neil, John

O’Neil, Joseph

O’Neil, Mary

O’Neil, Stella

O’Neil, Timothy

O’Neill, Katie

O’Reilly, (Rev.) Michael

O’Reilly, John

O’Reilly, Thomas

O’Rourk, Mary

O’Rourke, Mary Ellen

O’Rourke, Sarah

O’Toole, Ann

O’Toole, Hanna

O’Toole, Lake

O’Toole, Patrick

Oakman, Ca__line

Oates, James

Oates, Theresa

Obaunas, Gertrude

Oberacker, Adolph

Oberichmann, Herman

Oberle, Catherine

Obermeyer, Maurice

Ochler, Amtilde

Ochs, Catherine

Ochsner, Heinrich

Oebicker, Josephine

Oechsner, Margarethe

Oedi, Herman

Oehler, Ellen

Oehler, Julius

Oehsner, Joseph

Oetzenburger, Maria Anna

Ofender, Stella

Offer, Margaretta

Offer, Sarah

Offermann, Elizabeth

Offermann, John Bernard

Offner, Godfried

Oheim, (infants of Mrs.)

Okel, Katherine

Olchewsky, Rosa

Older, Louisa K.

Oldiges, Wilhelm

Oligschlager, Sybilla

Oliver, James

Oliver, Martha

Olm, Hubert

Olshausen, Clara L.

Omera, Patrick S.

Openlander, Annie

Openlander, Mary Ann

Opperman, Louise

Oppermann, John

Orchard, Albert E.

Ordelheize, Charlotte

Orion, Samuel

Orlemann, Jacob

Orr, William C.

Osborne, Jane

Osburg, Minnie A.

Osker, Peter

Osswold, John

Ost, Louis W.

Ostendorf, Arthur

Osterman, John H.

Ostheide, Herman

Ostrander, Leona F.

Oswald, Florence

Oswald, Harry

Ottenbacher, Michael

Ottendorf, John

Ouleman, Sarah

Overall, Dixie

Overbeck, Cecelia L.

Overbeck, Maria

Overstreet, James W.

Overton, Lawrence

Overton, Mamie

Owen, Mary J.

Owens, Martha

Owens, Thomas

Owens, William