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Surnames beginning with N

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Naab, Elizabeth

Naag, Frederick

Nabors, Cora

Nabors, Robert W.

Nael, Christopher

Nagel, Alfred B.

Nagel, Catherine

Nagle, Frederick

Nailey, Catharine

Nalde, Clara

Nalle, David

Nalte, Emily

Nankmann, Henry

Naratny, C.

Narseus, Solomon

Nash, Charles H.

Nash, Lovsy

Nash, Lucy Adeline

Nau, Louis

Naumann, Adolph

Nauset, John

Neal, Lila

Nealin, Patrick

Neals, Egon

Neave, Clementine T.

Neberle, Charles

Neckerman, Thomas

Neckle, Ida

Needham, John

Neegle, Fred

Neevels, Henry

Neff, Christ

Negeler, John

Neil, Alexander

Neimitz, Annie

Neis, Jacob

Neison, Maggie Sederberg

Nelbuhr, Kathie

Nelison, Agnes

Nelly, William

Nelson, August

Nelson, Carrie

Nelson, Elizabeth N.

Nelson, Hielda K.

Nelson, Ike

Nemer, Josephine

Nemeyer, Chris

Neoel, Hannah

Neohan, James

Nerbauer, Charles

Nerselhauf, Rose

Nesby, George

Neschyetez, Lizzie

Nestel, Charlotte

Nestle, Frederick

Nettle, Eugene

Netz, Peter

Neu, William

Neubling, Henry

Neubling, Louis

Neuman, Walter Adam Philip

Neun, Susan J.

Neuner, Joseph

Neurnetz, John

Neusbaum, Marks

Neuslater, Charles

Neville, Juiley J.

Nevins, Michael

Newcomb, Alexander

Newcomb, Virginia

Newell, Oliver R.

Newhouse, Lizzie

Newland, (Child of George B. & M. J.)

Newleimb, Mary

Newman, (infant of Emma)

Newman, Jennie

Newman, Robert

Newquist, John

Newsham, Henry

Nicholas, Alexander

Nicholas, Barbara

Nicholas, Kreschel

Nicholas, Leo

Nichols, Julia A.

Nichols, Maria

Nichols, Pearly

Nichols, Wesley B.

Nichols, William

Nicholson, John T.

Nickerl, Barbara

Nickols, Anna

Nicolay, Ferdinand

Niehaus, Caroline

Niehaus, Herman J.

Niehaus, Katie

Nieman, Maria Caroline

Nieman, William

Niemann, Anna Maria

Niemann, John

Niemeyer, Catherine

Niemeyer, Henry

Niemeyer, Johanna Leoni

Niemyer, August F.

Nier, (infant of Charles)

Niermann, Edward

Niese, Mary

Nilan, Margaret

Nixon, James L.

Noble, Valentine

Nodsching, Elsa

Noe, Walter Peter

Nohrling, Alfred

Nolan, Bridget

Nolan, James

Nolan, Mary

Nolan, Mary C.

Nolan, Milton

Nolan, Moses

Nolan, Nellie

Nolan, Patrick J.

Nolker, Fredrich William

Nolle, Katharine

Nolte, Lydia

Nolte, William N.

Nolting, Alma G. J.

Nolton, (Mrs. E. R.)

Nolzen, George

Noonan, (infant of John)

Noonan, Arthur

Noonan, Daniel

Noonan, John

Noonan, Luretto

Noonan, William

Noonan, Winifred

Norfeldt, Elizabeth

Norman, Lula

Norris, Elizabeth

Norris, Maud M.

Norris, William

North, Nancy M.

Norton, Abbie

Norton, Ezila Rebecca

Norton, Jane

Norton, Pearl

Noun, Joseph

Nouss, Anna

Novak, August W.

Novy, Joseph Sr.

Nowatzky, Valiska

Nudelman, Becca

Nugent, Hannah

Nuland, Clara

Nulsen, Clarence H.

Numan, Gertrude

Nutter, (infant of Simon)

Nutz, Gertrude