Surnames beginning with M

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Maas, Annie

Maaz, Stephen

Mabel, Henry

Mabel, Mary

Mac Donald, Emma A.

Mac Ewan, James B.

Mac Hale, Bridget

Macdonald, Mary

Macdonell, Susan

Mace, Ruby

Machalke, Frank

Machin, Annie

Machl, William

Mack, Frederick

Mack, Maggie

Madden, John C.

Maddox, Frank

Madison, Charlotte

Madison, James

Madison, Mary

Madison, Millie

Madon, Josie

Madschrang, Eliza

Maechling, Frederich

Maehl, Julius

Maes, Leonhart

Magasi, Lorenzo

Mager, Sophia

Magner, Charles F.

Magner, Margaret

Maguire, Grace Angeline

Maguire, John

Maguire, Marguerite

Maguire, Paul D.

Mahaney, Mary

Maher, Dennis

Maher, John

Maher, Nicholas

Maher, Patrick

Mahler, Viola

Mahon, Edward

Mahon, John

Mahone, Catherine

Mahoney, Dan

Mahoney, Ellen

Mahoney, Florence

Mahoney, Harry

Mahoney, James

Mahoney, John

Mahoney, John J.

Mahoney, Mary

Mahoney, Matthew Edward

Mahony, Ellen

Maibes, Mary Theresa

Mainor, Kate

Maiser, Peter

Major, Mary

Malady, Patric

Malden, Jerry

Malecek, Francis

Malendy, Helena

Malisch, R.

Mallamy, William

Mallet, Elizabeth

Malliard, Eliza

Mallin, Michael R.

Mallio, James

Mallis, James

Mallosky, Jacob

Malloy, Anna

Malloy, John

Malloy, Mary

Malone, John H.

Malone, Julia A.

Maloney, (Off.) Michael J.

Maloney, Annie

Maloney, Bridget

Maloney, Francis M.

Maloney, Joseph

Maloney, Margaret

Maloney, Oney

Malony, William

Malowsky, Ferdinand

Malt, Christian

Mamee, Frank

Mandel, Otto

Manderly, Minnie

Maney, Bertha

Mangan, James F.

Mangan, John

Mange, Elias

Mangum, Joseph H.

Mangun, J. H.

Manion, Mary Ann

Mann, Heinrich

Manny, Mildred Lucille

Mantel, Edward Thomas

Marceline, Frank

March, Grace Estelle

Marchfmann, Frederick

Marcin, Mary

Marcus, Jacob

Marguity, Maggie

Marhaus, Rosa M.

Marievon, Frederick E.

Marius, Anna

Mark, Sidney J.

Markham, Harold Irving

Markius, George Edward

Marks, Alfred E.

Markupon, Botilde

Marlin, Charles E.

Marquardt, Otto

Marshall, (Mrs. James C.)

Marshall, Charles

Marshall, Isaac

Marshall, Josephine

Marshall, William C. Jr.

Marshall, William D.

Marte, Arthur

Marth, (infant of Mary)

Marth, Ida

Martin, (newborn)

Martin, Albert James

Martin, Annie

Martin, Barney

Martin, Bessie

Martin, Charlie

Martin, Florence

Martin, John

Martin, John Joseph

Martin, Joseph

Martin, Josephine

Martin, Lillie

Martin, Margaret John

Martin, Pete

Martin, Robert

Martin, Susan

Martin, Walter

Martin, Walter E.

Martin, William

Martin, Willis

Martini, George

Marum, Julia

Marx, Arthur

Marx, Frederick W.

Marx, Marguerita E.

Marxer, George

Maschmeyer, Arthur H.

Mascow, James P.

Masel, Kunigund

Maser, Mary

Mashaus, Thomas

Mason, Charles

Mason, Charles Boswell

Mason, James

Mason, Roda

Mason, Thomas

Mason, William C.

Mason?, Vina

Massa, Agnes

Massengale, (Maj.) Henry T.

Massort, Alexis

Masters, Robert William

Matfeldt, Leo

Mathens, Ralph T.

Mather, Adela

Mathews, John

Mathews, Mary R.

Mathews, Sallie

Mathews, Sussie

Mathildt, (twin sons of Mr & Mrs H.B.)

Matina, Emil

Mattenlee, Cephas M.

Mattern, Arthur W.

Mattfeldt, Catherine

Matthews, J. P.

Matthews, Robert

Mattlin, Rosine

Mattock, Amelia

Mauch, Wilhelmina

Mauer, Margaret

Mauerhof, Frederick

Maul, Robert

Maurer, Philip

Maurice, Victor

Max, Lizzie

Max, Louis

May, Jessie

May, Mary

Mayer, __ney

Mayer, Martha

Mayer, Simon

Mayer, Theresa

Maynihan, Timothy

Mazur, Michel

Mc Alevey, Thomas Frank

Mc Allister, Archie

Mc Alpine, Maud

Mc Auliff, Frances

Mc Auliffe, Mary

Mc Avoy, Philip J.

Mc Bauer, Louis

Mc Breen, Mary

Mc Bride, Catherine

Mc Cabe, Charles

Mc Cabe, Edward

Mc Cabe, Elizabeth

Mc Cabe, Nellie

Mc Caffrey, Kittie A.

Mc Cardall, Edward F.

Mc Cardle, Patrick

Mc Cardy, Joseph

Mc Carracj, John

Mc Carthy, Ed

Mc Carthy, Jerry

Mc Carthy, Julia

Mc Carthy, Katie

Mc Carthy, William

Mc Cartin, Mark A.

Mc Carty, Patrick

Mc Cauley, Thomas

Mc Causland, (Dr.) Robert K.

Mc Cawley, Sadie T.

Mc Cleen, Catharine

Mc Clellan, Dan

Mc Clellan, Sarah

Mc Clelland, Louisa Morris

Mc Clelland, Robert

Mc Clelland, Sallie B.

Mc Clering, (infant of Louis)

Mc Closkey, John

Mc Cluskey, Patrick

Mc Conkey, Margaret

Mc Connell, Lettia

Mc Cormack, (Mrs. E. R.)

Mc Cormick, James

Mc Cormick, Samuel

Mc Cosh, Annie

Mc Court, Bernard F.

Mc Coy, Essie

Mc Coy, George

Mc Crackin, Nicholas

Mc Cradey, Mary

Mc Creery, Dorcas

Mc Cugh, Mary

Mc Cullough, John F.

Mc Dannell, Jeanette

Mc Derby, Michael

Mc Dermot, Patrick Joseph

Mc Dermott, Blanche

Mc Dermott, Michael

Mc Donagh, Hannah

Mc Donald, Archibald

Mc Donald, Arthur

Mc Donald, Charlotte

Mc Donald, Edward

Mc Donald, Emma A.

Mc Donald, Jane

Mc Donald, Jennie

Mc Donald, Joseph

Mc Donald, Robert

Mc Donnell, James

Mc Donnell, Michael

Mc Donough, Charles

Mc Donough, Margaret

Mc Dowell, Sam J.

Mc Dowell, Sarah E.

Mc Duff, Annie

Mc Ennes, Charles

Mc Entee, Thomas F.

Mc Entre, Bernard

Mc Evoy, (infant of Ida)

Mc Fadden, James

Mc Fern, ____

Mc Gaffney, Stella M.

Mc Gann, Nellie

Mc Gary, Catherine

Mc Geachie, Annie

Mc Geary, Nora

Mc Gee, Amanda

Mc Gee, Michael

Mc Gee, Mollie

Mc Gee, Ofelin

Mc Gem, Edward

Mc Ginnis, John

Mc Ginnis, Stella

Mc Ginnis, William

Mc Ginty, Mollie

Mc Gough, Patrick

Mc Graham, Francis A.

Mc Grath, Philip

Mc Grath, William

Mc Gratz, Gertrude

Mc Gregor, James

Mc Guigan, Thomas H.

Mc Guire, Bernard

Mc Guire, Jerome

Mc Guire, Margaret

Mc Hale, Bridget

Mc Hose, Alfred A.

Mc Hugh, Annie

Mc Ilhaney, Mollie

Mc Ilvaine, Eleanor

Mc Inroe, James

Mc Isaacs, Catherine G.

Mc Itheny, William

Mc Kachne, Clara

Mc Kay, George M.

Mc Kean, John T.

Mc Kelly, Mary

Mc Kelvey, Andrew

Mc Kenna, Alice E.

Mc Kenna, Florence M.

Mc Kenna, Hugh J.

Mc Kenna, John

Mc Kenzie, Mary Frances

Mc Kenzie, William H.

Mc Keown, Elizabeth Mary

Mc Kern, Margaret

Mc Kernan, Winifred

Mc Kimm, Isaac

Mc Kinley, Percy

Mc Kinney, Mary

Mc Kinsey, Ollie

Mc Kissock, Thomas

Mc Knight, Hugh

Mc Koen, Catherine

Mc Lagan, Christina

Mc Laughlin, Alex

Mc Laughlin, Anna

Mc Laughlin, George C.

Mc Laughlin, John

Mc Laughlin, Mary

Mc Laughlin, Thomas

Mc Lean, Frank

Mc Lean, Robert Holmes

Mc Lean, Sarah L.

Mc Lean, William

Mc Mahon, Elizabeth

Mc Mahon, Johanna

Mc Mahon, John

Mc Mahon, Maggie Ida

Mc Manus, Hugh

Mc Metz, John

Mc Murray, Margaret

Mc Nabb, Edward

Mc Nally, Martin

Mc Namara, Bridget

Mc Namee, Katie J.

Mc Nearny, Thomas

Mc Neary, James

Mc Neil, Amanda

Mc Neil, Henrietta

Mc Neil, William

Mc Neile, Catharine

Mc Nevin, Robert E.

Mc Nichols, Willie

Mc Norton, Thomas J.

Mc Nulty, ____

Mc Nulty, John

Mc Pheeters, Benjamin W.

Mc Phillips, Michael

Mc Quade, Michael

Mc Quade, Richard

Mc Quillin, Mary Francis

Mc Quinlan, Katherine

Mc Spaden, (Hon.) Luke

Mc Sweeney, John

Mc Tigue, Annie

Mead, Elizabeth F.

Meagher, James

Meagher, Kate

Meally, Elizabeth

Meaney, John

Meatzel, Robert

Mecker, Hannah

Meda, Catherine

Medley, Elizabeth

Medley, Richard E.

Medly, Lucy M.

Medson, George Arthur

Meehan, Catherine

Meek, Kate N.

Meer, Gertrude

Megosi, Margaret C.

Mehl, Charles D.

Mehl, Dora Katy

Mehl, Frank

Mehl, John

Mehlig, Oscar O.

Mehligh, Clara C.

Meier, Adolphus

Meier, Conrad

Meier, Edward A.

Meier, Herman

Meier, Lizzie

Meier, Louisa

Meier, William

Meierdick, Elizabeth

Meinert, Johanna M.

Meinke, Henry Joseph

Meirlein, John A. L.

Meis, Anna Catherina

Meis, Diana

Meis, Edward

Meisel, William

Meisinger, Herman

Meister, Jacob

Melcher, Lendall L.

Melvin, Robert

Memes, Herbert

Memes, Maggi

Mencel, Charlotte

Mender, Joseph E.

Menke, Margaret

Menkin, Kate

Menkin, Mary Ann

Mensendick, Ferdinand

Menses, Christian

Merb, Louisa

Mercer, Tasie

Merckel, Anna

Mergwicher, Barbara

Merkel, (infant of Joseph)

Merkel, William

Merriam, Joseph

Merrick, Margaret

Merrill, Lillian T.

Merritt, Margaret G.

Merschman, Catherine

Mertel, Jacob B.

Mertens, Tillie

Mertes, Nicholas

Merzig, Grace F.

Meschede, Louis

Mesleauer, Thomas

Messerand, M. D.

Messmer, Bertie

Messmer, Henrietta

Mestermacher, Cecilia

Metcalf, Lucretia Sybil

Metcher, Lena

Metler, Mark

Metzger, Edward

Metzler, Laura

Meyer, Annie

Meyer, Arthur

Meyer, August

Meyer, Charles

Meyer, Charlos

Meyer, Dora

Meyer, Edgar H.

Meyer, Edna J.

Meyer, Elsa

Meyer, Emma

Meyer, Eugene

Meyer, Florence A. F.

Meyer, Florentina

Meyer, Fred

Meyer, Frederick

Meyer, George

Meyer, George F.

Meyer, Grace

Meyer, Henry

Meyer, Henry N.

Meyer, Hienrich

Meyer, Jacob

Meyer, John

Meyer, John H.

Meyer, Joseph

Meyer, Katherine

Meyer, Louis

Meyer, Maggie

Meyer, Marguerett Henne

Meyer, Marie Eliza

Meyer, Mathew

Meyer, Nettie

Meyer, Nora

Meyer, Peter

Meyer, Plaus

Meyer, Sarah

Meyer, Wilhelmina

Meyer, Wilhelmine

Meyer, William F.

Meyer, William Louis

Meyers, (infant of John)

Meyers, Dwight L.

Meyers, Grace Amelia

Meyers, Lina

Meyers, Madge

Meyers, Mattie

Meyers, Peter A.

Meyers, Susan M.

Meyers, Virginia

Michan, Mary

Michel, Frieda

Michel, Henry

Michel, John

Michel, Katie

Middleton, Rosa

Mielert, Effie Nagle

Mier, Annie H.

Mierloo, Anna V.

Mierloo, Elizabeth V.

Milastan, Joseph

Milburn, Emily

Milchile, Fred

Miles, Josephine E.

Milleg, Julia

Millen, William

Miller, (infant of John)

Miller, Ada

Miller, Adelaide

Miller, Andrew

Miller, Ann

Miller, Anna

Miller, Blanche

Miller, Calien

Miller, Caorlina

Miller, Fannie

Miller, Franz

Miller, Gustav

Miller, Herman

Miller, Jacob W. S.

Miller, Joseph

Miller, Julia

Miller, Lafler

Miller, Laura

Miller, Levenia

Miller, Lucia

Miller, Magdalena

Miller, Maggie

Miller, Margaret

Miller, Mary

Miller, Mary Josephine

Miller, Mary M.

Miller, Matilda

Miller, Maud

Miller, Ruse

Miller, Thomas

Miller, Tony

Miller, Viola

Miller, William

Millet, Kate

Milligan, (Mrs. M. L.)

Millman, Clara

Miltenberger, Frank R.

Miltenberger, Willie

Milward, Julia

Minase, Hyman

Minduer, Ida

Mink, Phil

Minot, Josephine

Minser, Josephine

Mische, Herman F.

Mischon, Mary

Misen, Rudolph

Mispagel, Ed C.

Mitchel, Albert

Mitchell, Frank

Mitchell, William C.

Mittleberg, Benjamin

Modicka, (Mrs. T.)

Modicke, Alois

Moehler, Henry W.

Moelen, John

Moeller, Mattie

Moellman, Mary

Moffett, Mary

Moffit, W. S.

Mohrmann, William

Moll, Henry P.

Mollering, Mary

Mollmann, Martin Henry

Molloy, James P.

Molloy, John

Molloy, Mary

Moloney, (Mrs.) B.

Moloney, John

Monahan, Mary

Monahan, Mary J.

Monghen, Michael

Monkman, Mary

Monks, James A.

Monroe, Lulu

Monroe, Willie

Monsette, Laura

Montague, Claud

Montenberger, Philip

Montgomery, Andrew

Montgomery, Susan W.

Montgomery, W. A.

Montie, Henry

Moody, James D.

Moody, Maud

Mooney, Mary

Moore, (infant of Thomas)

Moore, Alice Maurice Brooks

Moore, Arthur

Moore, Birdie

Moore, Celia

Moore, Edward I.

Moore, Eliza

Moore, Elizabeth T.

Moore, Ellen

Moore, George

Moore, Helen

Moore, Isaac

Moore, Jennie

Moore, Lena

Moore, Lettie

Moore, Lotta

Moore, Mary

Moore, Sarah

Moore, Thomas

Moore, William

Mootz, Emily

Moran, Bessie

Moran, Edward

Moran, Frank

Moran, Mary

Morard, Ellen M.

Morarity, Elizabeth

Morazik, Frank

Moreland, William

Morgan, Clara

Morgan, Jesse E.

Morgan, Jessie

Morgan, Lottie Belle

Morgan, Mary Caroline

Morganthaler, Charles Edward

Moriarity, Louiso

Morris, Annie

Morris, Hattie

Morris, Janet R.

Morrisey, Michael

Morrison, George B.

Morrison, James

Morrison, James L. D.

Morrison, James M.

Morrison, John

Morrison, Mary

Morrissey, Edward

Morrissey, Katherine Genevieve

Morrow, John T.

Morse, Arthur L.

Morstrom, Carrie

Morten, Oliver

Morteus, Peter

Mortfeld, Louis

Morth_er, Henry

Mortimore, Bridget

Morton, John W.

Morton, Minnie

Morton, Patrick

Mos__r, Otto

Mosby, Rosanna

Mosconi, Louis

Moser, Mathias

Moss, Felix

Mostel, Fanny

Mott, Ephraham

Moughan, Charles

Mountain, Ann

Mounts, Ellener

Moxel, Anton

Moynihan, Timothy

Muck, Elizabeth

Mudy, Dennis

Muehlberg, Fred

Mueklmann, Isabella

Muella, Eddie

Muelle, Lydia

Muellen, Bridget

Mueller, Adolph Jacob

Mueller, Anna Mary

Mueller, Annie B.

Mueller, Anthony

Mueller, August

Mueller, Barbara

Mueller, Caroline

Mueller, Charles

Mueller, Christian

Mueller, Elsa M.

Mueller, Emma Elizabeth

Mueller, Emma S.

Mueller, Ernest

Mueller, Frederick

Mueller, George

Mueller, Henry

Mueller, John P.

Mueller, Lena

Mueller, Lucia

Mueller, Maria M.

Mueller, Peter

Mueller, William

Muench, Kate

Muenkermann, Hermann H.

Muenninghaus, Albert

Muhlenkamp, Joseph

Muhler, Richard

Muhlman, John

Mulderig, Philip

Muldoon, Alice

Mulhearn, Lizzie

Mulheron, Martin

Mullaly, Annie

Mullanphy, John

Mullany, Grace E.

Mullany, John

Mullany, M. J.

Mullen, Bridget

Mullen, Timothy

Mullens, Cornelius

Mullenschlader, Margaret

Muller, Franz

Muller, Frederick

Muller, George

Muller, Johanna

Muller, Sophy

Mullery, Mary

Mulligan, Adeline

Mulligan, Charles

Mulligan, John

Mulligan, Josephine

Mulligan, Michael

Mullin, John

Mullin, Mary Jane

Mullin, Thomas

Mullines, Cornelius

Mullman, Julia

Mulqueen, Alice

Mulshaney, Thomas

Mulvihill, Virginia A.

Mumford, William Thomas

Munde, Annie

Mundt, Emilie

Muneo, John

Munson, Libbie C.

Munter, Christina

Murasky, Leopold

Murenberg, Ellen

Murnan, Mary

Murphy, Antonio Otto

Murphy, Bridget

Murphy, Catherine

Murphy, Dan

Murphy, Dennis

Murphy, Edward

Murphy, John

Murphy, Kate

Murphy, Lizzie

Murphy, Margaret

Murphy, Margaret

Murphy, Mary Jane

Murphy, Mary May

Murphy, May

Murphy, Nellie

Murphy, Patrick

Murphy, Robert

Murphy, Rosanna

Murphy, Thomas

Murphy, William S.

Murray, Albert

Murray, Benjamin

Murray, Edward

Murray, Huphrey

Murray, James

Murray, John E.

Murray, Maggie

Murray, Martha

Murray, Patrick

Murray, Thomas

Murray, Thomas J.

Muser, Rose

Mussler, Louis

Muth, Clarence

Muth, Joseph

Muth, Louise

Mutphy, (Baby)

Mutrux, Robert Emile

Muzzliese, Lizzie

Myering, Frank

Myers, John

Myers, Madge

Myerscough, Margaret

Myles, John

Mynhoffer, Joseph