Surnames beginning with C

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Caarssen, Maggie M.

Cabanne, Susan P.

Cable, Alice

Cable, Walter

Caburges, Paul

Cacey, Ann

Cadigan, Catherine

Cady, James

Caeney, Lotta

Cafferata, (Mrs. Antonio)

Caffry, Frank Soto

Cagney, Theresa

Cahill, John

Cahill, Joseph

Cahill, Mary

Cahill, William

Cain, Kittie

Cain, Minnie W.

Cajacob, Henry S.

Calahan, Patrick

Cale, David M.

Callahan, Margaret

Callahan, Mary

Callan, Tabitha

Callous, H.

Calm, Martha

Calvert, Alma Myrtle

Calvert, Charles F.

Calvert, Jessie

Calvest, L. E.

Calvin, Dennis

Camien, Sophia

Campagnaro, Laurenzo

Campbell, Adaline

Campbell, Bernard James

Campbell, Elizabeth

Campbell, George

Campbell, Harry

Campbell, Joseph

Campbell, Laura

Campbell, Lizzie

Campbell, Mary

Campbell, Mary A.

Campbell, Mary R.

Campeter, Harry F.

Campion, Richard

Campman, Joe

Canan, Berdie

Canavan, Michael

Canby, John

Candley, Joseph

Cane, Alice M.

Cane, John

Caniday, Carrie M.

Cannon, Edward

Canny, (infant of Thomas)

Cantilon, Margaret

Capito, Mathilde ‘Tilly’

Caples, (infant of Kate)

Cappalo, Angela

Caran, Justin

Card, Ann

Card, Lydia

Cardiff, Kitty

Carellier, Mary

Carey, Anne

Carey, Elizabeth

Carey, Mary

Carico, Mary

Carl, Purley

Carlisle, Mary L.

Carmen, Johanna

Carmichael, Ophelia Shields

Carney, Helen

Carpenter, John B.

Carpenter, Thomas

Carr, Aaron

Carr, Dorcas Bent

Carr, Fannie W.

Carr, Samuel

Carroll, Barbara

Carroll, Catherine

Carroll, Frank

Carroll, Jeremiah

Carroll, Joseph

Carroll, Madge

Carroll, Magdalene

Carroll, Margaret

Carroll, Mathias

Carroll, Morris

Carroll, Roger

Carroll, Rose

Carroll, William M.

Carstius, Anton

Cart, Frank

Carten, Julia

Carter, E.

Carter, John Westly

Carter, Louis M.

Carter, Mary

Carter, Sallie P.

Carthy, Hanson

Carton, Julia

Carty, Anson

Carty, Rebeka

Carville, James

Case, John

Case, Mary Hopkinson

Case, Nettie

Casey, Bartholemew

Casey, Bernard

Casey, Berry E.

Casey, Don

Casey, James

Casey, John

Casey, Joseph

Casey, Mary

Casey, Thomas

Caspar, Rober

Caspari, Elizabeth

Caspari, Herbert

Casper, John

Cass, Edmund

Cassidy, Eva

Cassidy, Margaret

Cassidy, Mike

Cathreil, Percilla

Catton, Eliza

Cattrein, Hugh D.

Cauley, John

Causino, Eddie

Cauterm Eliza L.

Cavanagh, James

Cavanaugh, Charles

Cavanaugh, Dennis

Cavanaugh, Johanna

Cavanaugh, Michael J.

Caveen, Dan

Cayl, Edward

Cayon, Antoine

Cella, Lewis

Cembel, Wilhelm

Centa, (infant of Mariana)

Chaffin, Jacob

Chalfant, Adelaide Catherine

Chamberlain, Peter

Chamberline, (Child of George & Annie)

Chambers, Elizabeth

Champaian, Henry

Chancy, John

Chapell, Oscar

Chapman, Abbie

Chapman, Mary

Chappel, Amanda

Charbulak, Mary

Chard, David K.

Charleville, (infant of Josephine)

Charleville, Louisa

Charlott, Augusta

Charpraud, Edward J. Jr.

Chase, Ernst

Chatillon, Louise D.

Chatillon, Odile

Cheaten, Ella

Cheathem, Josephine A.

Chenie, Julie De Mun

Chepmell, Elizabeth Campbell Blackburn

Child, (Mrs. David P.

Chilton, Sadie I.

Chouteau, Bernice F.

Christ, John

Christen, Elise

Christen, Elizabeth H.

Christman, Amelia

Christopher, William

Churchill, William

Churchman, Sarah

Claas, Almira

Claiborn, Carrie

Clancy, John

Clark, _____

Clark, Augustin

Clark, Austin

Clark, Charles Anderson

Clark, Charley

Clark, Davis

Clark, Elizabeth

Clark, Francis Gerard

Clark, Frank

Clark, Genevieve C.

Clark, George

Clark, George W.

Clark, James

Clark, John

Clark, Josephine

Clark, Lucinda

Clark, Lulu

Clark, Margaret

Clark, Mary

Clark, Oscar

Clark, Owen

Clark, Phil

Clark, Thomas

Clark, William

Clarke, George W.

Claus, Regina

Clay, Clarles

Clay, George

Clay, Henry

Clear, Katherine

Cleary, Annie

Cleary, Hannah Theresa

Cleary, Mabel

Cleary, Nellie

Cleary, Thomas

Cleary, William F.

Clemens, Anna Maria

Clemens, August

Clemens, Catherine D.

Clemens, Regina

Clement, Anna D.

Clement, John

Clemm, Otto

Cleveland, __ncis

Cleveland, Grover

Clifford, Annie

Clifton, Alma

Cline, James Thomas

Clinton, Thomas

Close, Augusta

Clowes, (Mrs. William) Sarah

Clutes, George F.

Coate, Charley

Coates, David

Cochran, Jerry

Codding, Lillie B.

Cody, Thomas D.

Cody, Timothy J.

Coeper, (infant of George)

Coffey, Alice

Coffey, James

Coffey, W. N.

Coghlan, Mattie E.

Cohen, Dave J.

Cohen, David

Cohen, Michael

Cohn, Charles

Cohn, Frederika

Cohn, Harry

Cohn, Sarah

Coiter, Estella

Colclozies, (infant of Mary)

Coldstock, Eddie T.

Cole, Samuel

Coleman, Birdie

Coleman, Blanche

Coleman, Calvin R.

Coleman, Eliza O.

Coleman, Jennie

Coleman, John

Coleman, John R.

Coleman, Loyd

Coleman, Sarah

Coleman, William Christy

Coles, Mary

Colgan, Lawrence

Colgran, Elizabeth Francis

Colleri, Mamie

Collier, Hayward

Collins, Ada

Collins, Betty

Collins, Bridget

Collins, Hardin

Collins, Jerry

Collins, John

Collins, John B.

Collins, John L.

Collins, Jostine

Collins, Larry

Collins, Martha A.

Collins, Mary

Collins, Robert James

Collins, Thomas

Collins, Virginia

Collins, Walter

Collins, William

Colondern, (Infant of Christian)

Combs, Aaron Burr

Comeford, Charles

Comler, Henry

Commepa, Frank

Compton, Bernard

Compton, Solomon

Concannon, Bridget

Condit, Pheve

Conery, (Dr.) William B.

Coney, Gertrude F.

Coney, Mathew L.

Conley, Claude Watson

Conley, Stephen S.

Conley, Stevenson

Conlin, Peter

Connallin, Margaret

Connell, Patrick

Connell, Tim

Connelly, Dennis

Connelly, Joseph

Connelly, Martin

Conner, Thomas

Conners, Ellen

Conners, John

Connerty, James

Connolly, Dennis

Connolly, John

Connolly, May

Connor, Francis Joseph

Connor, Harriet Elizabeth

Connor, Joseph

Connors, Alice

Connors, Sophia

Conors, Margaret

Conrad, Bertha

Conrad, George

Conrad, Louis

Conrad, Paul

Conrad, Peter J.

Conrad, Philip

Conrade, Maria

Conroy, Lenard

Conroy, Leonard J.

Converse, Louis H.

Conway, Andrew

Conway, Anna F.

Conway, Charles F.

Conway, Heskiah

Conway, Jesse J.

Conway, Patrick

Conzelman, (Dr.) John

Coogan, Anna

Coogan, Elizabeth

Cook, Ellen Ann

Cook, Hazel

Cook, Henry

Cook, Ida

Cook, Jennie

Cook, Maggie

Cook, William

Cooke, Teresa

Cooke, Thomas

Coonan, Michael

Cooney, Matthew L.

Coons, (infant of George)

Coons, William

Coope, Helen Elizabeth

Cooper, (infant of Beddie)

Cooper, Charity

Cooper, Eddie

Cooper, Laura

Cooper, Nellie J.

Copaleski, August

Cope, Alfred J.

Cope, Lotta

Copher, Robert

Coppage, (infant of John)

Copper, (infant of Lucy)

Corbett, Edward

Corbett, Elizabeth

Corbett, John

Corbett, Margaret

Corbett, Michael

Corbitt, Thomas

Cordell, Mary

Cordes, John Henry

Core, Gussie L.

Corey, Isaac T.

Cormans, Mary M.

Cornelissen, Emma

Cornell, Harry

Cornwall, Cecelia

Coruthwaite, Isabel

Cosberry, Leon

Cosgrove, Elizabeth

Cosgrove, Julia

Cosgrove, Patrick

Cosley, Sadie A.

Costa, Kate

Coste, Felix

Costello, John E.

Costello, Mary

Costello, Maurice

Cotta, Emil

Cotton, George

Couklin, Nellie

Coulon, Parmelie M.

Court, Robert

Courts, Hugo Walter

Cousins, Clifford

Cowan, Edward A.

Cowden, Jessie

Cowen, William

Cowisky, Benjamin

Cox, Byrdie Louise

Cox, Elma

Cox, Margaret Ann

Coxhead, Marion Emma

Coyle, Daniel

Coyne, Mamie

Coyne, Thomas

Cozzens, Grace M.

Cradick, Phillip

Cradick, Thomas

Craemer, Ferd

Craft, Mary

Crafton, Eliza

Crafton, Robert N.

Craig, Myrtle May

Craig, Richard

Craig, Robert

Craig, William

Craigg, Augustus Guilbert

Cramer, (infant of Jennie)

Cramer, Camilla

Cramer, Felix

Cramer, Jeremiah

Cramer, T.

Crane, Annie

Crane, Frank

Crane, Salmon C.

Craney, Dennis

Crawford, (infant of Lizzie)

Crawford, Catherine

Crawford, James

Crawford, Levina

Crawford, Thomas N.

Creaden, John

Creighton, Louise Powers

Creissen, Leonie

Creman, Nora

Cressy, Robert

Crevelia, Mary

Crews, Catherine

Croak, James

Crockett, Benjamin

Crockett, Clementine

Crockett, James A.

Croft, Mary H.

Cromert, Annie Duleus

Cronin, James

Cronin, Johana

Crook, Jennie

Crosby, Ella

Crosby, G. M.

Crosland, Maggie

Cross, (Infant of Etta)

Cross, (infant of Henry)

Cross, Arthur

Cross, Mary

Cross, Vicht

Crouse, Fenton C.

Crow, C. W.

Crowley, (infant of Daniel)

Crowley, Ann

Crowley, John

Crumbley, John

Cruse, Mary Helen

Cuddy, Mary Ann

Cuendet, Charles N.

Cueny, Elizabeth

Cuff, Catherine

Cullanan, William

Cullen, Bridget

Cullen, Catherine

Culleton, Elizabeth

Cullinann, John

Cully, Lena

Culver, Mauzy

Cummings, (infant of Laura)

Cummings, Henry

Cummings, Lawrence

Cummings, Rosa

Cummins, William

Cunningham, James P.

Cunningham, Mary

Curlett, Ann Jane

Curley, John J.

Curley, Mary

Curotto, Cecelia

Curran, Annie

Curran, Julia

Curran, Sarah

Curtin, Patrick

Curtis, Benjamin

Curtis, Edward Jacob

Curtman, (infant of Charles)

Cushing, Alice

Cusick, Patsy

Cutter, Abigail E.

Cutter, Martha

Czerng, Robert