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Surnames beginning with A

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Aaron, Eli

Abalu, Lizetta

Abbott, Ann

Abel, Charles

Abel, Mary M.

Abele, Ida Frances

Abercherle, Robert

Abermotter, Mary Adele

Aberschelp, John

Abrahams, Phoebe

Absom, William

Abston, Daisy

Abwell, Anna

Ackerman, Mary

Ackermann, Dora

Ackrill, Jessie Bentley

Adair, Maria

Adams, Abraham

Adams, Dorothy

Adams, Edward

Adams, Frank

Adams, Hank

Adams, James

Adams, John

Adams, Louisa

Adams, Thomas

Adams, Wesley

Adams, William Hartly

Addelson, (infant of Mayer)

Adkins, Mamie

Adley, Mary

Aeby, Marius

Ahlboon, William

Ahlert, Frank W.

Ahlfeldt, Otto

Ahrens, Elizabeth

Ahrens, Jennie

Ahring, Elizabeth

Ahronson, Mary

Aikin, Mary J.

Akers, Susan

Akleberger, Julia

Akramer, Henry Adolph

Albeitner, Agnes

Albers, Adele

Albers, Bernard H.

Albers, George D.

Albers, William

Alberschelp, George

Albert, Martha

Albert, Philip

Albertson, R.

Albred, Lorenzo

Alexander, Annie

Alexander, Basil W.

Alexander, Mabel

Alexander, Mamie

Alexander, Mary

Alexander, Ralph

Alexander, Tobe

Alexander, William Smith

Algercline, Albert

Algo, Eula

Alheim, Peter

Allemand, Frank M.

Allemand, Louise

Allemeier, George Edward

Allen, (newborn)

Allen, Edward F.

Allen, George A.

Allen, George Robert

Allen, Jane

Allen, John

Allen, Tester

Allen, William Edward

Almstedt, Charles A.

Alp, Charles

Alphosus, Oliver

Alt, Flora

Alt, Mary

Alt, Rosina

Altheimer, (infant of Gus)

Altmeyer, Louis

Amann, Barbara

Amann, Lorenz

Ambrogina, Capra

Ambrosia, Henry

Ambs, George

Ambs, Lina

Ambury, Hattie

Amels, Cresentia

Amend, Julia

Amenda, Theresa

America, William

Ames, Rosener L.

Andel, Mattie

Anderson, Adulla

Anderson, Alfred

Anderson, Andrew

Anderson, Axel

Anderson, Bob

Anderson, Charles

Anderson, Charles William

Anderson, George

Anderson, Gertrude

Anderson, Hattie

Anderson, Henry

Anderson, Isaac

Anderson, John

Anderson, Mary

Anderson, Oley

Anderson, Oley W.

Anderson, Sarah

Anderson, William

Anderson, Willis

Andreas, William

Andrews, Addie E.

Andrews, Cora

Andrews, Gertie

Andrews, Susan Amanda

Angelo, Frances

Angelo, Majocchi

Anglim, Mary A.

Annings, David

Annis, Madge

Ansby, Charles

Ansler, Lorey

Anslyn, Charles

Anzer, Joseph

Appel, Jacob

Archer, Frank

Arentrue, A.

Argast, Margaret

Argust, Thomas L.

Arkins, Clara

Arment, Murie

Armentrout, May Agnes

Armfield, H. W.

Armitage, Ellen

Armstead, Frank

Armstrong, Duncan

Armstrong, Isabella

Armstrong, Margaret

Armstrong, Zoe

Arndt, Chloa

Arndt, Nathan

Arnitz, Aloys

Arnold, Anna Maria

Arnold, Elsa

Arnold, Fanny L.

Arnold, Robert

Arons, Lazarys

Arratz, Henry

Artege, Frederick

Artize, Freddie

Artz, Augusta Christina

Asby, Frederick

Asche, Fred

Aschuer, Rudolph

Aselage, Helen

Ashton-Lewis, George

Asinger, Emanuel

Askew, Thomas

Asmes, Fredericka

Asmuth, (Newborn)

Asryle, Lucy Anne

Atkins, Walter

Atwood, Bessie L.

Atwood, Frank

Aubert, (Rev.?) Cyprinus S.J.

Aubuchon, George

Audel, Joseph

Aufderheide, F. W.

Aufderheide, Wilhelmine

Augustine, Anna

Aulback, Lizzie

Austin, Mathew H.

Austin, Ruth

Austin, Washington

Auth, Mary Bradley

Avery, Rachel

Azenhofer, Theresa