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Surnames beginning with R

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Raaf, William

Raband, Elizabeth

Raband, Mathilda

Radford, John H.

Ramsey, Belle

Randle, Edgar P.

Rapp, Edith M.

Rapp, George J.

Raskomske, Sophia

Rathgeber, Frederick

Raymond, Alice

Reagan, Sabina

Reardon, Timothy

Redford, John

Redwood, John

Reed, Edith F.

Reel, Barney

Regan, Vivian Bernard

Reilly, Fred

Reinellin, Stella

Reinhardt, F.

Reise, Harry L.

Reoderer, Hilda

Rerkhardt, Martin

Resor, Joseph

Reutter, Maggie May

Reynolds, (ex-Gov) Thomas Caute

Reynolds, Charles A.

Rhines, Lillie Bell

Rhode, Henry

Rice, William

Richards, Mary C.

Richardson, Lucy J.

Rick, Annie

Ricker, Jenny

Ridel, Peter

Riebell, Philomene Marie

Riedemeyer, Joseph

Rieper, Charles

Ringhoff, Robert

Ritchey, Timothy

Ritchie, Joseph

Ritter, Annie E.

Roach, Mary Ellen

Robbins, Robert M.

Robertson, Fred

Robertson, Mary

Robinson, (infant of John)

Robinson, Charlotte

Roche, Celeste

Roeder, Walter

Roederer, Joseph

Roehl, F. W.

Rogers, (Capt.) C. W.

Rogers, James A.

Rohlfing, Henriette Christina

Rohlfing, Lena

Rohlfing, William Louis

Rolfes, Maria A.

Ronayne, Alice

Roper, Alfred W.

Rose, William

Rosenfield, E. M.

Ross, David

Rothschild, Mamie

Routh, Martha

Roy, George H.

Royan, Mary

Ruhr, Ernst

Russell, George A.

Ruthart, Catherine

Ryan, Bernette M.

Ryan, Cherry

Ryan, Denny

Ryan, Ellen

Ryan, Margaret

Ryan, Michael

Ryan, Thomas

Ryan, Thomas R.

Rychlicki, Mary E.

Ryder, Bridget