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Surnames beginning with C

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Cadimartori, Paula

Cadwallader, Leontine

Cady, Mary

Cahill, John

Callahan, Mary

Campbell, Clarence H.

Campbell, Edmund

Canavan, Ann

Cannon, (Mrs. James)

Cantwell, William J.

Carey, Ellen

Carey, William D.

Carlin, Rosa F.

Carlin, Sarah A.

Carlin, William Herbert

Carmody, Michael J.

Carney, Patrick Lee

Carpenter, Frank

Carr, Lucie

Carr, Minnie

Carr, Walter C.

Carr, Willis

Carroll, John

Carroll, Sarah

Carroll, William L.

Carsen, Rena

Carter, Selena

Cartmell, Susan

Cartwright, Fred

Cartwright, Lulu

Cartwright, Nellie

Casey, Ann

Casey, Jane

Casey, Mary

Casey, Mellie

Cassidy, Margaret

Cathey, Lena

Caughlin, Margaret

Caulfield, B. G.

Cavanaugh, John

Cavandusky, Elza

Chambers, William L.

Champlin, Sidney J.

Chesley, Annie

Chiles, (Col.) F. P.

Claas, (Sister) Coletta

Clare, Laurene

Clark, Charles A.

Clark, Don F.

Clark, George

Clark, Victor V.

Clarke, Edward J.

Claus, August

Clemen, Ferdinand

Clinton, Joseph

Coakley, Ellen

Coals, Elsie

Cobb, Albert

Cochran, Blanche

Coffen, Charles W.

Cogan, (Dr.) James C.

Cohen, Eugene J.

Cole, Annie

Cole, Caroline Fertrude

Cole, Emma

Cole, Emma C.

Coleman, Jesse O.

Collier, Maggie

Collins, (infant of Barney)

Collins, Ella

Collins, Frank J.

Collins, Isabella

Collins, Munroe R. Sr.

Collins, Thomas

Condell, Catharine

Condell, Charles T.

Conkling, Cynthia

Connelly, Samuel N.

Connor, John

Connor, Michael

Conrad, Jon Frederick

Conway, Michael J.

Conway, Mike

Cooke, Celeste E.

Coonce, Mary

Cooney, Frank

Cooney, Patrick

Cooper, Elizabeth H.

Cope, Florence Agnes

Copley, William Henry

Corbett, A. C.

Corneil, Oliver Horton

Corrigan, Annie

Coughlin, Hanora

Coughlin, Marcella

Coulahan, Henry

Courson, Rebecca

Couzins, John E. D.

Cox, Mary Anna

Coyne, Thomas

Cozzens, Nellie

Craden, George B.

Craft, Harry M.

Crane, John R.

Craney, Mary Ann

Cregan, Mary Ellen

Cregan, Nellie

Creighton, Alfred

Creissen, Frances

Cressent, Royal

Crinnion, Jane

Critchfield, Maggie May

Crommer, Julius

Crosby, Vernon

Cross, Ettie J.

Crossman, Robert Burns

Crotty, William P.

Crow, Jennie

Crowell, John B.

Crystal, Samuel

Cullen, Matthew Barbour

Cullinane, John

Cullinane, Michael

Cummings, Mary

Cunningham, (Judge) John C. H.

Curran, Annie

Curran, Mary Ellen

Curtis, Josephine

Cusack, (Rev.) Thomas

Cutner, David