Surnames beginning with C

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Cady, Adele Pauline

Cahill, Ann

Cahill, Charles

Calcutt, William B.

Calderwood, Eliza

Callahan, Cornelius

Campbell, G. Willie

Campbell, George W.

Canny, Daniel Sr.

Cantwell, Kittie

Canty, Catherine

Canty, Patrick

Canty, Thomas F. A.

Card, Nathan

Carey, Mary A.

Carroll, Maggie

Carroll, William H.

Carstarphen, J. E. Jr.

Case, Laide

Casey, Catherine

Casey, Mary M.

Casserly, Francis T.

Cassidy, Rosanna

Cassilly, George E.

Castall, Elsie

Casteel, Nettie May

Caughlin, Margaret

Cavender, (Gen.) John S.

Chalbierre, Theresia

Chapman, W.

Charlton, Katie

Clain, Frank

Clark, Corinne L.

Clark, Mary

Cleary, William

Clements, (Dr.) B. H.

Clemons,. Eliza C.

Clerc, Charles F.

Clifford, Leonora

Clifton, Sarah

Clooney, John

Coakley, (Sister) Angela

Cobb, Mary Kearny

Cogan, Catharine

Cogley, (Sister) Vincentia

Coleman, Emma W.

Collins, Carrie F.

Collins, Owen

Colonius, Theodore J. C.

Comaford, Patrick

Comane, Charles F.

Comer, Mary

Cone, Henry R.

Conhaim, Annie

Conley, John Thomas

Conlon, Margeret

Connell, John

Connor, Katie Eveline

Conran, Ann

Conroy, (Mrs. A.)

Conway, Catherine

Cook, Eugene Goodlett

Cook, Isaac

Cook, John E.

Cooney, Patrick

Corey, Lucy A.

Cosgrove, Patrick

Costa, Augusta

Cougan, Nicholas J.

Coulson, Mary May

Courtois, Julia

Cox, Emma W.

Cozzens, Catherine

Cramer, Alma

Creissen, Edward

Croak, John J.

Cronin, Johanna

Crosser, James

Crow, Isabel

Cuddy, Thomas

Cuddy, William S.

Cullinane, Eliza

Cummings, Jim

Curby, Charles A.

Currie, Marian A.

Curry, Arthur Kruer

Cutler, George