Surnames beginning with C

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Caesar, Clara E.

Cahill, John

Caldwell, Harry T.

Caldwell, James M.

Callahan, Annie

Calvert, John M.

Campbell, May F.

Canessa, Rocco

Carey, Alfred D.

Carey, Catherine

Carleton, James P.

Carlin, Laura

Carlin, Thomas L.

Carney, Grace

Carran, Julius

Carrigan, James

Carroll, Michael

Carroll, William

Cartwright, (Capt.) Judson

Casey, Mary

Cash, S. N.

Cassidy, Michael F.

Cavanaugh, Mary

Ceazza, Roco

Chalcraft, John Wallace

Chamberlain, Frances M.

Chamberlain, Lizzie

Chapman, Benjamin

Chartrand, George M.

Chauvin, Louis

Chenot, Florence? Catherine

Chipley, (Dr.) William B.

Chouteau, Charles

Claffey, Bernard

Clancy, Mary

Clark, George Horlor Foote

Clark, Jerome A.

Clark, Maggie

Clarke, Kate Fagin

Clarkson, Charles

Clayton, Bessie May

Clayton, Mary E.

Cochran, Harriette J.

Coffey, James

Coleman, Francis

Collet, Amanda

Collins, Flo. E.

Collins, Johanna

Collins, Maggie

Comer, Thomas

Conant, Josie Kimball

Conlin, Philip

Connell, James

Conner, Thomas

Connor, Margaret

Connors, Michael

Connors, Thomas

Conroy, John J.

Conway, Bridget

Conway, James

Conway, Thomas

Conzelman, Gottlieb

Cook, May Julia

Coombe, Charles F. C.

Cooney, Eugene Leo

Cooney, James

Cooney, Sarah

Corbin, (son of F. M. & Lula)

Corcoran, Mary

Cordes, Elizabeth

Cordry, Gracie J.

Corkins, Jane

Cornish, Ann

Cornish, Steven

Cornwall, Alvira A.

Corrigan, Thomas

Corry, George

Cotty, Mary J.

Coudy, Mathew

Couther, Nora

Cowan, Harry B.

Cowen, (Mrs. Edmond R.)

Cowen, Maggie Clementine May

Cowperthwait, Kate

Cox, William W.

Cozens, Caroline

Crehore, John D.

Croft, Arthur F.

Crombie, Marcelli Jane

Cromwell, Belle

Crone, Parthenia F.

Cross, Mollie

Crutsinger, Elenor R.

Cunningham, James Patrick

Cunningham, John A.

Cunningham, John Edward

Cunningham, Lewis T.

Cutter, Norman