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Surnames beginning with M

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Mac Farland, (Mrs. Franc B.)

Mac Ree, Fergus

Maclean, John

Maden, (Rev.) L. I.

Maffrand, Celene

Magner, Elizabeth

Magner, P. J.

Maher, John Farrell

Maher, Mary Genevieve

Mahoney, John J.

Mahoney, Joseph

Mahoney, Norah

Maloney, Jennie

Mandle, Rachel

Mann, Caroline

Marell, Joseph

Markees, Julius

Marks, James A.

Marlow, William F.

Marshall, Alexander

Marshall, Thomas

Marshel, Sarah

Martin, Claude

Martin, Mary

Mason, (Baby) Ira

Masson, William

Mast, Lou

Maurice, John H.

Maxwell, Mary F.

Mayer, Caroline C.

Mc Alister, Robert

Mc Allister, Jane

Mc Andrews, Mary

Mc Bride, Hannah O.

Mc Cabe, Elizabeth L.

Mc Carthy, Ellen

Mc Carthy, Timothy

Mc Cartney, James

Mc Carty, Benjamin

Mc Caughey, Francis

Mc Caughley, Francis

Mc Clellan, Margie A.

Mc Cloy, Belle

Mc Cormack, (Off., STLPD) Daniel

Mc Cormack, Honora

Mc Cormick, Michael

Mc Court, James

Mc Dermott, James Richard

Mc Dermott, Michael

Mc Donald, James Arthur

Mc Donald, James M.

Mc Donald, Lottie Lee

Mc Donald, Patrick

Mc Donald, Rosanna

Mc Donough, John R.

Mc Donough, Patrick

Mc Entire, (Mrs. J. B.)

Mc Fane, Fannie C.

Mc Garvey, (Dr.) James

Mc Glaughlin, William

Mc Grath, Ellen

Mc Grath, Mary

Mc Grath, Nicholas

Mc Graw, Mary Ann

Mc Grory, Bridget

Mc Guirk, Mary Ann

Mc Hale, Michael

Mc Henry, Eunice Eads

Mc Intyre, William

Mc Keag, Mary E.

Mc Kenna, John

Mc Kennen, Ella W.

Mc Keon, Wihlie Ryan

Mc Kernan, Mary

Mc Kim, Marie Josephine

Mc Laren, James Oliver

Mc Laughlan, Catherine

Mc Laughlin, Ann

Mc Lean, Alfred F.

Mc Mahon, Mary

Mc Millan, Elizabeth

Mc Namara, Edward

Mc Namara, Timothy F.

Mc Neely, Virginia

Mc Pherson, Laura

Mc Pherson, Mary A.

Meagher, Edward

Means, Maude Carter

Medley, George W.

Meehan, Thomas

Meehan, William

Meers, Arthur H. D.

Meginn, Peter E.

Meitz, Marie

Melton, Willie

Menke, Frederick

Merideth, Mary

Merritt, Harriet T.

Mersman, Mary Anne

Mesplay, Walter Howard

Metz, Grace A.

Meyer, Madfalena

Meyer, Werner

Miller, Amelia

Miller, Christian

Miller, Gregory Thomas

Miller, Mabel G.

Miller, Robert

Miller, Robert A.

Milligan, Joseph

Miltenberger, Eugenie Marie

Mincke, Henry

Minckler, Jennie

Miner, Charles E. P.

Mitchell, Frank T.

Moder, Leo F.

Mohlmister, Joseph

Montgomery, (Dr.) Edward

Moran, Annie Marie

Moran, Delia

Morgan, (Mrs. H. N.)

Morgan, Ella S.

Morris, Annie

Morris, Irene Marie

Morris, Malinda

Morris, Patrick J.

Morrison, Lizzie

Morrison, Martha

Morrison, William

Morton, Ruthie

Mosely, Caroline

Moses, Hannah

Mueller, Casper

Mulern, Michael

Mulford, Ruth H.

Mullanphy, Annie

Muller, Mary

Munday, Jennie

Munders, Arnold Hermann

Murphy, Ann

Murphy, Annie Elizabeth

Murphy, Bridget

Murphy, John Barry

Murphy, Mary A.

Murphy, Nellie

Murphy, Thomas B.

Murphy, William

Murry, Daniel