Surnames beginning with C

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Cabra, Anna

Cadien, John

Cahill, Margaret

Cahill, Mary

Cahill, Richard

Caldwell, James Teasdale

Calhoun, Roy C.

Camien, Hermann

Campbell, George W.

Canniff, James Francis

Canty, Eugene

Capedeville, John

Card, Ella

Carl, W. J. C.

Carpenter, Eugene Fenlon

Carr, Angie Florence

Carroll, Ellen

Carroll, Mary

Cartan, Davd Louis

Carter, Elizabeth

Cary, Mary

Cassidy, Mary

Catlin, Henry Kayser

Chain, Henry Hillie

Chambers, Marie C.

Chapin, Harry E.

Chapman, Edward H.

Chapman, Mat__ S.

Charles, Julia A.

Chiarella, Louis

Chouteau, Norbert Sylvester

Christy, William T.

Church, John

Clamorgan, H.

Clamorgan, Julia

Clanton, Lewis L.

Clark, John

Clark, Michael

Clark, Thomas Hayden

Clayton, Madeline

Claytor, Emma E.

Clifton, Sadie

Coakley, Agnes A.

Cochran, Jean

Cochran, Madge E.

Cochran, Samuel Ranney

Cogan, Ellen

Coghill, Minerva J.

Colburn, Maria B.

Cole, Maggie J.

Collier, Laura Mc Pherson

Collins, Jane

Comerford, Lizzie T.

Conlin, Ann

Connelly, Peter

Conners, Annie

Cook, Catharine

Cook, Katie

Cook, Mary

Cooke, Annie

Cooney, Frank D.

Corbett, Jane

Corcoran, James

Corcoran, Mary

Corkery, John

Corneli, Philip

Cornelius, (Dr.) William Alfred

Costello, Robert

Coulter, (Mrs. E. E. W.)

Cowan, Alice E.

Cowan, Jane E.

Cowhey, James

Cox, Matilda D.

Crane, (Maj. Francis W.

Crane, Henry Waldo

Crane, Xenophon

Crawford, Mary Anne

Crinigan, Ann

Croker, Mary

Cross, George

Crothers, Robert

Crowley, Mary

Cuendet, Lizzie Sells

Cullinane, James

Culver, Wayman

Cummins, Stephen C.

Currie, Stephen Douglas

Curris, (see Mrs. Loring Fowler)

Curtis, Frank C.