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Surnames beginning with S

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Sabini, (Mrs. A. R.)

Sage, Edith S.

Sagel, Fridericke

Salorgne, Theodore

Sanguinet, Mary E.

Savignac, Antoine

Saxton, Nannie H.

Sayers, (Maj.) Edward B.

Schli__m, Elizabeth

Schluter, Ernest

Schnaider, Joseph

Schnaider, Joseph

Schrader, Jacob A. A. Christen

Schreiner, Regina

Schultz, Elizabeth

Schumacher, Dietrich

Scobee, Joanna

Scott, John R.

Scudder, Catherine

Segraves, May Etta

Senter, (Maj.) Henry

Severson, Augusta E.

Shallcross, Maude May

Sharkey, Joseph

Shaverie, Mary Theresa

Shaw, Alfred

Shaw, George Ulamor Ete

Shea, John

Shea, Martin

Sheehan, Catherine

Shelly, Joseph Emmet

Sheridan, Charles Clarence

Shockey, (Asst. Chief, STLFD) John W.

Shryock, George S.

Sigmunt, Joseph

Silence, Mary

Simmons, Richard W.

Sinclair, William

Singer, Ferdinand

Singleton, W. S.

Skinner, Esther

Slevin, James Madison

Smith, Armond Hotchkiss

Smith, Boston B.

Smith, Ellen

Smith, Frederick

Smith, Jacqueline Aurelia

Smith, R. B.

Smith, Ralph Adelbert

Snedecor, J. P.

Snow, Lizzie

Solomon, William A.

Sorg, Edward

Speers, Mary Theresa

Spelbrink, Clara

Spelbrink, Henry M.

Spitz, Hilda

Spiues, Louis

Stanbery, Francis H.

Stealey, George M.

Steible, Valentine

Stein, Herman

Stevenson, Letticie

Stine, James M.

Stobie, James

Stolz, Louisa

Stone, William H. Jr.

Stork, Louis

Studley, Mary T.

Suda, Ida Laura

Sullivan, Andrew N.

Sullivan, Kathleen

Sunderland, Julius

Sutton, H. C.

Swearingen, Isabella V.

Sykes, Stephen