White family

White family (Daniel White, d. 1700)

  1. Pioneers in their own rights.

White family (Giles White, 1752-1813)

  1. A genealogy of the de[s]cendents of Giles White and Sarah Dodd, as compiled for their de[s]cendents / by Aubrey Roy Briggs.

White family (John White, 1604-1662).

  1. Ancestors and descendants of Jeremiah White (1772-1847) and Matilda Howell (1775-1863) of Southampton, Long Island, New York and East Durham, Greene County, New York, by Benjamin V. White.

White family (John White, d. 1673?)

  1. Ancestry of John Barber White and his descendants. Pub. by John Barber White of Kansas City Mo., comp. and ed. by Almira White.

White family (Nathaniel White, 1759-1836).

  1. History of Nathaniel White, Hannah Finch White and their descendants, by Ethel Conger Heagler.

White family (Thomas de Whyte, fl. 1333).

  1. Genesis of the White family, a connected record of the White family beginning in 900 at the time of its Welsh origin when the name was Wynn, and tracing the family into Ireland and England. Several of the name entered England with the Norman conqueror. Representatives of the English branch emigrated to America in 1638. The Scotts of Scot's hall in the county of Kent, England. One of the oldest recorded families, their traditionary history beginning in Ireland about 300 B.C. The authenticated record herein given dates back to 400 A.D. Emigration to America was in 1740. Their descendants are to be found in every state of the Union. Supplemental records, biographical sketches and coats of arms of nearly seventy allied families. Comp. by Emma Siggins White, assisted by Martha Humphreys Maltby.

White family (William White, 1666-1750).

  1. Genealogy of the White family, by Mrs. Jennett Nichols-Vanderpool.

White family (William White, b. 1687)

  1. A brief account of the families White and Clarke, prepared and privately printed by James Clarke White, Boston ...

White family.

  1. ... A calendar of the White collection of manuscripts in the public archives of Nova Scotia. Compiled by Margaret Ells, under the direction of D.C. Harvey, archivist. Public archives of Nova Scotia.
  2. Bailey genealogy : descendants of Thomas Bayley/Bailey of Weymouth, Massachusetts / Louis G. Bailey, Billie Cooke Bailey.
  3. A genealogical history of the Rubel, White, Rockfellow, McNair and allied families / edited by Mrs. John Bennett Boddie.
  4. Good remembrance / genealogical information compiled by Charmaine Ndidika Ijeoma.
  5. James and Bessie (Black) White and their descendants, compiled by Milford E. Barnes and Mary E. (Robinson) Barnes.
  6. Pathways to medieval ancestry : the ancestry of Dorset White / by Alan Nineham.
  7. The Shark River district, Monmouth County, New Jersey : and genealogies of Chambers, Corlies, Drummond, Morris, Potter, Shafto, Webley and White / by George Castor Martin.