Scott family

Scott family (James Scott, 1747-1834)

  1. Our clan; a biological and genealogical account of the family of Rev. Andrew Scott, its ancestry and posterity, ed. by Thomas Jefferson Scott, assisted by Wilfred W. Scott ; with contributions by members of the clan.

Scott family (John Scott, 1762-1844)

  1. Family history of John Bishop of Whitburn, Scotland, Robert Hamilton Bishop of Oxford, Ohio, Ebenezer Bishop of McDonough County, Illinois; John Scott of Ireland. With some account of related families, some of whom are named in the guide to the contents, all in the index of names. Compilers: Stanley R. Scott, Robert H. Montgomery.

Scott family (John Scott, d. 1724).

  1. Samuel Simmons and Elizabeth Scott, their ancestors and descendants, compiled by Annie Ferguson Burch.

Scott family (Richard Scott, Sir, d. 1320)

  1. Scott, 1118-1923 ; being a collection of "Scott" pedigrees containing all known male descendants from Buccleuch, Sinton, Harden, Balweary, etc. / Compiled and arranged by Keith S.M. Scott. With an introduction by W.T. Hepburne-Scott. Illustrated by Mr. A.G. Law Samson.

Scott family (Uchtred Fitz-Scott, fl. 1128).

  1. Genealogical memoirs of the family of Sir Walter Scott, bart., of Abbotsford, with a reprint of his Memorials of the Haliburtons, by the Rev. Charles Rogers ...

Scott family.

  1. America the beautiful, a family history : the London, Phillips, Scott and Mitchell families and their related connections in Colonial America (1600s-1700s) with lines in England to Alfred the Great (846 A.D.) and William the Conqueror (1027 A.D.) and in France to King Hugh Capet (938 A.D.) / by J. Phillip London.
  2. The family of Thomas Scott and Martha Swan Scott, a century in America, 1856-1956; a sketch by a grandson.
  3. Genealogy Stanley-Fouty-Scott families, [Mary C. Bathke, Ernest L. Chamberlain].
  4. Genesis of the White family, a connected record of the White family beginning in 900 at the time of its Welsh origin when the name was Wynn, and tracing the family into Ireland and England. Several of the name entered England with the Norman conqueror. Representatives of the English branch emigrated to America in 1638. The Scotts of Scot's hall in the county of Kent, England. One of the oldest recorded families, their traditionary history beginning in Ireland about 300 B.C. The authenticated record herein given dates back to 400 A.D. Emigration to America was in 1740. Their descendants are to be found in every state of the Union. Supplemental records, biographical sketches and coats of arms of nearly seventy allied families. Comp. by Emma Siggins White, assisted by Martha Humphreys Maltby.
  5. The Scotts / by Jean Dunlop.
  6. Through the years : a collection of memories / by Howard E. Scott ; edited by Joan Schlanger Bramsch.