Brown family

Brown family (Benjamin Brown, d. 1762)

  1. History and genealogies of the families of Miller, Woods, Harris, Wallace, Maupin, Oldham, Kavanaugh, and Brown (illustrated) with interspersions of notes of the families of Dabney, Reid, Martin, Broaddus, Gentry, Jarman, Jameson, Ballard, Mullins, Michie, Moberley, Covington, Browning, Duncan, Yancey and others, by W. H. Miller.

Brown family (Chad Brown, d. 1665?)

  1. The Browns of Providence Plantations; colonial years, by James B. Hedges.

Brown family (Eli Bedford Brown, 1845-1926).

  1. The descendants of Dr. Eli Bedford Brown and Sarah Ann Clapp Brown / compiled by Seletha A. Brown ...

Brown family (Ezekiel Brown, 1769-1830).

  1. Family history of inter-married branches of the families of Brown, Doane, Hess, Peck, Wintermute / by Maurice E. Peck.

Brown family (Hugh Brown).

  1. Cowan family, and other descendants of William McKinney of Pennsylvania, Revolutionary War soldier; also the family of Hugh Brown of Mercer County, Penn.; assembled and compiled by Elizabeth Huron Royes ... and Francis Harding Huron ...

Brown family (John Brown, 1755-1809)

  1. Genealogical record of John Brown (1755-1809) and his descendants, also the collateral branches of Merrill, Scott and Follett families.

Brown family (John Brown, ca. 1795-1838).

  1. A Brown genealogy, compiled by Ruth Brown McAllister.

Brown family (John Browne, ca. 1583-1662).

  1. John Browne, gentleman, of Plymouth, (and one branch of descendants to the 12th generation) assistant, commissioner, magistrate, pioneer in New England colonial life ... by George Tilden Brown ...

Brown family (Matthew Brown, 1752-1839)

  1. The Brown family in America. no.1-4; Oct. 1960-Jan. 1961.

Brown family (Parson Brown, 1802-1877)

  1. Family records of Barnes, Brown, Lair, and Wilson, with references to Crays, Fee, Sherrill, Stark, and Thornton, by Clair and Mildred Barnes.

Brown family (Thomas Brown, d. 1688)

  1. Browne-Schutt ancestral lines / Edited by Richard E. Coe ; a supplemental compilation by Jessie Bruce Smith Ornes.

Brown family (Thomas Brown, fl. 1777).

  1. Heritage: 1635-1976 / Ida Brown McFarlane.

Brown family (William Brown, d. ca. 1732)

  1. Genealogy of the Brown family of Prince William county, Virginia, and the following group of families allied by marriage: Bland, Buckner, Byrne, Fairfax, Morgan, Tebbs, Watson, Zinn and others. By James Edgar Brown...

Brown family.

  1. Brown Cemetery and associated : (James) Brown Farm cemetery, Roth Cemetery.
  2. The Brown, Collins, Pierson, Eaton, Knight, Potter, Rowlandson and other allied families / compiled, edited, retyped and indexed by Bettie Sue Hill Tolbert.
  3. The Brown genealogy, by Mrs. Robt. A. Hughes ...
  4. Brown-Stanton-Evans-Sherman families and collateral lines, 1420-1987 / by Shepherd Spencer Neville Brown.
  5. The Browns of Stevens Point and Rhinelander, by Benj. M. Powers.
  6. The genealogy and history of the Brown/Browne family, of Granville, New York & Granville, Wisconsin, and other states of our Union; giving ancestors and descendants of Jonathan Brown; compiled by Cynthia Ingalls Brown.
  7. An incomplete genealogical survey for the ancestors and descendants of Matthew and Jane Jones Brown, by Earl R. Brown.
  8. John Gabriel Jones (1824-1890) and his descendants / compiled by Janelle Mickey Johnson and T.D. Boaz, Jr.
  9. Our ancestry : the Brown, Cadle, Malecki, McCrary, Tucker descendants / by Ann Louella Tucker Malecki.
  10. Snyder-Brown ancestry, compiled by H. Minot Pitman.
  11. The Whittington-Brown book, 1066-1965, [by] Winona Whittington Pfander.
  12. Wilson-DeLong, a study in the early Americanization of a typical American family [by] Laurence L. Wilson.